South Sydney Season 1909 Results

             (FG) Premiership        (2G) Premiership        (3G) Premiership                      Juniors

Trial Poss v Prb Rosb        
Trial Newtown    Rosb W  9-8  Newtown    Rosb D  6-6  Newtown    Rosb        
Trial Glebe      Brch W 19-0  
Trial Easts      RASG W  9-2  Easts      Brc3 L  0-9  Norths     Rosb   Abdnd

Rd01  Balmain    Brch W  4-0  Balmain    Brch L  3-8  Balmain    Rosb W  8-5        
Rd02  Newcastle  RASG W 28-9  Sydney     DBay L  5-13 Sydney     DBay L  0-28       
Rd03  Newtown    RASG W 16-2  Newtown    Brc2 W 24-0  Newtown    Ashf W  Frft       
Rd04  Easts      RASG W 22-10 Easts      DBay L  5-6  Rozelle    Rosb L  7-31       
Rd05  Glebe      RASG W 29-2  Glebe      RASG L  0-21 Glebe      Rosb               

Rd06  Wests      RASG W 34-3  Wests      RASG W Frft  BYE       
Rd07  Norths     RASG W 37-5  Norths     RASG L  5-6  Easts      Moor   Pspnd       
Rd08  Easts      RASG W 16-5                          Drummoyne  Brc2 L  2-15       
Rd09  Glebe      Went W 24-0  Glebe      RASG L  3-34 SS Federal Rosb L  0-45       
                              Easts      RASG L  0-9 
Rd10  Newcastle  NwSG L  0-5  Sydney     Brc2 L  0-60 Easts      Rosb L  Frft       

SF    Newcastle  RASG W 20-0 
                                                Exhib Easts      RASG   Pspnd
                                                                              Munn Cup         RASG W 13-3 
F     Balmain    RASG W Frft                                             Tour Newcastle        Cent W 18-12
Exhib Combind FG RASG W 18-10

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Season 1909 News

South Sydney DRLFC 1st Annual Meeting
South Sydney Adopt District Jersey
Rugby Union secures use of Redfern Oval for 1909
NSWRL Rule Adjustment
South Sydney Squad
South Sydney Federals Affiliate Club Join Rugby League
Kangaroos Welcome Home Matches Announced
South Sydney Kangaroo Representatives Welcomed Home
NSWRL Clamp down on Residency
Hennessy Retires
New Zealand Tour of Australia Announced
Maori Tour of Australia Announced
NSWRL Bans players returning to Rugby
Thomson Departs Mid Season
Kangaroos Invited to Tour New Zealand
Affiliate Club SS Federals Win Third Grade Title
Kangaroo verses Wallabies Series Announced
4th Kangaroo verses Wallabies Match Announced
Northern Union(England) Invited to Tour
Balmain Threaten FG Final Boycott
South Sydney Respond to Balmain FG Final Boycott
NSW RL Confirm South Sydney FG Premiers
Balmain Respond to South Sydney Response
Balmain Threaten Legal action
Newcastle Depart to Form Local Competition
South Sydney DRLFC 2nd Annual Meeting