South Sydney Season 2008 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership         (RG) VB NSW Cup     (U20)NYC Toyota Cup                 (U18)SG Ball       (U16)Harold Matts

Tour  Leeds      Jack L 24-26                                                Trial Wests      Hill         Wests      Hill
                                                                             Trial Balmain    Ersk         Balmain    Ersk
                                                                             Trial Norths     Pion         Norths     Pion
                              Pacific Is Seft W 48-0 
                                                                              Rd01 Penrith    Penr L 12-14 Penrith    Penr L 14-26 
Trial Cronulla   Gosf W 44-0  Cronulla   Gosf D 12-12 Cronulla   Gosf L 14-26 Rd02 Canberra   Seif W 46-24 Canberra   Seif L 20-28 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill StAu W 24-20 Wests      Leic L 18-28 St Geo-Ill StAu L 30-34 Rd03 Cronulla   Hens W 22-14 Cronulla   Hens L 28-18 
                                                                              Rd04 Manly      Brok W 38-22 Manly      Brok W 32-18 
Rd01  Syd Rstrs  StAu L 20-34 Wests      Conc W 44-36 Syd Rstrs  StAu L 10-14 Rd05 W Syd Acad Ersk W 76-12 W Syd Acad Ersk W 52-6  
Rd02  Bulldogs   StAu L 12-25 Manly      TGMi W 28-20 Bulldogs   StAu L 24-26 Rd06 Norths     TGMi W 34-16 Norths     TGMi W 26-8  
Rd03  Penrith    Penr L 22-26 Windsor    Wind W 30-18 Penrith    Penr L 24-30 Rd07 Illawarra  Woll W 36-22 Illawarra  Woll L 12-38 
Rd04  Manly      Brok L  2-20 C Coast    Kanw W 30-20 Manly      Brok W 36-22 Rd08 Gold Coast Robi L 20-26 SWSyd Acad Camp W 36-22 
Rd05  Cronulla   StAu L 10-12 Wntwrthvll Ring W 24-20 Cronulla   StAu W 30-16 Rd09 Bulldogs   Ersk L 28-32 Bulldogs   Ersk L 12-26 
Rd06  Wests-Tig  SCG  L 10-30 Newtown    NSO  W 22-12 Wests-Tig  SCG  L 12-26 Rd10 BYE                     BYE 
Rd07  Brisbane   Lang L 18-32 Balm-Ryde  NSO  W 42-16 Brisbane   Lang W 28-16 Rd11 Balmain    Ersk W 36-26 Balmain    Ersk W 44-10 
Rd08  Nth Qld    StAu W 28-24                         Nth Qld    StAu W 40-10 QF   Syd Rstrs       L 16-40 Newcastle       L 20-28 
Rd09  BYE                     Auckland   NSO  W 48-18 BYE
Rd10  Canberra   StAu L 10-38 C Coast    NSO  W 52-12 Canberra   StAu W 38-12
Rd11  Melbourne  Gosf L 10-15                         Melbourne  Gosf W 36-14
Rd12  St Geo-Ill StAu L 12-26 Bulldogs   NSO  W 24-6  St Geo-Ill StAu L 28-30
Rd13  Warriors   MtSm W 35-28                         Warriors   MtSm L  4-31
Rd14  BYE                     Newtown    Hens W 46-12 BYE
Rd15  Gold Coast StAu W 24-23 Balm-Ryde  Leic D 30-30 Gold Coast StAu L 20-36
Rd16  Nth Qld    Town W 29-28                         Nth Qld    Town D 18-18
Rd17  Bulldogs   StAu W 34-30 Cronulla   Ende L 24-28 Bulldogs   StAu D 29-29
Rd18  Parramatta StAu W 32-20 Cntrl Newc NSO  W 42-18 Parramatta StAu W 38-22
Rd19  Wests-Tig  StAu L 12-36 Auckland   MSm2 W 54-16 Wests-Tig  StAu L 14-26
Rd20  Newcastle  NISC L 12-39 Wntwrthvll NSO  L 20-28 Newcastle  NISC L 12-32
Rd21  Warriors   StAu W 18-16 Wests      NSO  L 26-38 Warriors   StAu L 20-26
Rd22  Cronulla   Ende L 14-28 Manly      Brok L 14-24 Cronulla   Ende W 39-30
Rd23  Manly      StAu W 40-32 Windsor    NSO  W 40-38 Manly      StAu W 46-30
Rd24  Canberra   StAu L 25-40 Bulldogs   Crst W 40-18 Canberra   StAu W 40-28
Rd25  Syd Rstrs  SFS  L 20-22 Cntrl Newc NISC W 50-20 Syd Rstrs  SFS  L  6-40
Rd26  Melbourne  Olym L  4-42 Cronulla   NSO  L 22-34 Melbourne  Olym W 26-20

                        QF    Balm-Ryde  NSO  L 18-31
                        SF    Wests      Camp L  8-36

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Season 2008 News

Virgin Blue 2007-8 Training Sponsorship
High Concept by Trivest 2007-8 Away Sponsorship
Telstra NRL Naming Rights Sponsorship
National U20s Youth Cup Starts in 2008
Redfern Oval under Construction
Wing Returns Home and Signs for 2008-11
Stuart Contract Extension for 2008
Alan Wilson Appointed NYC Coach
Centenary Season Launch
Mario Fenech new Membership Ambassador
Australian Rugby League Centenary Coin
Rabbitohs Announce 2008 Squad
Barnes, Tamanika Sign for 2008
2008 Training Kicks Off
2008 Lower Grade Squads
Telstra Stadium renamed ANZ Stadium
Rabbitohs Launch new Website platform
Rabbitohs Centenary Events
2008 NRL Rule Adjustments
Centenary Celebrations Kickoff
Kidwell/Asotasi 2008 Co-Captains
Rabbitohs Admin Management Restructure
NRL Centenary Fan Day
Rabbitohs Florida Tour Itinerary
Sydney Tourism Sponsorship
Ndaira Signs for 2008 Season
Taylor Coaching Contract Extension 2008-10
Rabbitohs Centenary 1908-2008
Fa'alogo Sent Home from Florida and Fined
NRL Rugby League Reconcilliation Action Plan
Stadium Australia Rabbitohs Home for 10 Years 2008-2017
Possible Return to Perth
Rabbitohs on Hunt for Major Sponsors
Rabbitohs Centenary Season Launch
100 Greatest Players of Century
NYC Toyota Cup Ground Breaking TV Deal
Fa'alogo Suspension Internationals Don't Count
Sutton 2009-11 Contract Extension
Hegarty Stood Down by Peers
South Sydney Past Players Association formed
Camp Rabbitoh established in Coffs Harbour
Merritt 2009-11 Contract Extension
NRL Centenary Season Launch
NAB 2008-10 Home Sponsorship
Rabbitohs Book of Feuds
South Sydney Member Co. 2nd Annual General Meeting
[yellowtail] Three-Year Corporate Wine Sponsorship
Talanoa 2009-10 Contract Extension
Lewis Signs for 2009-11
Churchill, Coote, Gibson Australian Team of the Century Selections
Sutton City Origin Selection
Rabbitohs 2007 Salary Cap Breach
4 Players Stood Down, Kidwell loses co-captaincy
Asotasi, Luke, Fa'alogo, Kidwell New Zealand Centenary Test Selections
Churchill NSW Country Team of the Century Selection
Possible Return to Perth
South Sydney Juniors Team of the Century
Churchill, Coote, Gibson NSW Team of the Century Selections
SSFC Financial Concerns
Richardson Appointed CEO, Pappas Chairman, Lang Football Consultant
Rabbitohs and Souths Cares Provide Answers on Souths Cares Funding
Capewell, Sandow 2009-10 Contract Extensions
Lewis Pre-June 30 Contract Backflip
De'Longhi Away Corporate Sposnorship for rest of 2008
Rogers Released Immediately
Best Signs for 2009-10
McPherson, Ben Lowe 2009-10 Contract Extensions
Stuart 2009 Contract Extension
Rabbitohs Members Fan Forum Discontinued
QRL New Junior Structure for 2009
Lang Joins Football Management Team
Wesser Signs for 2009-10
CEO Shane Richardson's Open Letter to Members
Wing Selected in Australian RLWC Provisional Squad
7 Rabbitohs Selected in New Zealand RLWC Preliminary Squad
Vagana Selected in Samoa RLWC Preliminary Squad
5 Rabbtohs Selected in Tonga RLWC Preliminary Squad
Simms Selected in Indigenous Team of the Century
Manly leave NSW Cup and join Qld Cup in 2009
McCarthy, Coote, O'Neill, Fahey selected in 1970s Team of the Decade
Rabbitohs Announce 2009 Camp Rabbitohs Trial
NRL to Trial 11-man Game and Kick Rules
Redfern Park and Oval Re-Opens
Sandow Wins NRL Indigenous Rising Star - George Green Medal
7 Rabbtohs Selected in Indigenous Dreamtime Preliminary Squad
De'Longhi and Virgin-Blue 2009 Sponsorship Extension
Sandow NYC Halfback of the Year
Rabbitohs named as a National Treasure
Return to Redferm Members Only Trial in 2009
Sandow wins Dally M Rookie of the Year
McQueen Signs for 2009
Perth Match Confirmed for 2009
Wing PMXIII Selection
ARL Compulsary Grand Final Man of The Match Winners Honoured
2008 South Sydney Player Awards
RLWC 2008 Rabbitoh Selections
2008 Indigeneous Dreamtime Selections
Hegarty Released
Luke wins 2008 NZRL Rookie of the Year
South Sydney Member Co. 3rd Annual General Meeting