2013 Round 6 South Sydney v Melbourne

Stadium Australia

Sat Apr 13, 7:30pm

Selected Round 6 Teams

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Late Changes

Champion replaced Farrell at right center. Hunt, Clark and Crocker dropped off the bench.

LOSS 10-17

The South Sydney Rabbitohs' unbeaten run to start the season has been broken, but Rabbitohs Members and supporters can be very proud of the performance turned in by their side in their 17-10 loss to the Melbourne Storm tonight (Saturday) in front of 32,671 Members and fans. The Storm capitalised on the three Rabbitohs' mistakes made throughout the 80 minutes, and in turn the Rabbitohs had enough chances to defeat the Storm, but they couldn't put the final pass on often enough to secure the two competition points. This match lived up to the pre-game hype, with both sides turning in high quality performances. Both sides were mounting pressure from the kick off, with the ball heading from end-to-end during the opening 20 minutes. Wonderful long and short kicks, accompanied by outstanding kick-chases from Adam Reynolds, were mounting pressure on the Storm, and amazing 40/20 save by fullback Greg Inglis got the Rabbitohs out of trouble. The Storm were the first to score, when in the 23rd minute Kevin Proctor scored on a repeat set for Melbourne. Cameron Smith converted to take the scoreline to six-nil. The Rabbitohs had a couple of chances to score over the 15 minutes, but desperate Melbourne defence and a great bomb diffusion from Sisa Waqa prevented South Sydney from scoring. The video referee awarded Melbourne their second try in the final minute of the half when it appeared he had stepped on the touch-in-goal line, but the video referee disagreed and awarded the four pointer. Smith converted from out wide to take the lead to 12-nil at half time. It was tight first half and the 12-point deficit did not reflect the true position of the game. Inglis was looking the most dangerous of the Rabbitohs, and George Burgess was particularly powerful when he came on the field. It was Burgess that put on the big play to open the second half, pulling off a try saving tackle in the 45th minute. The Rabbitohs worked their way up field to score their first points, through fullback Greg Inglis in the 48th minute. Reynolds put in a perfect cross field kick, finding a flying INglis who touched down to the left of the uprights. Reynolds converted to reduce the deficit to six, and that try gave Inglis another milestone, with the number one now having scored a try against every NRL team in the competition throughout his career. A knock-on from Billy Slater should have given South Sydney some amazing field position, two metres out from the Storm's line, but the referee failed to call up the play and the Storm dodged a bullet in the 52nd minute. From the ensuing play the Storm would score their third try, through five-eighth Gareth Widdop in the 54th minute. A defensive misread from the Rabbitohs' right side defence let Widdop stroll through for the four-pointer, giving the Storm a 16-6 advantage. The sides then threw everything they had at each other, with the Rabbitosh trying to crack the Melbourne brick wall. It was not until the 72nd minute that this would happen, when winger Andrew Everingham dived over in the right hand corner. The Rabbitohs had earnt a repeat set, and a long ball to the right wing from Reynolds set up the try, reducing the deficit to six points once again. The Storm kept a calm head, and one minute later, Cooper Cronk would slot a field goal from in front to establish a seven-point lead with little time on the clock. The Rabbitohs were not done with yet, with Nathan Merritt almost single-handledly scoring a try in the 79th minute. He charged down the left wing and kicked ahead, before being taken out late by Slater. The referee blew a penalty and sent Slater the sin bin for ten minutes, but the illegal play put paid to a vital attacking raid for the Rabbitohs. In the final minute of play the Rabbitohs had another chance to score, but Jeff Lima left behind a difficult ball from Sam Burgess, resulting in a 17-10 final scoreline. The Rabbitohs fought hard throughout the 80 minutes, and proved that it will take an almost flawless 80 minute performance to knock over the reigning premiers. The Rabbitohs are capable of doing that, and will gain confidence for their next encounter with the World Club Champions later in the season.

22 min  0-6
39 min  0-12
47 min  6-12
54 min  6-16
72 min 10-16
75 min 10-17

Inglis, Everingham tries
Reynolds 1 from 2 goals

Crowd   32,671
Referee S.Hayne/A.Shortall

Penalities 10-5
Scrums      5-4

                 Min Tac Pe MT LB  HU  DR    m Er OL   K TA  T  G/A  FG
Flbk Inglis       80   7  -  1  -  13   -  145  2  -   -  -  1  -     -
LWng Merritt      80   1  -  -  -   7   2  102  1  1   1  -  -  -     -
LCnt Goodwin      80  10  -  1  -   9   3   59  -  1   -  -  -  -     -
RCnt Champion     80  17  1  2  1  10   1   90  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
RWng Everingham   80   1  -  2  1  12   2   83  2  -   -  -  1  -     -
5/8  Sutton       80  19  -  1  -  11   -   91  -  1   6  -  -  -     -
Half Reynolds     80  22  2  3  -   4   1   23  -  1  15  2  -  1/2   -
Prop Tyrrell      21  15  -  -  -   5   -   40  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
Hook Luke         80  38  -  1  -  11   7   56  1  -   1  -  -  -     -
Prop Asotasi      37  29  1  -  -   7   -   57  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
SRow McQueen      80  28  -  1  -   9   -   72  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
SRow Te'o         62  33  1  1  -   7   -   60  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
Lock Burgess.S    68  37  -  3  -  14   -  119  1  -   -  -  -  -     -

Int  Lima         43  27  -  1  -  13   -  116  -  1   -  -  -  -     -
Int  Lowe         39  25  -  -  -  13   -   88  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
Int  Burgess.G    51  26  -  -  -  13   1  126  -  -   -  -  -  -     -
Int  Peats         -

TOTAL                335  5 17  2         1327  6  5  23  2  2  1/2   -

Completion Rate 33/39 85%

Opposition Offloads   9

Effective 1st Tackles

 1 min  31m Reynolds kick COF
 3 min  74m DO
 5 min  37m M Err SCR / P / Sutton kick COF 2m / SS P (Reynolds)
 9 min  71m M Err / P / Reynolds kick 8m / SS P (Asotasi)
12 min  75m DO
13 min  75m DO
15 min   5m M Err / Reynolds kick
16 min  24m Sutton kick COF
18 min  69m DO
20 min  16m P / Reynolds kick COF
21 min  68m DO / (M TRY)
26 min  95m M Err SCR / Reynolds kick 12m / SS P (Teo) 67m / SS P (Champion)
31 min   6m P / P / Reynolds kick COF
33 min   0m Reynolds kick CIG
36 min   0m M Err SCR / M 6TG Reynolds kick CIG
37 min   2m Reynolds kick CHOv
38 min  91m SS Err (Merritt) / (M TRY)

half time

41 min  27m Reynolds kick COF
43 min  29m M Err SCR / Reynolds kick DIG
47 min   0m P / Reynolds kick TRY
51 min   6m P / Luke kick
53 min  56m SS Err (Inglis) SCR / (M TRY)
58 min  26m Reynolds kick COF
59 min  19m M Err / P / SS Err (Luke) SCR
62 min   0m Reynolds kick CIG
63 min  87m SS Err (SBurgess) SCR 30m / SS P (Reynolds)
67 min   7m Reynolds kick
69 min  25m Sutton kick COF
71 min  27m Reynolds kick
72 min   0m M Err / P / TRY
75 min  63m SS Err (Inglis) SCR / (M FIELDGOAL)
78 min   5m Sutton kick Merritt kick
79 min  32m P (M SIN BIN) / SS Err (Lima)

Average effective 1st tackle location
- 34.8m - for the whole match

- 43.5m - 1st half
- 25.6m - 2nd half

If you now remove the tries
- 43.5m - 1st half
- 29.2m - 2nd half

Other FG Matches

12-10 Lang Brisbane   b Nth Qld
38-0  SFS  Sydney     b Canterbury
 8-6  Hunt Newcastle  b Penrith
20-16 Bruc Canberra   b Warriors
25-18 Brok Manly      b Cronulla
13-12 SCG  St Geo-Ill b Wests-Tig
28-22 Robi Gold Coast b Parramatta
               W D  L Diff PT
MELBOURNE      6 -  -  +73 12
MANLY          5 -  1  +85 10
SOUTHS         5 -  1  +30 10
SYDNEY         4 -  2  +78  8
NEWCASTLE      4 -  2  +43  8
GOLD COAST     4 -  2  +34  8
BRISBANE       3 -  3  +16  6
ST GEO-ILL     3 -  3  -32  6
Canberra       3 -  3  -55  6
Cronulla       2 -  4   -3  4
Nth Qld        2 -  4  -12  4
Parramatta     2 -  4  -36  4
Wests-Tigers   2 -  4  -60  4
Penrith        1 -  5  -50  2
Warriors       1 -  5  -60  2
Canterbury     1 -  5  -69  2

Judiciary News

No one has been charged by the Judicary

NYC Cup Round 6


LOSS 22-28

A number of late changes. Phillips, Watts and Gosiewski were out. Walker started fullback, Hawkes started center, McInness five-eigth, Hazard half, Fuller hooker, Mourad prop, Hedley second row. Nakhoul dropped to the bench and Tanginoa was added to the bench. The Rabbitohs Holden Cup side were defeated 28-22 in a see-sawing encounter at ANZ Stadium. The Rabbitohs started brightly when Will Paterson took advantage of a yawning gap to stroll through under the posts. Fullback Dylan Walker calmly slotted the conversion in the 12th minute for a 6-0 lead. The lead was short lived however when just a few minutes later Cade Umaga powered his way over in the corner. Matt McGahan converted from the sideline to level the scores. The Rabbitohs heaped pressure on, forcing a couple of line dropouts in succession with clever kicking by Christian Hazard. Despite their efforts, the Rabbitohs were unable to cross the line and the Storm rubbed salt into the wound when Umaga gave the Storm the lead with his second. McGahan duly converted and gave the Storm their first lead, 12-6. With 10 minutes remaining in the half, Cameron McInness put Jordan Heyer into a gap, he was tackled five metres out after a long sprint. From the next play Christian Hazard strolled over after a clever one-two with Nick Hedley. Dylan Walker converted and once again scores were tied 12-12. The Rabbitohs grabbed the lead back shortly after halftime when late inclusion Tanginoa crossed and then from the restart Dylan Walker made it a 10 point lead when he scored in the corner. He couldn’t land the tough sideline conversion and the score remained 22-12 in the 45th minute. The Storm hit back soon after when Kurt Mann powered his way over on the left wing before Matt McGahan slotted an amazing sideline conversion to reduce the deficit to 22-18. With 18 minutes to play the Storm regained the lead again when Dean Britt streaked away. Dylan Walker could do nothing to stop the back rower and the Storm led 24-22 with 16 minutes to play. South Sydney pressed hard to regain the advantage but it was the Storm who crossed next with Pride Petterson-Robati crossed the line, again on the left. McGahan missed an important conversion to give the Rabbitohs a sniff with 5 minutes to play. Under heavy line pressure the Rabbitohs held out the Storm as they wound down the clock and were given a chance with a minute to play. The Storm lost the ball inside the attacking half and the Rabbitohs needed to travel 85m to tie the game. Working the ball down the left Jordan Heyer beat his man on the outside and streaked away but the pass was called forward and the Storm were 28-22 victors.

11 min  6-0
15 min  6-6
25 min  6-12
30 min 12-12
43 min 18-12
46 min 22-12
52 min 22-18
62 min 22-24
75 min 22-28

Paterson, Hazard, Tangiona, Walker tries
Walker 3 from 4 goals

Other U20 Matches

36-34 Lang Brisbane   b Nth Qld
34-30 SFS  Sydney     b Canterbury
30-14 Hunt Penrith    b Newcastle
22-22 Bruc Canberra   d Warriors
26-10 Brok Cronulla   b Manly
48-20 SCG  Wests-Tig  b St Geo-Ill
32-10 Robi Parramatta b Gold Coast

               W D  L Diff PT
PENRITH        6 -  - +110 12
MELBOURNE      5 -  1  +48 10
CANBERRA       4 1  1  +25  9
CANTERBURY     4 -  2  +27  8
BRISBANE       4 -  2  +12  8
SYDNEY         4 -  2  -15  8
WARRIORS       3 1  2  +13  7
WESTS-TIGERS   3 -  3  +38  6
Parramatta     2 1  3  +16  5
Cronulla       2 1  3   -3  5
Manly          2 -  4  -23  4
Nth Qld        2 -  4  -37  4
St Geo-Ill     2 -  4  -62  4
Newcastle      1 -  5  -36  2
Souths         1 -  5  -48  2
Gold Coast     1 -  5  -65  2

Club Championship

               W D  L Diff PT
MELBOURNE     11 -  1 +121 22
Sydney         8 -  4  +63 16
Canberra       7 1  4  -30 15
Manly          7 -  5  +62 14
Penrith        7 -  5  +60 14
Brisbane       7 -  5  +30 14
Souths         6 -  6  -16 12
Newcastle      5 -  7   +7 10
Wests-Tigers   5 -  7  -12 10
Gold Coast     5 -  7  -27 10
Canterbury     5 -  7  -42 10
St Geo-Ill     5 -  7  -94 10
Cronulla       4 1  7   -6  9
Parramatta     4 1  7  -18  9
Warriors       4 1  7  -37  9
Nth Qld        4 -  8  -59  8

NSW Cup Round 6

v Wyong Roos, North Sydney Oval Sun Apr 14 3:00pm

WIN 28-12

Late Changes Vale, Walker, Champion, Fepuleai, Turner, Lupi, Tuivaii were out. Hunt started fullback, Farrell & Corrigan in the centers, Matt Evans on the wing, Peats at hooker, Clark second row, Crocker lock, Hyland bench and Leslie was added to the bench. The North Sydney Bears hosted their first home game of the season at the picturesque North Sydney Oval on Sunday afternoon in front of their vocal supporters, who turned out in great numbers. The Bears fielded a side that could rival an NRL team with the likes of Nathan Peats, Michael Crocker, Justin Hunt, Dylan Farrell and Jason Clark all getting a start, whilst the Wyong Roos were hoping to kick start their season with a win over a side who have only lost once so far this season. Wyong were first to strike after a Darren Nicholls high tackle on winger Allen Mulia Malau, gave them a repeat set inside the Bears 20 metres. North Sydney's defence couldn't hold after yet another penalty and Leivaha Pulu broke through the defence to score. Brad Murray converted and got the Roos off to the perfect start. A great kick return from fullback Justin Hunt had the Bears and the front foot and back to back penalties helped their cause as they leveled up the scoreboard minutes later. Dylan Farrell showed his class and strength as he charged onto a flat ball from Hunt and smashed through the defence, which left prop Ronnie Alovili nursing a sore head, on his way to the tryline. Farrell converted his own try make it 6-6. On the back of another penalty, the Bears hit the lead after great set play close to the line. Keary gave the ball to Burgess, who drew the defence before giving it back to Keary who then threw a long ball to Hunt, who created space through sheer speed, as he raced to the sideline to score. Farrell missed the conversion attempt but the Bears had hit the lead 10-6 after 25 minutes. North Sydney were nearly in again after a great kick chase led by Luke Keary forced Grant Nelson back into his in-goal. However, an error from Michael Crocker close to the line prevented the Bears from extending the lead. The Bears defence wasn't allowing any easy chances for the Wyong team, but a spark of brilliance from their halfback nearly led to a try. Brad Murray put in a midfield chip early in the tackle count and regathered but was dragged down by Justin Hunt to nullify the attack. The Bears had a number of attacking chances but couldn't convert their possession due to a number of errors and some tough defence from the opposition. They were gifted a chance however, after a knock on from Junior Tia Kilifi 30 metres out from the Bears line. North Sydney's halfback and five-eighth combined with some crisp passes to set up Shaune Corrigan, who spun out of a tackle at speed to cross the tryline in the 36th minute. Farrell made no mistake with the conversion and it was 16-6. Wyong nearly hit back on the stroke of halftime when their skipper Mitch Williams put in a chip over the top of the defence inside his own and half and got the perfect bounce to charge onto the ball. Williams raced downfield and drew the fullback before giving a ball to Tia Kalifi however, the backrower couldn't hang onto the ball. The Bears picked up the dropped ball and countered instantly with a long ball to Buckett giving the winger space to race toward the tryline but the Wyong defence recovered and forced a kick, which was put out of bounds on the halftime siren. The Bears started the second half strongly and Luke Keary forced a restart after a perfectly timed kick held up in the in-goal. The Bears took advantage of the field position through quick hands from Hunt, Keary and Corrigan created an overlap for winger Buckett to run toward the corner and score, much to the delight of the home fans. Dylan Farrell nailed the sideline conversion and extended the lead to 22-6. A knock on from the ensuing restart and a penalty for holding the player down gave Wyong an opportunity to hit back. Powerful winger Allen Mulia Malau looked to have scored but was ruled to have lost control of the ball close to the line. Strong hitups from Tom Burgess and Matt Hyland had the Roos' on the backfoot and Keary's short ball to Hunt put the fullback through a gap in the middle of the defence just inside the Wyong half. Hunt, who looked dangerous with every touch of the ball, drew the opposing fullback before giving it back to Keary, who backed up after setting up the break, to score between the posts. Farrell had no problem converting to take the lead to 28-6. It didn't take long for the Bears to attack Wyong inside their own half, however a loose ball was picked up by winger Arthur Brown who raced 70 metres to have the Bears desperately trying to recover. It was a stroke of luck however, that led to the try as Brad Murray's kicked bounced back off the upright, straight into Nathan Clarke's hands to score the try. Murray converted and the lead was reduced to 28-12. North Sydney came close to scoring numerous times in the second half. First through a cross-field bomb from Darren Nicholls, however, Etu Uaisele plucked the ball out of Mitchell Buckett's hands to save a try. The Bears looked to have scored after Farrell scooped up a loose ball and ran 80 metres before being tackled. Farrell, who was impressive throughout the game, was also ruled to have thrown a forward pass that denied debutant winger Matt Evans a try. The game finished at 28-12 with the Bears making it four wins in a row, while Wyong remain winless in 2013. Bears coach Wayne Lambkin wasn't overly happy with his team's performance, "We'll take the win but our completion rate in the second half was terrible. It was ugly but hopefully we'll learn from that, if we controlled the second half a bit better we could have ran away with it."

15 min  6-6
23 min 10-6
37 min 16-6
45 min 22-6
50 min 28-6
57 min 28-12

Buckett, Farrell, Hunt, Keary, Corrigan tries
Farrell 4 from 5 goals

Other NSW Cup Matches

42-28 Hunt Newcastle      b Windsor
28-16 Ende Cronulla       b Canterbury
28-6  Aubr Auckland       b Mt Pritchard
36-16 Brok Illawarra      b Manly
62-22 Ring Newtown        b Wentworthville

               W D  L B Diff PT
CRONULLA       6 -  - -  +98 12
NORTHS         5 -  1 -  +84 10
NEWCASTLE      4 -  1 1  +56 10
WINDSOR        3 1  1 1  +28  9
WESTS-TIGERS   3 -  2 1  +22  8
WENTWORTHVILLE 4 -  2 -   -2  8
NEWTOWN        3 -  3 -  +56  6
AUCKLAND       2 1  3 -    0  5
Mt Pritchard   1 -  4 1  -38  4
Illawarra      1 -  4 1  -64  4
Manly          2 -  4 -  -90  4
Canterbury     1 -  5 -  -62  2
Wyong          - -  5 1  -88  2

NSWRL U18 SG Ball Preliminary Semi-Finals

(2v3) v St George, Redfern Oval, Sat Apr 13 11:00am

LOSS 6-42

 5 min  0-6
11 min  6-6
13 min  6-10
23 min  6-14
40 min  6-20
43 min  6-26
46 min  6-32
52 min  6-36
60 min  6-42

Whitelaw tries
Momirovski 1 from 1 goals

Other U18 Matches

24-20 Camp (4v1) Parramatta    b Penrith
40-28 Camp (5v8) Canterbury    b Canberra
32-18 Ende (6v7) Balmain       b Cronulla

NSWRL U16 Matthews Preliminary Semi-Finals

(1v4) v Newcastle, 12:30pm

WIN 42-12

 3 min  6-0
 6 min 12-0
14 min 18-0
20 min 18-6
27 min 24-6
35 min 30-6
49 min 36-6
50 min 42-6
58 min 42-12

Neil 2, Brown, Alvarado, Larossa, Hamlin, Talakai tries
Talakai 7 from 7 goals

Other U16 Matches

23-16 Camp (2v3) Wests         b Penrith
24-16 Camp (5v8) Parramatta    b Canterbury
34-10 Ende (6v7) Cronulla      b Central Coast

Weekend April 20/21

NSW Cup Round 6B

v Mt Pritchard, Penrith Park Sat Apr 20 3:00pm

WIN 12-10

Late Changes Gray replaces Farrell in the centers, Evans has replaced Centrone on the wing. Clark has replaced Turner in teh second row. North Sydney continued their strong start to the season by beating the Mounties 12-10 in a close match at Centrebet Stadium in the City vs Country Round. It took a late try from Bennett Leslie to seal the win in a match that was highlighted by tough defence and some big hits. North Sydney hit the lead early when Jesse Roberts broke through the defense on the Bears left edge and drew the Mounties winger infield. Roberts gave the ball to Corrigan who ran down the sideline before kicking back toward the goal posts and Darren Nicholls got the perfect bounce to put North Sydney in the lead. Matt Evans missed the conversion attempt to keep the score at 4-0 after just three minutes. The Mounties didn’t take long to hit back and level up the game. On the back of a penalty for offside, the Mounties were in good field position and halfback David Farkas took on the line before offloading to Shaun Berrigan who dived over to score. Farkas missed the conversion and the scores were locked 4-4. The Mounties nearly hit the lead through Matt Allwood after he made a break near the halfway line. With only the fullback to beat, Justin Hunt put his body on the line and forced a knock on. Minutes later Aaron Gray and Nicholls put on a massive hit that knocked the ball out to put the Bears in a good attacking position. However, North’s couldn’t capatalise aftter Daniel Fepuleai knocked the ball on, over the line, after a run from dummy half. Bears were looking strong in attack but couldn’t finish off their plays. They came close when Jason Clark showed good hands to hold onto a low pass and broke through the defence but his offload was dropped by Gray to let the Mounties off. The Mounties made the Bears pay for their missed chances when they hit the lead in the 30th minute. David Farkas scooted from dummy half and caught the Bears off guard when he crashed over the line. Farkas made no mistake with the conversion and the Mounties were ahead 10-4. The Bears had a chance to hit back in the final minutes of the first half after a sweeping passing movement, but centre Aaron Gray dropped the ball with a clear path to tryline. The Mounties almost extended their lead straight after the interval but Clay Priest was denied a try for an obstruction in the buildup. Jason Clark went off soon after for a nasty head gash and didn’t return to the field for the rest of the game. Mounties fullback Michael Bani dropped a bomb under enormous pressure and the Bears had a great chance to get back into the game. After several attempts through their big men, Nicholls spread the ball to the right and Aaron Gray threw a dummy to his winger and ran toward the corner, forcing the ball down in goal just before being dragged over the sideline. Matt Evans missed the conversion to level the scores and the Mounties were holding onto a slender 10-8 lead. The Bears almost hit the lead on the back of a great kick return from Justin Hunt. After another strong hitup from Tom Burgess, Bennett Leslie failed to hold onto the offload from the Englishman with no one ahead of him. Leslie made up for the missed chance as he scored the try to give the Bears the lead. Jarrad Kennedy’s knock on, on the first tackle, gave the Bears an opportunity and Bennett Leslie broke through two tackles and stretched out to score. Justin Hunt missed the conversion but the Bears were back in the lead at 12-10 with ten minutes remaining. Back-to-back penalties gave the Mounties a chance to reclaim the lead but poor passing led to a knock-on. Shaun Berrigan had a chance to win the game with the minutes ticking down but his kick was too deep and harmlessly bounced dead in-goal. Luke Keary sealed the game with a perfect kick into the corner to run down the clock. Bears coach Wayne Lambkin was pleased with his team’s effort in a tough contest, “We were a little bit impatient in the first half and had a few lapses which led to tries, but other than that, defensively I thought we were good all day and in the second half we scored tries off the back of completing our sets.”

 2 min  4-0
10 min  4-4
30 min  4-10
54 min  8-10
69 min 12-10

D.Nicholls, Gray, Leslie tries
Evans 0 from 2, Hunt 0 from 1 goals

Other NSW Cup Matches

36-22 Ring Windsor        b Wentworthville
Pstpn Hens Manly          v Cronulla
Pstpn Hens Newtown        v Newcastle
Pstpn Belm Wests-Tigers   v Illawarra
Pstpn Belm Canterbury     v Wyong

               W D  L B Diff PT
CRONULLA       6 -  - -  +98 12 **
NORTHS         6 -  1 -  +86 12
WINDSOR        4 1  1 1  +42 11
NEWCASTLE      4 -  1 1  +56 10 **
WESTS-TIGERS   3 -  2 1  +22  8 **
WENTWORTHVILLE 4 -  3 -  -16  8
AUCKLAND       2 1  3 1    0  7 
NEWTOWN        3 -  3 -  +56  6 **
Mt Pritchard   1 -  5 1  -40  4
Illawarra      1 -  4 1  -64  4 **
Manly          2 -  4 -  -90  4 **
Canterbury     1 -  5 -  -62  2 **
Wyong          - -  5 1  -88  2 **

** Matches postponed due to weather

NSWRL U18 SG Ball Semi-Finals

v Balmain, Campbelltown Stadium, Sat Apr 20 1:15pm

LOSS 24-26

Unfortunately the under 18s SG Ball Cup side lost their semi final to the Balmain Tigers on Saturday, going down 26 points to 24 at Campbelltown Sports Stadium. Five-eighth Paul Momirovski, fullback Alex Johnston and prop Cheyne Whitelaw were South Sydney's best, but unfortunately the young Rabbitohs went down by just the two points. The under 18s had a fantastic season, finishing in second position on the ladder, but lost both of their finals matches to be eliminated from the finals series. Congratulations to Coach Arthur Kitinas, Assistant Coach Willie Peters and their team for a fine season.

20 min  0-6
30 min  6-6
40 min  6-10
46 min 10-10
53 min 14-10
56 min 14-16
62 min 20-16
65 min 20-20
68 min 20-26
70 min 24-26

Cottrell 2, I.Davis, Hughes, Makoare-Boyce tries
Momirovski 2 from 5 goals

Other U18 Matches

      Bye  (1)   St George
      Bye  (2)   Parramatta
22-6  Camp (3v5) Penrith       v Canterbury

NSWRL U16 Matthews Semi-Finals


Other U16 Matches

      Bye  (1)   Souths
      Bye  (2)   Wests
22-4  Camp (3v6) Penrith       b Cronulla
38-12 Camp (5v4) Parramatta    b Newcastle