South Sydney Rabbitohs Related RL Head Office Rule Changes and News

Here is a history of NSWRL, ARL, NRL, RLIF head office rule changes or related news items that have effected the South Sydney DRLFC or competitions that the club has particpated in.

Season 2015

NRL 2015 Salary Cap Changes
NRL 9s Rule Adjustments - Shot Clock and Bonus Zone Try
NRL 2015 Concussion Policy Strengthened
NRL Round 13 Contract Rule Altered to Nov 1 and 10 day Cooling Off Period
NRL 2016 Interchanges Reduced to 8
NRL Shoulder Charge Rule Adjusted
NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal

Season 2016

ARLC Central Command Center for 2016 - The Bunker
RLIF Launches Strategic Plan
NRL 2016 Salary Cap Adjustments
NRL 2018-22 Broadcast Agreement
NRL Lower Grade Blueprint for the Future
RLIF 2016 update to laws and regulations
Greenburg Appointed NRL CEO
NRL MRC To Announce Charges within 24 hours
Extra Time Returns for Finals
Captains Challenge Trialled

Season 2017

RLIF 2016 5 year Residency Qualification Change
RLIF 2016 International Eligability Changes
NRL National Footy Facilities Fund
NRL 2018 NYC Replaced by Two State Competitions
NRL New LeagueStart U6/7 Junior Rules
NSWRL Junior Transfer Policy
NSWRL Junior Club Conference Proposal
NRL Clubs 2018-21 Funding Agreement
NRL Bans Mobile Phones From Dressing Rooms
NRL Judicary Reform and Fines Introduced
NRL Shoulder Charge Rule Adjustment
NRL Changes to Bunker Review Process
NRL Changes Team Announcement Process
Central Coast RL adopt Roosters moniker
NRL Bans NYC and Exotic Betting Options
NRL Dally M Medal Voting Process Changes
NRL Acquires Immortals concept
RLIF 2018 Emerging Nations World Championship
RLIF 2021 RLWC Qualifiication Process
NRL NRL Introduces Slapping Sin Bin
NRL Clarifies 2016 Finances
NRL Suspends 9s Carnival and All Star Matches in 2018
NRL Introduces Football Operations Cap for 2018

Season 2018

NSWRL Centre of Excellence construction begins
NRL and RLPA Agree to Collective Bargaining Agreement and Salary Cap for 2018-22
Inglis joins 2018 NRL Competition Committee
NRL Launchs Womens Premiership for 2018
NRL and RLPA Agree to End 10-day Cooling Off Period
2018 NSWRL Womens RL Expansion, new W-U16 Carnival
RLIF obtains GAISF Observer Status
NSWRL Re-Introduces U20 Jersey Flegg Cup in 2018
NRL Adjusts Stripping Rule for 2018
NRL Developed Players 10% Salary Cap Discount
NRL Revises Hall of Fame
NRL Launches 2018-22 Strategic Plan
NRL Launches Womens NRL
NRL Launches NRL Touch Football Premiership
NRL Adjusts Dummy-Half Deliberate Passing into Tackler Ruling for 2018
NRL Introduces Foul Play Sin Bin Immediately in 2018
NRL Introduces Representative Injury Salary Cap Releif in 2018
NSWRL and NSW-CRL to Re-Merge in 2021

Season 2019

RLIF 2019 World 9s
NRL 2019 Rule Adjustments - Shot Clock Reduced
ARLC Introduces No-Fault Standown Policy in 2019
RLIF Independent Directors Board Restructure
NRL 2019 Finals Venue Changes - Return of Suburban Venues