Balmain Threaten NSWRL Final with South Sydney Boycott

16th September 1909

The N.S.W. Rugby League has arranged two matches for to-morrow at the Agricultural Ground, and up to 12 o'clock this morning it was the intention of the officials that the programme should be carried out. There is a general desire to finish the season, and with that object in view the committee decided to play the first grade final as a preliminary to the extra Wallaby-Kangaroo match. This position, does not find favor with the Balmain Club, as the secretary, Mr. A. Walker has forwarded the following letter for publication:-

"At a meeting of Balmain Club held on Thursday night, it was unanimously decided that it will be impossible to place a team in the field at 2 pm. on Saturday, and also that, it being the 'final match to decide the premiership of league football in N.S. Wales for season 1909, the action of the N.S. Wales League, in playing it as an early match to the Wallabies v Kangaroos, is an insult to the teams concerned. Trusting you will publish the above in fairness to our supporters."

Mr. Larkin, the secretary of the league, when spoken to this morning, said it was intended to carry out the programme as advertised. He understood the Balmain officials were to interview the league authorities during the day with reference to the matter.