Virgin Blue 2007-8 Training Sponsorship

8th February 2007

Virgin Blue has thrown its support behind the South Sydney Rabbitohs, announcing a two year sponsorship deal with the NRL club. The Rabbitohs are the first rugby league team Virgin Blue has sponsored and the partnership strengthens Virgin Blue’s growing sports sponsorship portfolio. Virgin Blue Chief Executive, Brett Godfrey said, “2007 is the start of Virgin Blue’s own sponsorship sports season and we are excited to have the opportunity to be part of the Rabbitohs support squad.” He continued, “Virgin Blue and the South Sydney Football Club are a perfect fit in that we both have strong character and culture, are both passionate, competitive players and while we are serious about our business, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” Brett Godfrey added, “Like the Rabbitohs, Virgin Blue relates well to being a challenger brand and underdog, having launched an airline from the ground up more than six years ago. We are familiar with being underestimated and believe that’s the best position on the field.” Virgin Blue has grown from a standing start to being one of the world’s most profitable airlines, operating over 300 flights a day to 22 airports within Australia and to New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu. “Sports sponsorship may be relatively new to Virgin Blue but within our own industry, we have fought hard to be at the top of the airline ladder when it comes to service and ingenuity.” Brett Godfrey said. South Sydney Football Club Executive Chairman, Peter Holmes à Court welcomed Virgin Blue as the Rabbitohs’ new training partner. “The fact that Virgin Blue has elected to join our corporate partnership family shows that there is growing confidence in the business community that the Rabbitohs are entering a very bright new era both on and off the field”, Mr Holmes à Court said. “There is an excellent cultural connection between the Rabbitohs and Virgin Blue. We share a similar base set of values, including a dedication to innovation and excellence. Both organisations are taking on the big guns in our respective fields and we are achieving excellent progress through innovation and commitment to staff and customers”, he added. Mr Holmes à Court says the new deal will be rewarding for all parties including Virgin Blue, the Rabbitohs and their members.