1912 NSWRL Premiership - Round 10

South Sydney v Eastern Suburbs

Sydney Sports Ground

Sat Jul 27, 3:15pm

Selected Round 10 Teams

Play flitted from end to end of the field on the Sydney Sports Ground with great rapidity, but the weather deprived it of that consistent brilliancy which might have been seen on a fine day. Fourteen thousand people witnessed the premiers defeat South Sydney in a stern and close game. It lacked not exciting situations, for though Eastern Suburbs led 6 to nil at the interval, the sides scored alternatively afterwards. At one period it read S to 7, with South Sydney playing strongly. But mishaps to the local team came, and another goal increased the premiers lead. It was fine when H.Messenger kicked off with a light breeze favoring South Sydney. The ground was in good order save for about 30 yards square, where the cricket wickets are laid, and that stretch was carefully evaded by most of the players. After a few opening punts A.Butler kicked well down the field to E.White, who fielded it at his own twenty-five, and leaving Hale standing ran a few yards on tbe wing, then swerved infield, dodged away several opponents, and crossed to the centre. At the other 25 he passed out to Campbell, who dropped the ball, and thus closed a great opening. This fine individual effort by White set Eastern supporters chirping merrily, but after H. Messenger had tried to snap a goal, a long kick by Hucker put South Sydney in an attacking position. But E.S. were soon moving goalwards again. From a scrum just outside the premiers twenty-five, the ball came out to McCabe, who fumbled, and Campbell coming along snapped up tbe pass, and in an instant was through the South Sydney three-quarter line. He dashed along the right wing until he came to Hallett, and then passed out to Frawley, who sprinted across in the corner. He was tackled, but managed to ground the ball, to the accompaniment of cheers from the thousands who favored the Red, White and Blue. H.Messenger failed to convert. Eastern Suburbs, 3 to nil. An instant later P.White fielded like the ablest of mid-offs a hard kick, and passed to Williams, but the forward was overwhelmed well inside S.S. twenty-five. Play swung along at a great pace, now favoring one side, now the other. An interchange of kicks between the backs was followed by a South Sydney rush. From a scrum Maidment passed out on the blind side to McCabe, in again to the half, out to Collier, who skirted touch, but was downed well inside the E.S. twenty-five on the grand stand side. Here South Sydney made a very spirited effort to get through, but the defence was brilliant. Once Hucker was run into his top speed, and as he shot along touch in-side the 25 he sent a high long pass in, within 6yds of goal. Fortunately for E.S. full-back Kinghorn darted in and fielded it, and broke clean through the players. Cann and McCabe immediately carried play on, and for a few minutes South Sydney attacked so hotly that at any moment a try might have come. But E.S. defended most actively, and worked out. In this rally Hilliard injured his leg and retired, O.McCarthy taking his placa. South Sydney had been getting possession more regularly. Each side put in some fine bursts in attack, with the game having more of a South Sydney flavor than before. Twice high punts by Cann and fast following by the forwards looked like causing trouble to. E.S., but some clever screw-kicking by H.Messenger brought relief. Besides, full-back Kinghorn was very safe in fielding and kicking. Shortly after these attacks the Tricolors simply turned defence into attack. Williams got the ball inside the twenty-five, while South Sydney were coming along aggressively. He passed to Halloway, to H.Messenger, who sped diagonally to tbe left, well supported by the three-quarters. He cut in from the defence, but still kept in touch with the supports. Past half-way he sent, a high pass out to Campbell, who ran to Hallett, and whipped it to C.Messenger, who, going at express speed from the 25, and scored about five yards from the corner, with Thompson diving at him. It was a most brilliant movement, the work of H..Messenger in making the opening and the completing efforts by Campbell and C.Messenger being of the highest order. H.Messenger missed the goal. 6 to nil. A South Sydney burst by Maidment, Thompson McCabe ended with the last-named passing forward when in a good position. Just prior to the interval Thompson was injured in stopping a rush, and retired in favor of O.Brown. It had been a splendid first half, with South Sydney making quite a gallant showing. They attacked quite, as much as the premiers, but their work did not possess the brilliancy of the Messenger, Campbell, White, Frawley movements.

South set a merry tune on resuming. They changed tactics, supplanting the kick and follow method by short sharp passing, and it at once paid. Davis took a long punt and dashed from centre well into E.S. territory, where he passed to Cann, who was upset. Play was promptly worked across the front of the goal, but well out. The hacks ran and passed most brilliantly, veering to the right wing. McCabe took a pass, and whipped it to Collier, on to Brown, who went like a flash along the extreme wing and dived across near the corner flag. It was quite as brilliant as the best movement by Eastern Suburbs. Maidment failed at goal. E.S., 6-3. The Red and Green supporters urged on their representatives, who responded splendidly, and the game buzzed with exciting situations. But the next score came to the premiers. For an illegality with the ball in the scrum S.S. were penalised, and H.Messenger kicked a very fine goal. 8 to 3. With rain falling the umbrella covered crowd highly enjoyed the game. Up the field South Sydney worked the ball, and Eastern Suburbs were penalised in front of goal beyond the 25. An excellent kick by Maidment increased South Sydney's score to 5 points. With the scores so close, play became keener than ever. Increasing vim was imparted into their work by some of the players, and cautions were numerous. After an Eastern Suburbs attack the South Sydney forwards charged back, to centre, and a long punt was marked by Kinghorn close to touch and inside the 25. H. Messenger kicked out to Davis, who ran from half-way to the premier's 25 line, where he was downed and prevented from playing the ball. After Maidment's successful penalty kick the scores read 8 to 7, and this gave further impetus to, the players. Eastern Suburbs soon swung into action again. From a scrum Halloway passed towards Messenger, but McCabe flew between the halves, and kicked out of danger. Attack and counter attack followed, with the premiers a trifle stronger. Near touch outside the S.S. were penalised for off-side work, with the ball in the scrum, and W.Messenger landed a magnificent goal. Eastern Suburbs, 10-7. Cann, who had sustained two heavy bumps, was very "groggy," and merely wandered about the field, except at intervals, when he delved in, only to find that though the spirit was willing the flesh was weak. A dribble by Frawley and O'Malley changed a South attack into defence, and Eastern Suburbs worked into the corner, where W.Messenger, Campbell, and Halloway figured in a passing bout. The half back sent it forward to P.White, and the rush was stopped. Near the South Sydney goal line Halloway and McCarthy came, into conflict while on the ground, and it resulted' in Halloway being sent off the field. Frawley subsequently figured in the half-back position, and performed no end of tackling, often too late, for the ball had gone. The game continued fast and stirring, but with Cann disabled and the Suburbs now getting the ball regularly from the pack, South Sydney were in a position that seemed almost hopeless. They made lots of spurts, but Eastern Suburbs answered every one, so well that if H.Messenger had kicked in his best form two more goals might have gone up. The premiers won a fine game by 10 to 7. T. McMahon, referee.

HT     0-6

Brown tries
Maidment 2 from 3 goals

Crowd      14,000
Referee    T.McMahon

Final Line Up
                              T  G/A  FG

Flbk - Hallett, Howard        -  -     -
Wing - Collier, Charlie       -  -     -
Cntr - Thompson, Hack         -  -     -
Cntr - Butler, Arthur         -  -     - (c)
Wing - Hucker, Ernie          -  -     -
5/8  - McCabe, Arthur         -  -     -
Half - Maidment, George       -  2/3   -
Lock - Spence, William        -  -     -
SRow - Butler, Harry          -  -     -
SRow - Hilliard, Eddie        -  -     -
Prop - Hale, Perce            -  -     -
Hook - Davis, Jim             -  -     -
Prop - Cann, Bill             -  -     -

Res  - Brown, Os              1  -     -
Res  - McCarthy, Owen         -  -     -

                              1  2/3   -

Other FG Matches

 7-3  NSO  Norths          b Annandale
25-2  Brch Balmain         b Wests
23-0  Went Glebe           b Newtown

               W D  L Diff PT
EASTS          9 -  1 +124 18
GLEBE          8 -  2  +94 16
SOUTHS         6 -  4  +61 12
NEWTOWN        6 -  4  +33 12
Balmain        5 -  5  -28 10
Norths         4 -  6  -73  8
Annandale      1 -  9  -40  2
Wests          1 -  9 -169  2

Judiciary News

No one was sent off.

Second Grade - Round 10

v Marrickville, RAS Showground, 3:15pm

WIN 20-3

Played at the Agricultural Ground. Marricltville kicked off, but had to force twice in quick succession, owing to South Sydney's forwards dabbling over. South Sydney came again, and Dalton scored. The kick hit the bar. South Sydney led by 3 to nil at half-time. On resuming Marrlckville were again compelled to force. South Sydney hemmed them in, but a free relieved. Souths repeatedly at tacked Marrickville's line, and added two tries in quick succession, Anderson and Dalton being responsible. Shortly afterwards the ball burst, and the game was held up till another one was procured. After the adjournment Dalton again scored. The kick failed. Darmody soon after opened up the game and scored. The kick failed. Darmody soon after again crossed. Anderson converted. Marrlckville livened up towards the finish, and Watson scored. The kick failed. The final scores were, South Sydney 20, Marrlckville 3.

HT    3-0

Dalton 3, F.Darmody 2, Groves tries
Anderson goal

Other Second Grade Matches

12-5  Went Glebe           b Grosvenor
20-2  SSG  Easts           b SS Federal
 8-2  Mett Newtown         b Redfern      (Result reversed on Aug 10)
Frft  Brch Balmain         b Sydney
15-2  Mett West Sydney     b Annandale
 7-5  NSO  Norths          b Mosman
41-0  VicP Waverley        b Wests

               W D  L B Diff PT

GLEBE         10 -  - - +119 20
REDFERN        7 -  2 1 +101 16
EASTS          7 2  1 -  +62 16
SOUTHS         6 2  2 -  +53 14
NEWTOWN        6 2  2 -  +30 14
WAVERLEY       5 -  4 1  +64 12
BALMAIN        6 -  4 -  +29 12
SS FEDERAL     5 -  4 1  +17 12
Marrickville   4 -  5 1  +44 10
Norths         5 -  5 -    - 10
West Sydney    4 -  5 1  -74 10
Grosvenor      3 -  6 1  +55  8
Mosman         4 -  6 -  -36  8
Annandale      3 -  7 -  -31  6
Sydney         2 -  8 - -166  4
Surry Hills    - -  6 1 -108  2 ++
Wests          - - 10 - -159  -

++ Surry Hills have been struck out of the competition after forfieting

Third Grade - Top 12 Qualifying Round

v South Sydney Federal, RAS Showground, 2:00pm

DRAW 3-3

Moore try
no goals

Other Third Grade Matches

26-2  Redf Surry Hills    b Granville
28-0  VicP SS Kinkora     b Wests
 3-0  Mosm Sydney         b Balmain
11-2  Redf Easts          b Drummoyne
 8-7  ParO Parramatta     v St Peters

               W D  L B Diff PT

SS KINKORA    10 -  - - +107 20
SYDNEY         8 -  1 1  +52 18
SOUTHS         8 1  1 - +195 17
SS FEDERAL     8 1  1 - +143 17
EASTS          7 -  2 1 +138 16
BALMAIN        7 -  2 1  +77 16
PARRAMATTA     7 -  3 - +105 14
SURRY HILLS    7 -  3 -  +54 14
St Peters      5 -  5 -  +78 10
Granville      4 -  5 1   +8 10
Wests          5 -  5 -   +6 10
Drummoyne      3 -  6 1  -50  8
Camperdown     3 -  5 1  -60  8
Glebe          3 -  6 -  -10  6
Norths         3 -  6 -  -63  6
Mosman         2 -  6 1 -136  6
Marrickville   3 -  6 - -161  6
Waverley       1 -  7 1 -122  4
Paddington     - -  8 1    -  2 ++
Newtown        1 -  8 -  -93  2
Annandale      - -  9 - -268  -

++ Paddington has been disqualified for the rest of the season for forfieting