South Sydney Junior District Rugby League Association Formed

28th March 1908

The South Sydney District (League) Rugby Football Club are running a junior competition in the district. Entries for junior competitions will be received up to 8pm on Tuesday April 7 at Picks Hotels, Dowling and Cleveland streets. The average weight for juniors is fixed at 8st. 7lb., with a maximum of 10st. 18lb., and a minimum of 7st. The entrance fee is 15s, and there will be no further expenses. Gold medals are offered for the winners, and the league will provide another set, and the winning team will compete in the inter-club competition for the Munn Cup.

South Sydney Juniors District Competition To Commence

24th April 1908

A new junior rugby league association has been formed following the formation of the Balmain Junior District Rugby League Association. The South Sydney District Junior Rugby League Association has been formed to run junior competitions in the district. The following clubs Alexandria Buccaneers, South Sydney Carlton, Waterloo Centennials and Waterloo Oaks have been Associated in the South Sydney Juniors district and will play their first matches this weekend.