2024 - The Cyber View from the Hill

1st May 2024

Lack of Air Defence and Goodbye JD

What a week! The loss in Melbourne resulted in our first coach sacked in 21 years, mid season. Our demise has been astronomical in the last 12 months from first to last, with issues continuing to compund every week. This week, we played a top 4 team and they exposed our lack of air defence, as the opposition scored tries were scored at will through kicks. After offloading at will. Now to play the premiers mid week, with a new coach who has 2 days to prepare.

Koloamatangi at prop

This week Keaon was given a job of moving into prop, a transition he has done across each lower grades. He had a strong game in this move. Will this move be a sign of things to come.

Makelim returns

It has been a while back Zac Makelim returned this week, and he was a instant sensation in reserve grade with his speed around the rocks causing havoc and resulting in a try. Lets hope he can keep this uup.

Laefa strong game

Jarvis Laefa has made a impact with his debut in our U21s. He has come in with a strong running game, and scored a good try to open the game. I am looking forward to seeing more of him.

Rabbitohs Board Room Standoff

In a crazy day, speculation went into overdrive after another poor result on the weekend. On Sunday JD was informed that a recommendation to the board for his termination would be made. Tuesday morning we saw a early morning board meeting, which went for a number of hours wth no decision made. JD then did the day's training with no decision again by 5pm. Then another board meeting was called and at 7pm the decision was finally made. JD bravely fronted the media for three days before the final decision was made. He earned a lot of respect for how professionally he handled himself. Change was needed, and in hindsight the wrong call was last season. Now to being the healing process.

Round 8 - Stat Attack

Statistically it was poor game. Completions were steady at 84% again this week. Errors improved to 8 from 11 last week. We gave away 7 penalties and 3 6-again calls from 4 last week. Souths Effective 1st tackle dropped to a poor level of 38.5m from 30.3m last week. Our missed tackles improved but still at a very poor level of 42 from 45 last week. Opposition offloads dropped to 17 from 9 last week. Our worst all season.

Looking at our left side defence - Gagai-Wighton-Walker-Host (1-4-3-2) improved to 10 from 15 missed tackles last week. On the right side Milne-Tass-Hawkins-CheeKam (2-1-4-3) improved to 10 from 13 last week. Ruck defence Koloamatangi/Havili-Cook/Mamouzelos-Burgess/Arrow/Moale-Murray/Havili (4-8-7-3) dropped to 22 from 14 missed tackles last week. Our worst all year.

Our go forward dropped to 1394m from 1751m last week. With our props made a very poor 314m compared to 501m last week. Arrow, JGray and Wighton made 10+m per run. Kolamatangi, Murray, JGray, Wighton and Gagai made 100+m in the match. Defensively Murray was our best in the tackling raking up 40 tackles. Moale and JGray didn't miss a tackle.

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Rd05  Warriors   StAu L  4-34
Rd07  BYE
Rd08  Melbourne  MRSt L 20-54

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Rd06  BYE
Rd07  Wests-Tig  Bath W 22-6
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Recent South Sydney v Penrith Results

2021 Rd11  Dubb L 12-56 10,824 G.Atkins
2021 Rd23  LngS L 12-25  8,848 G.Atkins
2021 MPSF  NQSt W 16-10 18,244 G.Sutton
2021 GF    LngS L 12-14 39,322 G.Sutton
2022 Rd04  Penr L 12-26 20,521 A.Klien
2022 Rd23  StAu L 22-26 15,206 A.Gee
2022 MF    StAu L 12-32 50,034 A.Klien
2023 Rd02  Penr L 10-16 16,906 G.Atkins
2023 Rd08  StAu W 20-18 19,548 G.Sutton

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