South Sydney Member Co. 2nd Annual Meeting

16th March 2008

Member Co. Board Elections

The existing South Sydney Member Co. Board was overwhelmingly returned at the Annual General Meeting at Redfern Town Hall on Sunday March 16. Directors James Hatfield, Nikolas Hatzistergos, Ray Martin, Nicholas Pappas and Kenneth Stewart were re-elected. The Member Co. constitution provides that the two highest ranking directors in the ballot take the two Member Co. seats on the Football Club Board. Therefore Nicholas Pappas and Nikolas Hatzistergos will serve on the Football Club board. The Football Club thanks Ray Martin for his services to the Football Club board over the past year and look forward to his ongoing involvement on the Member Co board and as always a strong supporter of Football Club activities and its initiatives in the community through Souths Cares.

The Member Co. Board protects the heritage elements of the Club, as well as being a voice for the Members on the Football Club Board.

South Sydney Member Company 2nd Annual Report