Footballers Pay Strike

9th May 1912

There is trouble in the Glebe club as key players demand increases is pay and demand for 1 a week. Demands for increase of pay are frequent in Labor circles, but there is one now in connection with sport in Sydney, and it has led to serious trouble. Tba club effected is that which contests Rugby League football in the Glebe district, and, as a result, three well-known players are not likely to wear the red jesey again. At the beginning of the season some of the First Grade players considered it was not fair that they should divide only 60 per cent, of the gate receipts received by the club, while the seconda got 30 per cent, and the thirds 30 per cent. The First Graders wanted a larger percentage. A speclal meeting waa called to consider the matter, but the chief mover did not attend, nothing was done, the rest of the players apparently being satisfied. But on Thursday night, after training had finished, the trouble came to a head, when the former South Sydney brothers A.B. and Peter Burge stating they were not available for the Glebe match on Saturday unless the Glebe First Grade players were guaranteed 1 a week. S.Griffiths, who was one ot too reserves, also announced that he would not ploy. Without any delay, the selectors were called together, and F.Nelson and B.Gray were cbosen to take the place of the Burge brothers. Mr. C.Upton, the Glebo secretary, this morning, when the position was thoroughly explained. The official stated the First Grade players last season received 10s a week for each match, and a bonus at the end of the season, when it was definitely known what the financial position was. Glebe First Grade players averaged 16s 9d per match last season. If the men were guaranteed 1 a week, the Second and Third Grade players might not receive anything. In any case. It could not be a wise thing to do, because the officials were not certain of the amount ot money they would receive from the club's share of the gate takings. It might be wet on several weeks, and the gates would then be below, what was expected. "The club cost 35 a week to run," went on Mr. Upton. "That Includes training quarters and miners, and the committee does not care about taking the risk it would have to do to guarantee 1 a weak to each first grade player, who will receive the same payment as last season - 10s a match and a bonus. The action of the three players means that they will disappear from football."

During the discussion on Thursday night, it was atated, by one of the discontented men that the South Sydney Club paid its first grade players 4 a week last season. Mr. S. G. Ball, tbe South Sydney secretary, indicated that the statement was incorrect. "Certainly," he sald, "no club had a belter dividend than ours, and our players averaged, about 1 a week." "The idea that the players received 4 is probably due to the fact that the money was allowed to accumulate by some of our members," continued Mr. Ball. "We could not pay 4 a week. Onr training expanses averaged that per week last year, and they have been increased to S this season."

Burge Brothers Season Suspension

30th May 1912

The season's suspension imposed by Glebe Club upon Messrs A.B and P.H.Burge for failing to offer an explanation in connection with their refusal to take part in a recent games, was endorsed by the League.