Footnote References

In general this site has been developed from painstaking research, through newspapers, programs, magazines, annual reports and publications, or online rugby league, military or ancestory sources, but there are a few reference other than the main South Sydney, NSWRL, NRL and IRL websites that I want to reference These will be represented by the below footnotes on pages where appropriate.

1 - Information supplied from South Sydney Rabbitohs website or social media accounts

2 - Information supplied from NRL website

3 - Information supplied from NSWRL website

4 - Details supplied/confirmed by family member

5 - Details supplied/confirmed by past player

6 - Official Player Numbers supplied by South Sydney Football club

7 - Player first name supplied by Brad Ryder

8 - Player DOB supplied by Brad Ryder

9 - Player first name confirmed by Michael Curin

10 - Player image confirmed by Michael Curin

11 - Details supplied/confirmed by Brett Knowles

12 - Team image supplied from David Reynolds within his South Sydney A History in Photos facebook group

13 - Missing Team photos search commissioned by the South Sydney Football Club in 2009 and team image supplied by Brad Ryder, from research he performed with Michael Curin and Ross Mackay

14 - Annual Report sourced from Brad Ryder

15 - Team image sourced from the NSW State Library

16 - Team image sourced from NSWRL Rugby League News

17 - Team image sourced from the Trove newspaper archive

18 - Team image published on NSWRL 1909 program card

19 - South Sydney military players commissioned by the South Sydney Football Club in 2018 and originally compiled by Michael Curin

20 - Details maintained/enhanced/corrected, since originally published, by Mark Sivis

21 - Team image sourced from Mark Emery

22 - Team image sourced from South Sydney Football Club

23 - Team image supplied by Fred Jackson

24 - Team image published in the South Sydney DRLFC Annual Report

25 - Team image published in the NSWRL Big League

26 - Team image published in Rugby League Week

27 - First Grade players numbers and names updated and re-published by the South Sydney Football Club in 2023

28 - Information supplied from Play Rugby League website

29 - Image published on the Our Footy Team website

30 - Details courtesy of the IRL website

31 - Details courtesy of the APRL website

32 - Details courtesy of the ERL website

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