NRL Players Conference

21st November 2007

Rabbitohs Head Coach Jason Taylor says that player safety was the primary point of discussion at the annual NRL Football Conference held at Coogee Beach today (Tuesday). All NRL coaches were joined by players and officials from the 16 Clubs to discuss the issues surrounding the playing of the game. Taylor said that the issues of wrestling and the safety of players' heads and necks was the centre of today's discussions, with the interchange rule being further investigated. "It was a really worthwhile day and there was some good discussion around protecting our players," Taylor said at the conclusion of the day's proceedings. "We spoke about wrestling in the tackle and a decision was made to outlaw any extended contact with the head or neck. "Now, if you make any contact with the head or the neck for a significant period of time the player will be penalised.

"We also talked about reducing the number of interchanges to 10, down from 12, using the four replacement players and a proposal is being put together regarding this issue. "There was a lot said and done with regards to protecting players, with a lot of talk about wrestling and protecting kickers, charge downs, etc. "It was good to be involved in the discussions and it's good to know that the NRL value our input." Taylor was joined by Peter Cusack and Football Manager Tony Henderson at the conference.