New League Start U6/7 Junior Rules

21st November 2016

The NSWRL and NRL have together implemented key rule changes for junior leagues, commencing from 2017 onwards. The changes, aimed to increase fun, enjoyment and skill development of players within modified games, demonstrate practical implementation throughout the nominated league locations as a basis trial for all junior league districts across Australia. Based on significant data collected by the Sydney University Research Team, the changes hope to develop a game most tailored to pre-teen children at different stages of growth and motivation. Changes will be gradually implemented in various leagues across 2017, 2018 and beyond. Particularly significant changes for under-6s and under-7s modified leagues offer a positive learning environment, more game time, more efficient ground use and afford all players an opportunity to develop from a young age. Some of the changes include:

Under-6s and Under-7s Model 2017

  • Reduced field size to 40m x 20m
  • Reduced team numbers to six players each
  • Increased game time to four eight-minute quarters
  • Increased tackle count to six per set
  • Reduced number of allowed passes to one

    Modified Junior Rules