South Sydney Season 1908 Results

             (FG) Premiership             (2G) Premiership        (3G) Premiership                      Juniors
Trial Poss v Prb Bota W  9-8 
Trial Easts      Rosb D  6-6 
Trial Easts      RASG W 11-6       Easts      RASG L  8-13
Trial Norths     Bota D  3-3       Norths     Bota        
Trial Newcastle  Went W 22-6       Enfield    Bota   Abndd Drummoyne  Bota   Abndd

Rd01  Norths     Brch W 11-7       Norths     Brc2 W 15-0  Norths     Rosb W Frft 
Rd02  Wests      RASG W 42-7       Wests      Ashf W Frft  Drummoyne  Brc3 L Frft 
Rd03  Cumberland RASG W 23-2 
Rd04  Easts      RASG L 12-13      Easts      RASG L  4-13 Easts      Bota L  0-10
                                   Newtown    DBay W 11-0  Newtown    DBay L  5-7 
Rd05  Newtown    RASG W 31-3       BYE                     Glebe      Bota L  0-11
                                                                                   Exhib C Borough  RASG W 10-8 
Rd06  Glebe      Went W 21-5       Balmain    Brc3 W 25-3  Sydney     Bota L  0-19
Rd07  Newcastle  RASG W 30-11      Glebe      Bota W  2-0  Balmain    Brch L Frft 
Rd08  BYE                          Glebe      Brc3 W 20-3  
                                                                                   JRep  Balmain    RASG W  3-0 
Rd09  Balmain    Brch W 16-2       Newtown    Brch W Frft  
                              Rd10 Easts      RASG   Pspnd
Top 8 Newcastle  Went W  8-3  Rd10 Easts      Went L  3-15 
MSF   Glebe      Went W 16-3  Rd11 Norths     Went W Frft  
                              Rd12 Balmain    Brch        
F     Easts      RASG W 14-12
                                                                                   Munn Cup Final   Brch W 11-10

1908 Player & Team Statistics

1908 Representatives

Season 1908 News

South Sydney Club Proposed
Glebe DRLFC Formed
Newtown DRLFC Formed
South Sydney DRLFC Formed
Balmain DRLFC Formed
Eastern Suburbs DRLFC Formed
Western Suburbs DRLFC Formed
North Sydney DRLFC Formed
Rugby League Growth stalls
Royal Agricutural Society Shield
South Sydney DRLFC NSWRL Affiliation
Inaugural jersey design
NSWRL 1908 Rugby League Rules
First Rugby League game
NSWRL Financial Model
Swimming Association Bans League Players
Newcastle RLFC Formed
New Zealand Tour of Australia Announced
South Sydney 1908 Squad
Maori Tour of Australia Announced
1908 Season Fixtures Announced
Cumberland DRLFC Formed
South Sydney District Junior Rugby League Association Formed
NSWRL Proposes to Fence Redfern Park
Sydney Metropolis Selections
New South Wales Selections
Australian Test Selections
Coxon Signs MidSeason
1908-09 Kangaroo Tour Selections
Manly want to join League
Cumberland DRLFC Disbanded
South Sydney DRLFC 1st Annual Meeting

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