2018 - The Cyber View from the Hill

26th September 2018

Season Ends one game short

So close but yet so far. The last game at the SFS broke all attendance records as the members area was closed 10 minutes before kickoff for the first time, with SCG members offered free beer as compensation. But the game was classic game of defence versus attack. Souths probed and darted but in the end they couldn't beak the the Easts line. So ended a very good season where Souths new attacking style brought us back to a Top 4 side. But big games are won by defence and this is a area where we will need to improve if we are going to go to the next level next year. So its goodbye to 2018 one game short of the big dance and goodbye to the SFS.

Goodbye Clarky - Souths super sub

And so ends the career of one of Souths great clubmen, Jason Clark. JAson started his senior grade career way back in 2007 when he was called up in the Jersey Flegg team. He went on to be Souths first ever NRL National Youth Cup club captain. After two seasons he quickly moved up into frst grade. But his ability to be used a utility forward role cemented his spot on the bench. He would go on and play 10 seasons of first grade. Almost exclusivily from the bench. He played 170 first grade games of which 155 started from the bench. The most ever by a Souths player, which earned him the "super sub" tab. We thank you Clarky for a wonderful career and a great clubman.

Congratulations Inglis

This week Greg Inglis was named Australian captain for the up coming test series against New Zealand and Tonga. This is a great honor and Greg will become the 6th Souths player to lead his nation in a test match.

Congratulations Cooky

Season 2018 has been a sensation for Damien Cook. He has taken all before him with the NSWRL and Dally M peoples choice awards. Being named RLPA and Dally M Hooker of the Year and toping it off by being named in teh Australian quad for the up coming test series.

Emerging Nations World Championship

Its been a few years but October sees the return of a very important event on the world rugby league calender, the Emerging Nations Rugby League World Championship. It gives a large number of players and nations the opportunity to play similar standard nations across teh globe as they develop their rugby league skills and take them to the next level. The first seies occured back in 2000, the good work done by the RLEF will now be taken to the next level as nations from Asia and teh Pacific also compete.

Final - Stat Attack

Statistically it was a average game Completion improved to 74% from 71% last week. Errors dropped to 14 from 10 last week. We gave away 6 penalties compared to 8 last week. Souths Effective 1st tackle dropped but still in a average level of 31.4m from 30.5m last week. Our missed tackles improved to a average level of 25 missed tackles from 34 last week. Opposition offloads improved to 3 from 6 last week.

Looking at our left side defence - Jennings-Inglis-Walker-Sutton (0-4-3-2) was steady at 9 missed tackles again this week. On the right side Graham-Gagai-Reynolds-Crichton (1-3-0-4) was improved to 8 from 12 missed tackles last week week. Ruck defence TBurgess/Britt-Cook-GBurgess/Tatola-SBurgess/Murray (1-0-6-0) was improved to 7 from 13 missed tackles last week.

Our go forward dropped to 1352m from 1889m last week. Cook made 10+m per run. Sam Burgess, Sutton, Tom Burgess, Inglis, Jennings and Graham making 100+m in the match. Defensively Cook was our best in the tackling raking up 39 tackles. Cook, Sam Burgess, Murray, Britt, Tatola, Reynolds, Jennings and Alex Johnston didn't miss a tackle.

Signing off for another week - the midweek Cyber View from the Hill