South Sydney District Rugby League Club Formed

17th January 1908

The work of the organisation, which the officials of the NSWRL commenced in the Glebe Town Hall, continues to meet with success. Clubs have been formed at Glebe(Jan 9) and Newtown(Jan 14). Another meeting was held in the Redfern Town Hall, with the building packed, many being unable to gain admission.

The chairman, Mr H. Hoyle outlined the many disadvantages that players now laboured under. Under the new league the players would receive every consideration and have direct representation on the central committee. He also objected to the word professional being used in connection with the new body. It had not been applied to cricketers, and he did not know why it should be heard because the League, although not yet 12 months old, had arranged to send a team to England, but the Union, though it was 30 years old, had not yet received a positive assurance that its team was going.

Mr J.J.Giltinan, NSWRL secretary mentioned that some very valuable trophies had been promised.

On the motion of Mr. Arthur Hennessy, seconded by Mr. William Cann, it was unanimously decided to form a South Sydney District Club, to be affiliated with the New South Wales Rugby League.

The following were elected as office bearers: -

Patron - Mr. J.C. Watson M.P.
President - Mr. Harry Clement Hoyle
Vice Presidents - Messrs Peacock, W.C. White, Perry, Brackenrigg, Dr P.W.Langton and J.Fitzgibbon
Representative on the league committee - Mr. Arthur S. Hennessy
Joint Hon. Secretaries - Messrs F.Peters and P.Failon
Hon. Treasurer - Mr. S. George Ball
Committee - Messrs W.Cann, E.Fry, J.Cochrane, J.Davis, C.Hill

Many of those present became members of the new club.

In a historic "Founding Fathers" photo from December 1955
Back Row: Billy Cann, Johnny McGrath
Front Row: George Ball, Arthur Hennessy, Ed 'Son' Fry

In the wake of the meeting Souths newly appointed officials campaigned hard throughout the district to attract players. Fliers were circulated -

"SOUTH SYDNEY - all footballers in this district should join this club for these reasons; play for yourself and your clubs' advantage or play for the Union to their advantage, and no return to yourself. Savee?"