RLIF obtains GAISF(Sports Accord) Observer Status

31st January 2018

The world governing body for Rugby League, The Rugby League International Federation, has been granted Observer Status by GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations - formerly SportAccord) at its Council meeting held on January 24th 2018, after their application was approved. Observer Status gives the RLIF the right to attend the GAISF General Assembly and allows it to take advantage of the GAISF network to grow and develop. The GAISF Observer Status has been designed as the first step in the path towards fulfilment of all criteria required for GAISF membership.

RLIF Chief Executive Officer, David Collier OBE, has welcomed the recognition saying: “We would like to thank the GAISF Council for their grant of Observer status for Rugby League, it will have a positive impact on the RLIF Membership around the globe. We currently have 71 member nations who will all now be able to progress relationships with their own national government and sports organisations. We look forward to taking up our position playing our part at the earliest opportunity." "We have seen continued and sustained growth in the membership of the RLIF over the past 8 years and, built upon the interest generated by RLWC2017 in the Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair formats, we expect to see that growth carry on.” “I would like to record my thanks on behalf of the Board to the staff and volunteers in our confederations and across the membership for their support and hard work."

RLIF becomes the eighth Observer International Federation of GAISF and, like the others, will now embark on a rigorous process of assessment and verification which – for those which satisfy all criteria – may lead to Full Membership. This requires resolving any perceived rivalry issues with existing members before going through a vote at a future GAISF General Assembly.

Observer Status allows IFs to be part of the GAISF network, take part in activities including the annual IF Forum and to attend General Assembly, although they have no vote.

This status is valid for two years.

Patrick Baumann, President of GAISF said: “RLIF are to be congratulated on achieving Observer Status and their inclusion is a further example of the diversity of the world sporting family which GAISF represents. “We wish them every success and encourage them to now work directly with our existing members to resolve any open issues and learn from all of them, so that in due course they may comply with all requirements for being recommended for full membership.”

GAISF represents 109 International Federations and other sports bodies, and acts as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practice, providing a range of services in key areas such as anti-doping. GAISF works closely with the International Olympic Committee and their vision and values are entirely aligned.

The RLIF now has two years to obtain full membership. Rugby League is deemed a summer sport, as it is not played on ice or snow.

1. Who can become a GAISF Member?

  • International Sport Organisations (art. 1.1)

    2. What type of GAISF Membership Exists?

  • Full Members (International Federations) (art 7.A)
  • Associate Members (Major Event Organizers or Sport Organisation contributing to Sport in various fields (art. 7.B)

    3. Which criteria do you need to satisfy to become a FULL Member of GAISF

  • No Conflict – No Rivalry with GAISF Members (art 7.A.4.1)
  • Global Representation/Recognitions (art 7.A.4.8, 7.A.4.9, 7.A.4.10, 7.A.4.11)
  • For summer sports, at least 40 active Member National Federations from at least 3 continents
  • For winter sports, at least 25 active Member National Federations from at least 2 continents

    What is a Country?: (art 7.A.6): A country, to be defined as such, must comply with at least one of the two following conditions:

    1.To be an independent state recognised by the International Community
    2.To have a National Olympic Committee recognized by the IOC

    What is a National Federation? (art 7.A.6): A National Federation is a body representing a sport or a number of sports in a country that is recognised by the NOC and/or the highest sporting authority of the country; Organizational Criteria are -

    1. Only Federation on a World Level (art 7.A.4.2)
    2. Not for Profit (art 7.A.4.3)
    3. WADA Signatory – Compliant (art 7.A.4.4)
    4. CAS Jurisdiction (art 7.A.4.4)
    5. Gender Representation (art 7.A.4.5)
    6. History General Assembly (art 7.A.4.6 and 7.A.4.7)
    7. Accounting Standards (art 7.A.4.14)
    8. Strategic Plan (art 7.A.4.15)

    Sport Criteria

  • Events Participation (art 7.A.4.12)
  • Events Presentation (art 7.A.4.13)
  • Main Achievements (art 7.A.4.16)