1912 Rule adjustments

26th April 1912

The following decisions have been arrived at by the Rugby League's Referees' Association :-

"Knock-On" - the ball is not neccessarily knocked on in every case, in which it goes forward off a player's hand. e.g. in the case of a ball rebounding off the hand of a player standing still, the ball is deemed to be knocked on unless the referee is satisifed that there was some active movement on the part of the player.

"Free Kick" - in the event of a free kick being granted, such kick must be allowed to be taken.

"Interference" - where a tackle is simultaneous with parting with the ball, it is not to be considered obstruction.

"Try" - an attacking player running with the ball reaches within a few yeards of the opposing goal-line. An opposing player gets both hands on the ball before the attacking player crosses the line. They fall over the goal-line in joint possession of the ball, and both touch it down - a try must be awarded.

Amateur Clarification

2nd May 1912

At last nights meeting of the NSWRL it was resolved that a amateur is one who receives only is necessary, actual and boanfid expenses. Amateur taking part in games in the metroplitian district will receive no amount for expenses, and those on tour will travel in the same class as the rest of the team, and their hotel expenses will be on the same scale, but they will not handle any money.

State-of-Origin Proposed

29th May 1912

The matter of birth qualification for inter-state matches will be discussed in conference by the NSW and Queensland Leagues during the visit to Sydney of the Queensland team when they arrive.