South Sydney Season 1912 Results

             (FG) Premiership              (2G) Premiership              (3G) Premiership               Presidents Cup

Trial Glebe      VicP L  0-27  
Trial Easts      SSG  W 15-6        Easts      SSG  W  9-5 
Trial Glebe      SSG  L  8-17       Glebe      SSG  W 13-5 
Trial Newtown    Mett L  5-11       Newtown    Mett L  0-14       Wests      SanS        

Rd01  Norths     NSO  W 16-3        Norths     NSO  W 22-8        SS Federal Redf L  2-6 
Rd02  Newtown    SSG  W 12-6        Newtown    SSG  D  7-7        Marrckvill Wav2 W 52-0 
Rd03  Easts      RASG L  8-9        Easts      RASG D 10-10       Norths     NSO  W 49-2 
Rd04  Balmain    Brch W 29-5        Balmain    Brch W  8-3        Parramatta Redf W 25-2 
Rd05  Wests      SSG  W 26-10       Wests      SSG  W 26-0        Surry Hlls Mett W 10-7 
Rd06  Annandale  SSG  W 12-5        Annandale  SSG  W 12-3        Annandale  Redf W 39-0 
                                                                                          Tour  Hunter     Mait L  5-19

                                                                                          Rd01  Easts      RASG L  5-6 
Rd07  Glebe      SSG  L  5-6        Glebe      SSG  L  3-11       Newtown    Redf W 18-9 
Rd08  Norths     SSG  L  7-18       Redfern    SSG  L  2-17       Wests      SSci W 23-0 

Rd09  Newtown    SSG  W 20-11       Grosvenor  SSG  W 10-3        St Peters  Brc2 W  5-2 
Rd10  Easts      SSG  L  7-10       Marrckvill RASG W 20-3  Top12 SS Federal RASG D  3-3 
Rd11  Balmain    Brch L  5-14 Top 8 SS Federal Mett W 13-10 Top 8 Balmain    Brch W  8-0 
Rd12  Wests      SSG  W 33-12 mSF   Redfern    SSG  W  9-0  MSF   SS Kinkora Redf W 10-5  Rd02  Norths     NSO  W 17-13
Rd13  Annandale  SSG  W 11-7                                F     SS Federal SSG  W  5-0  Rd03  Wests      Redf W 13-7 
Rd14  Glebe      Went L 16-19                                                             Rd04  St George  Went W  9-8 

CC-01 Easts      SSG  W 21-10 SG-01 Easts      SSG  L 10-11                               Rd05  Balmain    Brch L  6-16
CC-SF Norths     SSG  W 16-11
CC-F  Glebe      RASG W 30-5 

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Season 1912 News

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