2024 - The Cyber View from the Hill

3rd July 2024

Competition Leaders for last 6 Rounds

A interesting competition table has emerged of the NRL competition for the last 6 rounds. South Sydney with 4 wins and 2 byes are outright competition leaders for the last 6 weeks. Our bounce back has been significant, but will mean little if we don't keep going for 2024, as we are still 4 points out of the Top 8. Now for Parramatta away, which will be tough as usual. 9 more wins to make the finals, as the run home begins.

Long Term Injuries

Long term injuries still define our season. With Graham, Tatola, Ilias, Munro reported to be out for the rest of the year. And this week it was announced that Arrow will go in for surgery in two weeks also. I have not seen a season with so many long term injuries, but it is good to see the club make sure players start recovery properly rather than rushing them back.

Tsikrikas double

Unfashionable big prop Billy Tsikrikas has been a playing consistently since returning from early season injury. On the weekend he was rewarded for his hard work when he scored his first ever career double on the weekend. Well done big fella.

Kaho double

Carson Kaho continues to run well at centre. His move closer to the action is paving dividends as he once again ran the the lines to score a try after receiving good ball from his inside men. He scored another double. It looks like centre is his best postion.

20 Team Framework

Lots of discussion during the week on the makeup of the competition going forward in a meeting by the ARL commission just before State of Origin. It is now looking very likely that we will see the 18th team added for season 2027 with expansion to 20 by 2030, in line with up coming TV deals. Going to 18 teams will remove the 3 bye situation. Getting to 20 teams could result in a 28 round competition with no byes. State of Origin scheduling is soemthing that will need to be put on the agenda also as we head towards 20 teams.

News This Week

Myers signs for remainder of 2024 amd 2025

Round 18 Preview

Recent 2024 Form - South Sydney (14th)

Rd15  Brisbane   StAu W 22-12
Rd16  Manly      StAu W 14-0 
Rd17  BYE

Recent 2024 Form - Parramatta (16th)

Rd15  Syd Rstrs  WSS  L 18-28
Rd16  BYE
Rd17  Newcastle  NISC L 26-34

Recent South Sydney v Parramatta Results

2021 Rd12  StAu W 38-20 20,743 G.Sutton
2021 Rd21  Robi W 40-12      0 A.Klien
2022 Rd16  StAu W 30-12 10,102 B.Cummins
2022 Rd22  WSS  W 26-0  22,958 G.Atkins
2023 Rd12  SFS2 L 16-36 27,432 A.Klein
2024 Rd12  StAu W 42-26 15,202 C.Butler

Recent Referee Performance - Liam Kennedy

First Grade                                            Pe    6A   SB OR SO
2023 Rd14  Gold Coast Robi W 46-28 18,736 Referee      3-4   2-0   -  -  -
2023 Rd19  Canterbury StAu L 32-36 16,166 Referee      3-6   2-2   1  1  -
2024 Rd05  Warriors   StAu L  4-34 13,184 Referee      4-6   4-1   -  2  -

              M   W  D   L      : PeW PeD PeL PeF PeA      : 6AW 6AD 6AL 6AF 6AA      : SB OR SO
v Parramatta  never

Selected Round 18 teams

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