New Zealand Rugby League Tour of Australia Announced

19th May 1909

The visit to New Zealand of Mr. C.Ford as emissary of the New South Wates Rugby League has resulted in an agreement being made with a New Zealand team, through Mr. D.Fraser (of the professional All Blacks), to play a series of names in New South Wales and Queensland in June and July. The New Zealand team promises to bo one of considerable strength, and it so the matches with the New South Wales and Australian teams should produce stirring football. They are sure to attract a good share of the football public's patronage, despite the falling off of, interest in club games. Matches are to be played as follows

  • Jun 5 - Agricultural Ground v N.S.W.
  • Jun 7 - Agricultural Ground v N.S.W
  • Jun 12 - Agricultural Ground v Australia
  • Jun 30 - Wentworth Park v N.S.W.
  • Jul 3 - Agricultural Ground v Australia