1909 NSWRL Premiership - Trial

South Sydney v Eastern Suburbs

RAS Showground

Sat Apr 17, 3:15pm

WIN 9-2

Selected Trial Teams

The series of practice matches, preparatory to the commencement of the competition, were finished on Saturday last. The game between Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney was at times slow, but when the players got warmed up it became brilliant. This match was played on the Agricultural Ground, and the result was a win for South Sydney by nine points to two. Eastern Suburbs set the ball in motion in the first half and play was confined to South Sydney territory. The football shon was not of a very interesting charcter, both teams going very slowly. Shortly before half-time play livened up, and the ball travelled up and down the field, neither side having much the advantage. South Sydney were the first to open the scoring. From a ruck near Eastern Suburbs 25, Green picked up and sent out to Hallett who put in a good run and crossed over, but W.Fry failed at goal. It was a smart peice of play. The score was unaltered at half-time - South Sydney 3 points, Eastern Suburbs nil.

From the kick in the second half South Sydney pressed hard, and King had a shot from a free, the ball falling under the bar. South Sydney still kept Eastern Suburbs on the defence, not withstanding the fact that free after free was given against them. Souths were showing a long way better than Easts in this half, and were not long in adding to their score. Hallett, as the result of some good work by the forwards and Storie, crossing in again. The kick at goal failed. Eastern Suburbs for a time livened up, and gradually worked the ball to Souths side of half-way, but Souths were not to be denied, and as the result of good work McCallum crossed in. C.Conlin failed at goal. Close on time Eastern Suburbs came in with a rattle and from just in front of the posts Norton dropped a neat goal. From then till time play surged up and down the field, Souths doing some fine passing rushes East did not play with the dash they generally exhibit. athey were up against something good. South Sydney played excellently their handling of the ball being a treat to witness. The final whistle went with the play inside Eastern Suburbs 25 and the scores unaltered - South Sydeny 9 points, Eastern Suburbs 2.

Souths have a very solid lot to select from, and it will be hard for some of the young players who put sup such good games last Saturday to be dropped to the seconds when the six South representatives in the touring team retun. Storey was the pick of back division, and was ably supported by Artie Conlin who looks considerably lighter than last year. C.Conlin brother of A.Conlin is in the team. Dick Green got in some of his handy work again on Saturday. It is a great pity a player of his ability cannot keep his block and play the game. He is fast becoming a marked man.

Souths's new jerseys looked very neat, but the green is so dark that there will be some difficulty in distringusihing them from North Sydney.

HT    3-0  

Hallett 2, McCallum tries
no goals


Final Line Up
                              T  G/A  FG
Flbk - Neill, William         -  -    -
3/4  - Storie, Frank          -  -    -
3/4  - Hallett, Howard        2  -    -
3/4  - Norman                 -  -    -
3/4  - Conlin, Arthur         -  -    -
Half - Fry, William           -  -/1  -
Half - Leveson, Jack          -  -    -
Fwd  - Green, Dick            -  -    -
Fwd  - Conlin, C              -  -/1  -
Fwd  - McCallum, Arthur       1  -    -
Fwd  - Golden, Tom            -  -    -
Fwd  - Butler, Harry          -  -    -
Fwd  - Carroll, Pat           -  -    -

                              3  -/3  -

Other FG Matches

15-5  Went Glebe      b Newtown
26-5  Brch Balmain    b Norths
17-16 RASG Wests      b Sydney (2G)


Judiciary News

No one was sent off

Second Grade Trial

v Eastern Suburbs, Birchgrove Oval No.3, 3:15pm

LOSS 0-9


no tries
no goals

Final Line Up
                              T  G/A  FG

Flbk - Howarth                -  -    -
3/4  - Bell                   -  -    -
3/4  - Schroder               -  -    -
3/4  - Harris                 -  -    -
3/4  - Darmody                -  -    -
Half - Brown                  -  -    -
Half - Smarke                 -  -    -
Fwd  - Colter                 -  -    -
Fwd  - McCann                 -  -    -
Fwd  - McBurney               -  -    -
Fwd  - Garvin                 -  -    -
Fwd  - Butt                   -  -    -
Fwd  - Kato                   -  -    -

                              -  -    -

Third Grade Trial

v North Sydney, Rosebery Park, 2:15pm