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5th June 2024

A week off to assess

2024 has been a crazy season so far for. Injuries continue to plague our season, as we lost Host and Thompson, this week. And to compund the issue our backup depth are also injured. After a good win and the bye, this week we finally had the luxury of dropping a player, but many have been out so long their return to first grade is going to be like a controlled set of trials. Its now off to our trip to the Gold Coast in a game that is a must win game to avoid the wooden spoon. We are still in the hunt for season 2024, but need 12 more wins.

Kennar returns

We continue to struggle in the backline, while Tass, Graham, Munro and now Thompson are out. This week Kennar steps up into the centres. We wish him the best of luck in his return to first grade.

Ryan Gray and Chanfoon double

It was a strong win on the weekend in reserve grade in the heavy conditions. One stand out was Ryan Gray who played his best game for the club scoring two tries and setting up another with a clever grubber kick in goal. Out wide we also saw Maila Chanfoon enjoy the wet conditions scoring two tries. A lot of players are gaining a lot of experiance in these tough times, with 17 first and reserve grade squad members out.

Lole Ngarima steps up

A few new faces in our Jersey Flegg U21 team this week. This year we have had a number of players step up from our U19 squad and this week its Jahream Lole Ngarima. Looking forward to seeing him on the field this week.

Injury Epidemic

2024 more than any other year is going to remembered as a year of ongoing injuries and lack of up and coming juniors. Looking at the injury epidemic, is not just back luck. Getting a calf injury has occrred so often it has been a running joke in 2024 with fans. There is a beleif that the soft modern grounds are contributing. But this isn't the only factors at play. Preperation, injury diagnosis, recovery plans and rushing players back is playing a big part too. The club is still struggling in how it deals with this issue, as it struggles to field squads every week.

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Round 14 Preview

Recent 2024 Form - South Sydney (17th)

Rd11  Nth Qld    LngS L 22-28
Rd12  Parramatta StAu W 42-26
Rd13  BYE

Recent 2024 Form - Gold Coast (14th)

Rd11  Newcastle  LngS L 24-28
Rd12  Brisbane   LngS W 36-34
Rd13  BYE

Recent South Sydney v Gold Coast Results

2021 Rd07  Robi W 40-30 17,383 C.Sutton
2021 Rd22  Robi W 36-6   4,117 A.Gee
2022 Rd14  Robi W 30-16 14,290 A.Gee
2023 Rd14  Robi W 46-28 18,736 L.Kennedy

Recent Referee Performance - Chris Sutton

First Grade                                            Pe    6A   SB OR SO
2021 Rd10  Cronulla   LngS W 32-22 45,155 Referee      6-2   1-3   1  -  - :
2022 Rd12  Wests-Tig  StAu W 44-18 13,585 Referee      2-4   4-1   -  -  - :
2023 Rd04  Manly      StAu W 13-12 18,379 Referee      4-7   2-3   -  -  - :

              M   W  D   L      : PeW PeD PeL PeF PeA      : 6AW 6AD 6AL 6AF 6AA      : SB OR SO
v Gold Coast  1   1  -   - 100% :   -   -   1   4   5  44% :   1   -   -   5   3  63% :  -  -  -

Selected Round 14 teams

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