South Sydney Leagues Clubs Shuts During Construction

17th March 2007

"The revitalization of the South Sydney Leagues Club has begun." Leagues Club chairman, Bill Alexiou-Hucker outlined in a letter to SSLC members.

With the Club back in the management of the Board we can concentrate on the refurbishment of the Leagues Club to coincide with the 'Return to Redfern 2008' project. Return to Redfern 2008 is a joint project of the Leagues Club and Football Club with a view to having Redfern Oval, the Chalmers Street building and the Leagues Club renovated and redeveloped, to be ready for the commencement of the 2008 season. Excitingly the NRL has earmarked Redfern Oval as the location for the launch of its centenary year, 2008. This is a great honour for South Sydney, the Football and Leagues Club Boards and we are now focusing our energies on ensuring we are well prepared for this prestigious honour. As you may be aware the redevelopment of the Leagues Club building will be a major project as it will also be coinciding at a time when work commences on Redfern Oval. Your Board is aware of the inconvenience this may cause members of the Leagues Club; however we are working closely with all parties to expedite the Return to Redfern 2008 project.

The Football Club has already intimated that they will be vacating the building soon to allow the builders to commence preparing the building for this exciting redevelopment. To the disappointment of the Board and after lengthy professional advice it is clear that the Leagues Club will also need to close during the period of redevelopment.

The issues considered on reaching this decision include, but are not limited to -

  • The safety to members and Club employees during the construction period
  • The health of patrons and employees during the construction period
  • Council requirements for the safety and health of patrons and staff
  • Public liability issues during the construction period
  • Financial cost to the Leagues Club through loss of trading
  • Delays in the completion of the project if a tenant remains in the building
  • The security of the Club?s premises and patrons during construction
  • Prior to closing the doors we will ensure that suitable alternative amenities will be provided for use by the members.

    The South Sydney Football Club fully supports the decision of the South Sydney Leagues Club Board to cease operations of the Leagues Club during the time of redevelopment. The South Sydney Leagues Club Board decided that it would be in the best interest of the Club to stop trading for the next 12 months on the grounds of health, safety, security, finances and public liability. Rabbitohs Executive Chairman Peter Holmes Court said, "We fully support the decision of Bill Alexiou and his Board to cease trading while the redevelopment takes place." "It was a difficult decision for the Leagues Club Board to make however it was necessary to ensure that the timetable set to turn South Sydney Leagues Club into one of Sydney best Club's by March 2008 was met. It was the only responsible decision the Board could make in terms of the financial status of the Club during this period, taking into account the safety and health of the people surrounding the Leagues Club. The Leagues Club redevelopment will coincide with the completion of the new $20 million facility being built at Redfern Oval, with the Return to Redfern due for March 2008."

    The redeveloped South Sydney Leagues Club building, being developed by High Concept by Trivest, will feature the Rabbitohs Football Offices, a Rabbitohs Hall of Fame, Rabbitohs merchandise and other retail facilities, a public gymnasium, commercial office space, and 1500 square metres for the South Sydney Leagues Club organisation.

    South Sydney Leages Club 1500 sqm Fitout Plan