South Sydney DRLFC 4th Annual Meeting

11th March 1912

At the fourth annual meeting of the South Sydney Rugby League Club, held at the Redfern Town Hall, Mr A.Hennessy presided. In the report it was shown that the club had a most successful year. The first team took in 15 competition matches, winning 9, losing 4 and drawing 1. The second grade players won 5 games, lost 5 an draw 1. The third grade team was more conspicuous than formerly, and some promising players were unearthed.

The receipts totalled 720 18s 11d of which 683 13s 9d came from gate money. The chief items of expenditure were: -

  • 6 1s 8d - Medals
  • 70 1s 2d - Trips to West Maitland, Newcastle and Wyalong
  • 38 6s 8d - Training
  • 35 8s - Outfits etc
  • 19 9s 6d - Lighting and caretaker
  • 421 15s - bonuses
  • 62 10s - grants to affiliated clubs etc
  • 13 19s 6d - photos
  • 4 9s 10d - carried forward

    The following office-bearers elected :- Patron, Mr. F.Flowers, M.L.C. ; President, Mr. H.C.Hoyle M.L.A ; Hon Secretary, M. S. Geo. Ball ; Hon Treasurer, M. J.J.McGrath ; General committee, Messrs W.Cann, A.Hennessy, W.Spence, W.Morgan, E.Hilliard, S.G.Ball, C.White Delegates to N.S.W. Rugby League Messrs W.Cann, S.G.Ball ; Auditors, Messrs G.White and G.Wells