South Sydney DRLFC 2nd Annual Meeting

28th Februray 1910

The South Sydney Club's second annual meeting took place on Monday evening at the Pick's Hotel. The annual report submitted by the hon. secretary Mr T.H.Peters, shows the club to be in a very flourishing condition. Souths took part in 10 competition matches last season, winning eight and being defeated by the Newcastle club by eight points to nil at Newcastle. The points scored during the season were :- for 190, against 35. The club secured the premiership of the League, winning the NSWRL medals, winning the Royal Agricultural Society's shield. The hon. treasurer, Mr S.Geo. Ball reports the finances to be in a very healthy condition.

South Sydney District Club held their second annual meeting last evening at Pick's Hotel, there being a good turn-up of both playing members and supporters. The president (Mr. H.C. Hoyle) occupied the chair, and in a brief opening address congratulated the club on the successess of the past seasons, and wished them the best of luck during the ensuing one. Incidentally he mentioned that a team was mooted for England for 1912, and thought that It would have a better opportunity, both in a financial and playing sense, than the last.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed, one item in them being that S.S.Federals be allowed to enter in second and third, grade competitions. The annual report was read, and on the motion of the president and Mr. C. White was adopted. The treasurer's balance-sheet showed that receipts from all sources were 71 1s 7d, and the expenditure 51 2s 2d, leaving a credit balance of - 19 19s 5d.

Electloin of officers was then proceeded with, there being, healthy competition for places on the several committees, especially.

President:-         Mr. H.C. Hoyle (was for the third year elected)
Vice Presidents :-  Messrs. Pick, Peters, Harrington, White, Brackenrigg, Dawkins, Jones, Larkin, Coolaham and Stanley
Secretary:-         Mr. G. Ball
Treasurer:-         Mr. McGrath
Delegates to Rugby league :- Messrs. Cann and Harrington
General committee:- Messrs. Peters, Hennessey, Cann, Harrington, A.Butler, A.B. Burge and Levison
Finance committee:- Messrs. Cann. Hennessey, A.B. Burge, Levison
                    A.Butler for the First Grade
                    Mr. H. Goodwin for the Second uud Third Grades

Messrs. Brennan (Balmaln Club) and Larkin here spoke a few word of encouragement and eulogy of the sportsman like manner in which the club had conducted its games, and the former, on behalf of his club, promised their old opponents hard and fast but friendly bouts for the coming season.

Trainer Redwood and Howell were again appointed and Messrs. Harrington and G.Wells were given the onerous duties of auditors. On tho motion of A.Hennessey the Agricultural Grounds were fixed as the training quarters, and the meeting was adjourned to Modday nlgth next.

The second annual report congratulated the club upon their excellent performances for the past two seasons. In 1908 the New South Wales Rugby League was formed and the Soutn Sydney League Club won the premiership, and with it also the handsome gold medals attached, and secured as well first 'leg-in' for the handsome and valuable New South Wales Royal Agricultural Society's shield, which has to be won three time in all. The club was only defeated once that season, by Eastern Suburbs by 1 point in the first round.

The Second and Third Grade teams of the club did only fairly well, but it was mainly through both teams having no-opportunity to settle players to attain that cohesion which is so essential in football.

The junior competition was won by Waterloo Oak Football Club, affiliated to our club, who obtained the handsome gold medals presented by the League, and at the end of the season the Oaks defeated Balmian Iona in the inter-district competition, and obtained first "leg-in" fur the handsome and valuable "Munn Cup," which trophy, like the shield, has to be won three times in all.

The past season, 1909, was also a most successful one for the South Sydney Club, they again winning the premiership of the League by forfeit from Balmain Football Club (a most regrettable incident to happen). Still, the playing members of the South Sydney Club can conscientiously wear the handsome gold medals accompaniig the premiership for the following very cogent reasons: Balmain Football Club had to defeat them twice to win, and as Balmain Football Club have never defeated South Sydney once since the inception of the League, their (Balmain's) chance of defeating us twice was, to say the very least of it, rather remote. Thus, the performance of the club to win the premiership two years in succession and to be defeated only twice, once in 1908 by Eastern Suburbs by 1 point, and once in 1909 by Newcastle by 5 points, was extremely good and creditable to the players.

Six members of the club, in the persons of Messrs, T.Anderson, W.Cann, W.J.Davis, A.Hennessey, J.Rosewell, and A.Butler, went to England with the touring Kangaroo team, and all players performed creditably.

The Waterloo Oaks Football Club again won the junior competition and gold medals, and repeated their performance of the previous season by deteating Rozelle Waratahs in the final of the inter-district competition, thus securing a second "leg-in" for the "Munn Cup" a most flattering record for this club.

And now, incidentally, both senior and juniors only require one more victory in any season in the league's competition to become the absolute owners of both of those valuable trophies, tbe R.A.S. shield and the "Munn Cup" respectively.

The South Sydney Federal Football Club, affiliated, also won the Third Grade Competition and gold medals. To Mr. John M'Grath, the hon, secretary of the South Syduey Junior Union, great praise is due for the yeoman service he rendered in carrying out his arduous duties to a satisfactory conclusion.

The trainers to the club, Messr. Howell and Redwood, are also to he warmly commended for their untiring zeal and attention to the players.

The club was also strongly represented during the past season in matches against the "Maoris" and "All Blanks," and every player selected did yeoman service.

The secession of the prominent "Wallabies" from the Union ranks was a fact greatly to be grateful for in the interests of the League, as the addition of these players to the various districts must have a good and beneficial influence upon the welfare of the League.

The greatest credit must be given to the hon, treasurer, Mr. Geo. Ball who was unrelenting in his servies to the club.

23rd April 1910

South Sydney has elected as selectors A.Conlin, E.Fry and A.Butler for the season. A.Conlin is captain and J.Leveson vice-captain.