2017 - The Cyber View from the Hill

7th June 2017

A week off to refocus

Its been a important week off for the players. Too many carrying nigly injuries and this is allowing them vital recover time. Now off to Brisbane for the rematch of the ANZAC Day contrivesial match.

Greg Inglis returns

After some mental illness theropy as well as time off because of his knee injry it was great to see GI return back to training this week. This will provide a timely boost to moral for the playing group.

Hawkins stepping up

Lightweight halfback Dean Hawkins has stepped up into U20s after his SG Ball commitment concluded and has been a big success. He has added much needed spark in attack and his organisational and kicking skills have him ear-marked as as a future star. Watch this space.

ARLC Commission being reshapped

A lot of manuevouring is going on behind the scene as the commission is being reshapped for the future. Currently being proposed by the club representative Nick Pappas, our chairman, is that to remove veto rights of the QRL and NSWRL, the commission will be restructured. The new structure will only have 5 rather than 7 independant commisioners plus one QRL and one NSWRL and two club representatives. With the clubs bringing in a siignificant amount of the games revenue they want a say on how it gets spent. There is however a big concern that the grassroots football below NSW and QLD Cup's will suffer, as well as the potential setup of the new Digital division of the NRL, as RL prepares for life in the new online medium when the NBN rollout concludes.

Signing off for another week - the midweek Cyber View from the Hill