Wallabies Join South Sydney Rugby League

1st March 1910

South Sydney 1909 RU Team

Back Row: H.Gilbert, A.Burge,A.Cooper, P.Burge, P.Hale, A.Humphries, W.Spence
Second Row: C.Meagher(VP), E.Hilliard, AJ.McCabe, E.Hucker, O.McCarthy, G.Radcliffe
Front Row: C.Collier, H.Goddard(capt), O.Brown

After the successful Wallabies v Kangaroos series at the end of 1909, Wallabies Alby Burge, Peter Burge and Arthur McCabe have joined the South Sydney Rugby League team for 1910 season from that series. South Sydney will be much stronger than last season, for, in addition, to the then players, they have the services of A.B. and P.Burge and A.J.McCabe. All are now in very good condition, and the club hopes to maintain first position in the League ranks. South Sydney are brimming-over with enthusiasm, and will be very hard to "down" this season.

Spence Also Joins South Sydney RL

27th April 1910

William Spence has also joined South Sydny RL club from the South Sydney RU club, just weeks before the season started.

Hucker Joins South Sydney RL Mid-Season

24th June 1910

In a coupe Ernie Hucker joined South Sydny RL club from the South Sydney RU club, mid season in the middle of the representative fixtures.