NRL Clarifies Finances

3rd June 2017

The NRL today clarified details of its financial arrangements following widespread discussion of the NRL’s finances over the last few days – much of which has been inaccurate. A spokesman said it was important to provide factual information to correct the erroneous commentary. In 2016, the game generated $350.5 million in broadcast and non-broadcast revenue.

In that same year, $353.1 million was spent or distributed in the following way:

  • $160.2 million to clubs, including players
  • $59.8 million to States and grassroots rugby league
  • $72.1 million in revenue generating costs (including representative payments to players, stadium costs and sponsor servicing)
  • $21.5 million for administration which includes staff and building costs, insurance and other overheads
  • $22.6 million in football department and integrity costs, which includes referees, representative programs, drug testing and salary cap administration
  • $16.9 million for community, education and wellbeing programs. Also includes retirement payments to players

    CEO Todd Greenberg said every area of the game’s operations was important, from players to the clubs and community. "It is our job to find the right balance so that each area of our business is strong," he said. "And that is what we are doing." Mr Greenberg said average player salaries and allowances have risen by 45 per cent during the current broadcast cycle. "And we are proposing that they increase by a similar amount over the next cycle. "The players deserve those increases and, as I have said repeatedly, they will be better paid than ever before under the next CBA agreement."