IRL Partners with RL Record Keepers Club

5th December 2021

International Rugby League (IRL) has agreed a partnership with the Rugby League Record Keepersí Club (RKC) to be their official statistics provider. The agreement will ensure that there is a consistent and accurate set of match statistics made available to IRL and to fans of the sport. The partnership comes on the back of a 12-month collaboration between IRL, RKC, Rugby League Project, rugby league historian Professor Tony Collins and former international development manager Tas Baitieri, who formed a History and Heritage Advisory Group (HHAG) which has agreed a final and complete list of all recognised menís senior international matches played since the formation of the Northern Union in 1895. This full list will be published in the New Year after final consultations with the members of IRL. RKC will ensure that IRL has an accurate record of historic matches and they, through their network of dedicated volunteers are constantly searching for and updating the records with new information as it emerges.

IRL secretary general Danny Kazandjian, who has worked closely on the historical results project, welcomed the partnership saying, ďThe heritage of our sport paints such a rich tableau and represents an important history of social change. One of the ways we can chart those changes is through our international exchanges. It is wonderful that we have finally managed to agree a list of menís senior international matches that fans can rely upon and I thank all members of HHAG for their diligence and commitment to this task. "The partnership with the Record Keepersí Club is a natural extension of this project and ensures that IRL can celebrate its past and ensure that records and future achievements on the international stage will be accurately recorded and displayed." Neil Ormston is the organiser of RKC and has been a central figure in HHWG, he commented ďIt has been a pleasure working with IRL and HHAG on this important project, and Iím delighted that the Record Keepersí Club will continue to support IRL in the future. It is crucial that rugby league has an accurate record of the pinnacle of the sport, and that fans can access this and have confidence in it. This partnership will ensure that, and credit must go to the members of RKC and HHAG who have given their time to make this happen. ď HHAG will present its full list of senior international matches in the New Year and is currently examining the womenís and wheelchair senior international matches to complete the list.

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