Kangaroos Invited to Tour New Zealand

10th August 1909

The New South Wales League is in receipt of an application from Auckland to send a "Kangaroo" team over to the Dominion next month. The matter has already been under consideration of the management committee, and sanction for the trip will no doubt be granted by the general body at its meeting on Wednesday evening. It will be got together as soon as possible. It will probably leave Sydney on September 11, or at the latest on the 18th, and willplay at Auckland, Wellington and one of the Maori centres. As the local competitions will be over by then, no difficulty should be experianced in sending the strongest combination.

A movement is already on foot for the formation of an Australian governing body, which will control all future interstate visits and tours to and from New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

NSW League agrees to proposal

27th August 1909

The executive of the Rugby League have received a communication from the Auckland League, agreeing to the arrangement proposed by the NSW League for three matches at Auckland. The NSW team will leave for Auckland, via Wellington, about the last week in September and will play at Victoria Park on October 2, 6 and 8. It is likely a match will take place at Wellington.

NSW League cancels NZ Tour

4th September 1909

The proposed visit of an Australian team to the Dominion will not take place this season.