NSW Rugby League Battle for the Bush

2nd April 1912

A battle for the bush between Rugby Union and Rugby League has hotted up. In Newcastle the local Newcastle Rugby Union has been forced to close after financial loses. Citing costs of medals. However, it seems a tactic from 1909 of securing a monopoly of the grounds with the intention of blocking League, by providing a gurantee has backfired, after the Union had not kept its promise of financial support. League took over responsibility of their sportung venue the Newcastle Sports Ground after financial loses. While in the Central West votes are being taken to play Rugby Union or Rugby League.

The NSWRL will schedule a exhibition match in Orange on April 27 with the gate to go to establishing a new Western Districts association.

Western branch of League formed

20th April 1912

A meeting was held on Saturday evening in Orange to form a branch of the Rugby League and play the League rules of football. A large number of players attended the meeting, and motions were duly carried. The League has secured the Show Ground for the season. The majority of a recently elected Union committee have moved across to Rugby League. As expected the League players and officials have been suspended from the Union. As part of the Orange Show Easts will play a exhibition match against Glebe.

Representative Matches

2nd May 1912

The Hunter, Northern and Western branches are to compete in a series of games in Sydney, and a combined side will play metropolis.