South Sydney Confirmed as Premiers after Final Boycott

23rd September 1909

At a meeting of the committee of the NSW Rugby League, held last night, the report of the referee upon Saturday's final was received. He reported that Balmain had not put in an appearance, and that he had awarded, by forfeit, the match to South Sydney. His report was adopted, and therefore the premier club is South Sydney.

A deputation from the Balmain Club waited upon the league committee last night with reference to the matter, and asked if it were the intention of the committee to play the final match next Saturday. The reason for the club not turning up on Saturday was that the decision to play the final that day was considered to be unconstitutional. It was now asked that the final be played next Saturday. As the committee had accepted the report of the referee, and had awarded the championship to South Sydney, the matter had ended.

Balmain Formally Reply to South Sydney Editorial

23rd September 1909

Sir, I trust you will grant me space to reply to Mr.Peters's letter that appeared in Tuesday's issue. In his allusion to irresponsible ofiicials, your correspondent display his ignorance of the true state of affairs. The deputation appointed to await on the league executive consisted of Mr H Hutchison (chairman of Balmain's management committee), Mr Brennan (assistant secretary), and Messrs M'Quade and Davis (vice presidents) who were elected at a general meeting of the club which included 13 or the 15 first grade team. The constitution of the league clearly says that the proceeds of the final match shall be divided between the ambulance associations and the insurance fund. Despite this fact the league executive intended to demote the proceeds of last Saturday's match to playing off the deficiency of 140 of the promoter's guarantee to the Wallabies. The balance was to go towards the expenses of advertising the Wallalby-Kangaroo matches. Balmain's refusal to allow themselves to be made the draw card under the circumstances stamps them as a team with principle.

Mr Peters mentions that four of South Sydney's best players were absent when Newcastle defeated them, but he forgot to mention that six or seven of Newcastle's leading players were absent in the return match. Guileless, Mr Peters! Your correspondent also takes excemption to Balmain playing so many home matches but had it not been for Birchgrove the league would not have been able to carry on, and one has only to remember the large gates that were present every Saturday to find out if the league were not studing themselves in plaving Balmain on Birchgrove. The money taken at the Balmain matches this season was more than at the whole of the other club mutches put together - a fact that shows that although Mr Peters has all the stars playing with his team, he has not had ability enough to gain the public support.

I am, etc., P.F M'Quade, Vice-president, Balmain District Rugby L. F. Club.

Balmain Threaten Legal action

30th September 1909

A public meeting was held in the Balmain Town Hall last night to protest against the action of the New South Wales Football League in awarding the premiership to South Sydney. The hall was packed. The chair was occupied Mr R,Hutcheson vice president, in the absence of the Mayor of Balmain (Alderman T.Minty).

Mr Knot, read counsel's opinion with regard to the disposal of the proceeds of the final first grade match as follows - "The committee bv their action, have distinctly acted contrary to the provisions of bylaw 10, section A. This neither they nor even the league itself at a general meeting had any, power to do. Any member of the committee who objects his a right to institute procedures to prevent or rectify the irregularity, and the Attorney-General both as representing the public and as the protector of charitable interests, may institute similar proceedings. Under the circumstances, I would recommend continued counsel, "that proceedings be instituted by a combined information and statement of claim in the name of the Attorney-General to restrain the officers from committing a breach of the rules and to compel them and Mr J.J.Smith to repay the gate proceeds of the last match and apply the same in accordance with the bylaws of the league"

The following motions were carried unanimously, and with enthusiasm.

Mr Blue(North Sydney), seconded by Mr. Brennan, "That copies of these resolutions be forwarded to each district club secretary, with a request that they be submitted to a meeting of the members of his respective club for confirmation or otherwise".