Welcome to the South Sydney Rabbitohs Almanac, a historical scrapbook record of the great South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club, where a indepth analysis is only a few hops away.

Covering everything South Sydney together into one location, from team news, original selected and final match teams, all grade results, match reports, with a game or news photo where as we can. The SSR Almanac goes back 110 years in the history of the Grand Old Club, with every club annual report back to 1908. Read about how South Sydney became the "Pride of the League" as it happened. There are match and player statistics, club records, and a weekly cyberview from the hill. And make sure you checkout the all-time trophy cabinet.

We continue to update regularly, so follow the green hyperlinks until they turn red and you will be surprised in what you can find.

Brought to you by South Sydney rugby league historian Mark Sivis, documenting the history of South Sydney DRLFC since 1975.

Rabbitoh's Ring Tone

South Sydney Rabbitohs
112 Seasons Strong
21 First Grade Premierships
1112 Premiership Victories


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Cyber View from the Hill - Jul #4
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Rd22 v Canterbury, StAu
NRL Sat Aug 17 7:30pm
NSWP Sat Aug 17 5:20pm
U20s Sat Aug 17 3:35pm

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