1909 NSW Premiership - Round 10

South Sydney v Newcastle

Newcastle Showground

Sat Aug 7, 3:00pm

LOSS 0-5

Selected Round 10 Teams

Late Changes - Cann, Arthur Butler and Arthur Conlin were out.

In the presence of about 3000 spectlators, Newcastle defeated South Sydney(First Grade) in the competition promoted by the New South Wales Rugby League. This is the first defeat experienced by South Sydney since the introduction of League football, and coming after Newcastles splendid win against the Maoris on the previous Wednesday reflects great credit of the local team, and proves what a sound combination they are. The game was fast, open, and evenly contested throughout, and totally devoid of any unnecessary roughness, upon which both sides are to be congratulated. The spectators were kept up to a high pitch of excitement by the splendid football provided, and showed their approval by freqenct outbursts of applause. There is no doubt that the Northern Union game is becoming very popular in the Newcastle district, and there are many people who consider that it is ahead of the union 15 a side game.

The spin of the coin favoured Newcastle, and Butler kicked off for South Sydney. Walsh returned well to centre, where Patfield obtained and sent a smart pass to Bailey, who was stopped at 25 by Neill. Croft picked up, and when nearing the line, passed in field, but Hallett cleared well for South. The game was fast from the jump, and the home forwards, Carpenter, Murray, and M'Neill returned to Souths' 25, where Leveson picked up and kicked to half-way. Fry obtained from the scrum, and sent a fine pass to Levison, to Davis, to Hallett, to Anderson, who was upset at the 25 by Brien. Croft and Carpentor worked to half-way, but South came again with beautiful passing movements, Fry, Leveson, and Hallett handling the leather faultlessly, but they couldnot penetrate the defence of the locals. Newcastle were penalised at the 25 flag, but Davis' kick failed, atnd Cox kicked out at centre. Newcsttle obtained, and the ball was carried over the line, where it was kicked dead, a lucky save for South. The game was now fairly humming, and both sides made repeated attacks on thelr opponents line, without result. After a short passing rush by Patilelld, Cox, and M'Guinness, the latter marked Hallett's return out side the 25, but Bailey's kick was short. L.Carpenter, Croft, and Murray toed the ball. away, but Neill picked up off their toes in fine style, and kicked out at centre. Patfield next obtained, mnd sent to Cox, who ran well, and transferred to Bailey, but Anderson forced the latter out 10 yards from the corner. Patfield picked up, and sent to Cox, but Neill saved with a nice tackle and Coxon, Butler, and Rosewell worked back to centre. The game continued fast, and the splendid dashes by Patfield, Cox, and Brien delighted the spectators, who were worked to a high pitch of excitement. South forwards, by brilliant, foot work, brought play to centre, where Fry sent to Levison, to Davis, to Anderson, who knocked on. Again, Souths came, but Brien and M'Guiness were tackling splendidly, and kept the red and green out. Coleman rushed to the 25, where South's were penalised (Rosewell off-side), but Carpenter's kick failed. Coleman obtained from the kick-out, and, after a short dash, centered to Patfield, who seemed to be all over the field at the one time, but Fry stopped further progress with a good tackle of Cox, who had received from Patfield. The game at this stage was very even, the tackling and rush-stopping of both sides was splendid. Brien obtained from a long kick by Neill, and rail well past half way. Patfleld obtained, and set his backs going, but Cox knocked on in a good position. Hallett relieved, and following on a good kick by M'Guinness, saw Murray upset. Neill in possession. Scrum, and Fry obtained, and passed to Anderson, who was upset by Bailey. South's forwards dribbled past half way, when Cox failed to gather, and, Coxon picking up, initiated a dangerous looking rush which ended by Storie being tackled by Brien on the line. Patfield sent to Bailey, who, with a line kick, turned attack into defence, and the forwards stormed Souths line in splendid style, Croft, Carpenter, and Murray being prominent. Davis relieved with a nice kick. Murray (who was playing a splendid gamne), after a good, run, was pulled down on the line. Newcastle continued the tttack, but Leveson and Hallett were defending soundly. Shortly, after, Davis intercepted, and was soon past everyone, but Brien came from nowhere, and grassed him with a fine diving tacklle, and saved a certain try. Fast ply, continued by both sides, and Murray picked up in South's 25, and dashed over the line, but lost, and M'Neill following on fast, fell on the ball, and scored first try for the home team, amidst tremendous cheering. Bailey's kick flew wide. Newcastle, 3; South Sydney, nil. This success stirred South up, and they came at the line in grand style, only to be driven back by the splendid defence of Walsh, Brien. and M'Guinness. After Brien had cleaned his line with a slendid kick, the whistle sounded half-time.

Carpenter set the ball in motion, and after an interchange of kicts, Croft, Murray, and Carpenter worked to South's 25, where Neill scent them back with a good kick. Patfleld obtalned from the scrum, and sent to Cox, to M'Guinness, to Bailey, to Brien, who was pulled down ot the line by Davis. Newcastle still kept up the attack, and South were kept defending for some time, and on several occasions the locals were in the act of scoring, when the whistle would' pull them up for some breach, and South sought relief with penalty kicks. Back came the locals with several splendid passing rushes, Patfeld, Cox. Brien, M'Guinness, and Bailey handling well, but they could not score, owing to the sound defence put up by the visitors. Patfield sent to Cox, to M'Guinness to Brien, to Colman, who was tackled by Storie. Newcastle were obtaining from each scram, and after several passing rushes, which delighted the onlookers, Bailey, Coleman, and Murray twice went close to scoring, Hallett defending splendidly for South. Murray, who was playing a great game, picked up at half-way, and using pace and strength, was sailing for the line, with only Neill in front of him. Neill made a good effort to stop the flying forward, but was brushed aside in easy fashion, and when a try seemed certain. Murray stumbled and lost the ball, and Hallett forced. After the kick out Souths worked to Newcastle 25 for the first time during this spell, and Fry, Leveson, and Storie made several efforts to score, but without success. Carpenter, Murray, Croft and Shakespeare worked to centre, and after Fry, Leveson, and Anderson participated in a short passing rush, Shakespeare emerged from the ruck, and after a good run, was pulled down close to the line. Rosewell, Coxon, and Butler returned to centre, where S.Carpenter put in a short dash, and kicked out at the 25. Fry sent to Leveson to Davis to Hallett to Storie, who was upended by Coleman, and Newcastle were relieved by a good kick to centre by Brien. Marked to Souths 25, Cox obtained a mark, and S. Carplenter landed a splendid goal. Newcastle 5, South 0. Time was now drawing to a close, and Souths made determined efforts to score, throwing the ball about in splendid style, but the locals kept them out. Patfield was also busy, and made some fine openings which were taken advantage of by Cox, Brien, Bailey. and Coleman in turn, but Souths defence proved sound, and when full-time whistle sounded there was no alteration in the score, Newcastle winning a splendidly-contesteid game by 5 to nil. For the losers Neill, Hallett, Levison, Fry, in the backs, and Coxon, Butler, anid Rosewell in the forwards, played well. The whole of the locals played splendidly, but Brien and Patfield in the backs, and Murray in the forwards deserve special mention. Mr. H.M.Poultou refereed.

40 min 0-3

no tries
Davis 0 from 1 goals

Crowd      3,000
Referee    H.Poulton

Final Line Up
                              T  G/A  FG

Flbk - Neill, William         -  -     -
Wing - Storie, Frank          -  -     -
Cntr - Hallett, Howard        -  -     -
Cntr - Davis, Jim             -  -/1   -
Wing - Anderson, Tommy        -  -     -
5/8  - Leveson, Jack          -  -     -
Half - Fry, William           -  -     -
Lock - Carroll, Pat           -  -     -
SRow - Golden, Tom            -  -     -
SRow - Coxon, Maxwell         -  -     -
Prop - Rosewell, Johnny       -  -     -
Hook - Butler, Harry          -  -     - 
Prop - Green, Dick            -  -     - (c)

                              -  -/1   -

Other FG Matches

10-5  Brch Balmain    b Glebe
24-14 RASG Norths     b Easts
15-2  Went Newtown    b Wests

               W D  L Diff PT
SOUTHS         9 -  1 +169 18
BALMAIN        8 -  2  +68 16
NEWCASTLE      5 -  5  +55 10
EASTS          5 -  5  +22 10
Glebe          4 -  6  -97  8
Newtown        3 1  6  -34  7
Norths         2 2  6  -53  6
Wests          2 1  7 -130  5

Judiciary News

No one was sent off.

Second Grade Round 10

v Sydney, Birchgrove Oval No.2, 3:15pm

LOSS 0-60

Sydney kicked off, and followed on to the three-quarter line, where Lenton took the ball from the scrum and crossed.Laws converted. Shortly after R.Lawas made a good run and scored. A. Laws again converted. Sydney defeated South Sydney who played throughout with only 10 men in a runaway game. The final score was 60 points to nil in favour of Sydney.

no tries
no goals

Final Line Up
                              T  G/A  FG

Flbk - Carlew                 -  -    -
3/4  - Darmody                -  -    -
3/4  - Smark                  -  -    -
3/4  - Brown                  -  -    -
3/4  - Lipman                 -  -    -
Half - Reed                   -  -    -
Half - Harris                 -  -    -
Fwd  - Coulton                -  -    -
Fwd  - McCann                 -  -    -
Fwd  - Campbell               -  -    -
Fwd  - Norman                 -  -    -
Fwd  - Conlin, C              -  -    -

                              -  -    -

Other Second Grade Matches

11-0  Brch Glebe      b Balmain
11-0  RASG Easts      b Norths
Frft  Went Newtown    b Wests

               W D  L Diff PT
GLEBE          9 -  1 +189 18
EASTS          9 -  1  +93 18
SYDNEY         8 -  2  +93 16
NORTHS         5 -  5  -21 10
Balmain        4 -  6  -18  8
Wests          2 -  8  -31  4
Souths         2 -  8 -111  4
Newtown        1 -  9 -177  2

Third Grade Round 7(Postponed)

v Eastern Suburbs, Rosebery Park, 3:15pm

LOSS on Forfiet

This match was to have been played at Rosebery Park, but owing to the non-appearnce of the South Sydney side the match was forfieted.

no tries
no goals

Other Third Grade Matches

 7-5 Went Glebe       b Drummoyne (Postponed from Round 3)

               W D  L B Diff PT
SS FEDERALS    7 -  1 1 +212 16
ROZELLE        7 -  1 1  +77 16
DRUMMOYNE      5 -  3 1   +9 12
EASTS          3 -  4 1  -37  8 **
Sydney         3 -  4 1  -13  8 **
Glebe          3 -  3 1 -100  8 **/**
Balmain        2 -  4 1  -35  6 **/**
Souths         2 -  5 1 -107  6 **
Newtown        - -  7 1   -6  2 **