South Sydney Rabbitohs Premiership Players - End of Season 2018

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Reserve Grade      - 2005    Souths Juniors
Reserve Grade      - 2007-18 North Sydney Bears
Third Grade (U20s) - 2005-07 Souths Juniors
Third Grade (U20s) - 2018    North Sydney Bears

South Sydney Rabbitohs City Cup First Grade Players

South Sydney Rabbitohs First Grade Players - By Debut Year

South Sydney Rabbitohs Short Form - Knockout Carnival Players

South Sydney Rabbitohs Short Form - 7s Players

South Sydney Rabbitohs Short Form - 9s Players

North Sydney Bears Affiliated Players


First Grade Premiership Match Tallies - includes premiership matches. It excludes - other competitions, trials, short form games and all tour matches.

First Grade Club Grade Match Tallies - includes all 80 minute competition matches and tour(non-picnic) matches. It excludes - trials, picnic and short form games.

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