2015 NRL Auckland 9's Squad

9's Rule Adjustments

A Shot Clock will be introduced for conversions and drop-outs as part of a range of innovations for the 2015 Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines. To maximise playing time, scoring teams will have up to 25 seconds to complete a conversion after a try. If they fail to meet the time limit the conversion will be deemed unsuccessful. Similarly, defending teams will have 20 seconds to complete a drop-out. If they take any longer they will be penalised. NRL General Manager of Football Operations, Nathan McGuirk said the aim was to keep the Nines games flowing, with minimal delays to playing time. “The Nines is already a fast, exciting game which is full of action,” Mr McGuirk said. “We think the quick restarts will add even more excitement to this year’s tournament.” The Shot Clock will be visible to both teams and the match officials, and will be activated immediately following the awarding of a try. When the period of time has elapsed, a siren will sound to indicate the expiration of the period. Other changes include:

  • Clubs will be able to nominate an increased squad of 18 players and rotate them during qualifying matches to ensure they are eligible for the finals.
  • Each team will have five interchange players for each match instead of six. Teams will again be able to make unlimited replacements in each game.

    Mr McGuirk said the bigger squads mean clubs will effectively have two teams of nine players. “That will allow them to keep players fresher for later in the tournament,” he said. “The six interchange players last year did lead to some congestion through the tournament. “We believe a five-man interchange will be much cleaner and it will allow teams to have fresher players to roll out across the tournament.” The highly successful Bonus Zone will be retained for this year’s tournament, enabling clubs to earn five points for a try if the ball is grounded between the goal posts. “The Nines was a huge success last year but we think these innovations will add even more excitement to the 2015 tournament, ” Mr McGuirk said.

    The South Sydney Rabbitohs are pleased to announce their 18-man squad for the Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines to be played at Eden Park next weekend. Former Australia, New South Wales, Country Origin and Rabbitohs player Matt King will pull on a Rabbitohs jersey for the first time since retiring in 2013 as part of the South Sydney Nines squad for this year. King played ten Tests for Australia, nine State of Origin matches for New South Wales and three matches for Country Origin on top of his 220 appearances in the NRL and English Super League for the Rabbitohs, Storm and Warrington between 2003 and 2013. Rabbitohs internationals Issac Luke, George Burgess, Dylan Walker and Bryson Goodwin have all been named in the squad. Issac Luke is set to captain the red and greens for the first time on home soil in New Zealand. The Rabbitohs are in the Waiheke pool and will play round robin matches against 2014 Auckland Nines champions the Cowboys, plus the Storm and Panthers. The Rabbitohs’ team is:

     1. Reddy, Joel 
     2. Goodwin, Bryson 
     3. Walker, Dylan 
     4. King, Matt 
     5. McQueen, Chris 
     6. Luke, Issac (c)
     7. Reynolds, Adam 
     8. Burgess, George 
     9. Crichton, Angus 
    10. Lowe, Ben 
    11. Clark, Jason 
    12. Hughes, Tom 
    13. Tyrrell, Dave 
    14. Gray, Aaron 
    15. Turner, Kyle 
    16. McInnes, Cameron 
    17. Grevsmuhl, Chris 
    18. Taukafa, Setefano 
    Coach – Michael Maguire

    Weekend - 12 Dec 2014

    South South Sydney Rabbitohs junior teams will play two trails for the Junior U18 and U16 squads against Cronulla-Sutherland at Erskensville Oval on Dec 12 2014

    The South Sydney Rabbitohs SG Ball U18 Summer squad

    Allen, Richie
    Alvarado, Tristan
    Anderson, Jade
    Barlow, Jacob
    Bouris, Jed 
    Boyce, Rangi-Paoa
    Brown, Jaiden
    Butcher, Nat
    Dellow, Phaeton
    Fitgerald, Brody
    Fuimaono, Henry-Siriah
    Goddard, Harrison
    Guler, Emre
    Hamlin, Gabriel
    Hookey, Kobi
    Huskell, Jay
    Kelly, Keeden
    Koloamatangi, Keaon
    Loga-Tarogi, Sepessa
    MacIntosh, Reece
    Maipi, Tuteaura
    Manowski, Blake
    Murray, Cameron
    Natoli, Josh
    Neil, John
    Ngamotu, Keenen
    O'Connor, Dylan
    Pengelly, Bailey
    Perri, Blade
    Preece, Kurtis
    Rewwti, Jalen
    Seuala, Don
    Siteine, Robert
    Smith, Reimis
    Talakai, Siosifa
    Townsend, Reece
    Tufuga, Johnathan
    Tuiletufuga, Wiremu
    Tuohy, Jaydan
    Wright, Tom

    The South Sydney Rabbitohs Harold Mathews U16 Summer squad

    Butcher, Egan 
    Carney, Jack 
    Chan-Foon, Mila 
    Cook, Josh 
    Dellow, Raine 
    De Luna, Marcus
    Dive, Matthew 
    Eather, Ayden 
    Edwards, Konrad 
    Falemanu, Simione 
    Fifita, Daniel 
    Fitzgerald, Bailey 
    Graham, Campbell 
    Green, Malcolm 
    Grouse, Corey
    Handley, Ben 
    Hawkins, Dean 
    Hiroti, Mawene 
    Hyslop, Che 
    Kambos, Jake
    Kariouz, Nick 
    Kaya, Berat 
    Lose, Joey 
    Meader, Jacob 
    Mitsias, Jonny 
    Mougias, Nicholas 
    Nader, Bobby 
    Pakofe, Martin 
    Peterson, Brody 
    Robb, Jaylen 
    Roberts, Will 
    Rodwell, Ky 
    Smith, Harrison 
    Stewart, Lincoln 
    Taliai, Dante 
    Taukamo, Tyronne 
    Toms, Lucas 
    Vann, Taylor