South Sydney Season 2007 Results

             (FG) Premiership     (RG) NSWRL Premier League            (U20) Jersey Flegg                 (U18) SG Ball         (U16) Harold Matthews

                                                                                          Trial Wests      Ersk               Wests      Ersk
                                                            Trial Balmain    Leic               Balmain    Leic               Balmain    Leic
                              Trial Newtown    Hens L 10-16                                     St George  Koga               St George  Koga
                                                            Trial C Coast    Masc               Syd Acadmy Narr               Syd Acadmy Narr

Trial Cronulla   Gosf L  4-22       Cronulla   Gosf L 16-32       Cronulla   Gosf L  4-20 Rd01  Illawarra  Woll L 14-36       Illawarra  Woll L 14-36 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill StAu L 14-16       St Geo-Ill StAu L  6-30                               Rd02  Newcastle  Ersk L 14-24       Newcastle  Ersk W 24-10 
                                                                                          Rd03  Parramatta Ersk L 22-26       Parramatta Ersk L  6-22 
Rd01  Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 18-6        BYE                           Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 26-22 Rd04  St George  Ersk L 12-20       St George  Ersk W 18-12 
Rd02  Parramatta StAu W 31-6        Parramatta TGMi L  4-38       Parramatta StAu L 22-42 Rd05  Wests      Camp L 22-48       Wests      Camp L 30-38 
Rd03  Cronulla   Ende W 26-16       Cronulla   Ende W 28-12       Cronulla   Ende W 30-22 Rd06  C Coast    Ming W 22-20       C Coast    Ming L 12-48 
Rd04  Bulldogs   StAu L 10-34       Balm-Ryde  NSO  W 13-6        Canterbury StAu L  0-36 Rd07  Norths     NSO  W 28-8        Norths     NSO  L 32-8  
Rd05  Newcastle  Gosf L 22-23       Canberra   Kipp L 10-38       Newcastle  Gosf L  6-24 Rd08  Syd Rstrs  Ersk L 24-32       Syd Rstsrs Ersk W 28-10 
Rd06  Nth Qld    Town W 10-6        Newcastle  NISC W 20-16       Norths     NSO  W 10-8  Rd09  Balmain    Leic L 22-30       Balmain    Leic L 12-46 
Rd07  NZ Warrior StAu L 16-18       Auckland   NSO  W 46-10       Balmain    StAu L 18-28
Rd08  Brisbane   Lang L  4-8        BYE                           C Coast    Ming W 54-24
Rd09  Canberra   StAu L 10-16       Bulldogs   NSO  L 22-24       Canberra   StAu D 16-16
Rd10  BYE                           Newtown    NSO  L 18-24       Parramatta Parr L 10-34
Rd11  Gold Coast Carr L 18-25       Manly      Brok L 22-42       Wests      Coog L 18-22
Rd12  Melbourne  Olym L 10-26       St Geo-Ill Koga L 16-34       Balmain    Leic W 36-16
Rd13  Penrith    StAu W 14-4        Penrith    NSO  Pstpnd        Penrith    StAu Pstpnd 
Rd14  Manly      Brok L  2-14       Wests      Camp L 32-35       Manly      Brok W 26-6 
Rd15  Cronulla   StAu W 16-12       Cronulla   NSO  W 31-12       BYE                     GibSh Cronulla  StAu W  8-4 
Rd16  Newcastle  NISC W 28-25       Newcastle  NISC L 22-34       Canberra   Bruc L 16-32                    
Rd17  Melbourne  Gosf L  8-12       BYE                           Wests      Camp W 28-24
Rd18  Parramatta Parr L 12-18       Canberra   Bruc W 30-26       BYE
                              Rd13  Penrith    NSO  W 34-16
Rd19  Nth Qld    StAu W 20-14       Parramatta NSO  W 28-18       Manly      StAu L 16-18
Rd20  Gold Coast StAu W 20-14       Wests      NSO  W 58-14       Cronulla   StAu L 16-18
Rd21  Penrith    Penr L 16-32       Penrith    Penr W 56-30       Penrith    Penr L  6-32
                                                            Rd13  Penrith    Marc L  6-22
Rd22  St Geo-Ill Woll W 24-14       St Geo-Ill Woll L 24-34       BYE
Rd23  Manly      StAu W 24-18       Manly      NSO  W 24-22       Syd Rstrs  Ersk W 21-20
Rd24  Wests-Tig  Leic W 37-12       Balm-Ryde  Leic W 40-22       Newcastle  NISC W 28-22
Rd25  Syd Rstrs  StAu L 12-26       Bulldogs   NSO  W 34-6        C Coast    StAu W 36-24

QF    Manly      Brok L  6-30       Newcastle  NISC W 26-0        Penrith    Penr L  4-54
                              SF    Penrith    Leic W 24-20
                              F     Balm-Ryde  Camp W 22-16
                              GF    Parramatta StAu L 15-20

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Season 2007 News

Firepower 2007-9 Home Sponsorship
Rabbitoh's Cricket Fan Day
Rabbitohs Matches at Gosford
Rabbitohs Legends Lounge
Auckland Lions Join NSW Premier League
NRL Rule Changes in 2007
Dein Perry Joins Rabbitohs as Game Day and Special Events Producer
Virgin Blue 2007-8 Training Sponsorship
WA Reds return into Jim Beam Cup
Kidwell and Cusack Named Co-captains for 2007
Rabbitohs Introduce New Management Structures
High Concept by Trivest 2007-8 Away Sponsorship and Chalmers St Building Refurbishment
NRL Blocks Tuqiri Signing
Riverina Fresh Reggie Rabbit Sponsorship
Multiple Recordings to Glory, Glory
Telstra NRL Naming Rights Sponsorship
South Sydney Member Co. 1st Annual General Meeting
South Sydney Leagues Club Shuts for Refurbishment
ARL High School Arive Alive Cup Sponsorship
Telstra Stadium Rabbitohs Members Bar and Post Match Function
Joe Kelly Appointed Rabbitohs CFO
Fa'alogo 2008-11 Contract Extension
Rabbitohs HQ and South Sydney Football Club Offices Relocation
Open Letter to John Sattler
National U20s Youth Cup Starts in 2008
NSWRL Competition Restructures
Asotasi, Fa'alogo New Zealand ANZAC Test Selections
Asotasi New Zealand Test Captain Selection
Paea, Pettybourne NSW U19 Selections
John Hutchinson appointed Player Development Manager
Rabbitohs and CFMEU Working Together Again
NFL College Coach Lloyd Carr visits Redfern
South Sydney Football Club continues to build corporate partnership base
Gordon, Pettybourne, Paea Contract Extensions
Rabbitohs Breach 2006 Salary Cap
Reynolds, Walsh NSW U17 Selections
Rabbitohs, Sydney FC in Stadium Build talks
Champion 2008-9 Contract Extension
Lowe Brothers United, Greenfield Returns
Rabbitohs 1 year of Privatisation
Redfern Oval under Construction
Rabbitohs - Leeds Form Partnership
Peachey retires at End of Season
Windsor joins NSW Premier League in 2008
Kidwell Season Over
Wing Returns Home and Signs for 2008-11
Stuart 2008 Contract Extension
Souths call for Rugby League Summit
Churchill, Wells, Harwick selected in ARL Team of the 1950s
Crowe loves Dean Widders
Leeds Partnership - McLennan Visits
South Side Story - TV Documentry
Souths On The Buses
News Ltd sells North Queensland Cowboys
Community and Rabbitohs to share Redeveloped Redfern Oval
Asotasi, Kidwell, Luke, Smith New Zealand Selections
Paea Called Up into NZ All Golds Tour Squad
2007 South Sydney Player Awards
Souths dump Firepower sponsorship
Richardson departs as Rabbitohs CEO, Joe Kelly Appointed interim CEO
Rabbitohs dissolve Brisbane Easts Partnership
NRL Annual Football Conference
Cusack Released for 2008
Asotasi NZRL Player of the Year
Rabbitohs Twenty 20 Cricket Team ?
Juniors Representative McCraw steps down from SSFC Board
SSLC Says No To Pokies
Irvine Retires
South Sydney Member Co. 2nd Annual General Meeting
Rabbitohs 2007 Salary Cap Breach