2024 - The Cyber View from the Hill

24th Apr 2024

A week off to reflect

Its been a very poor start to the season with only 1 win and a bye in 7 rounds. Statistically it will be very difficult for the NRL team to recover from here. The expected coaching shakeup has started with the re-appointment of a new assitant David Funer to help our head coach. Lets see if we can improve our attitude and mental toughness. Now for our Everest, playing Melbourne in Melbourne on ANZAC Day, a very tough ask.

Tatola also injured

Our injuries continue to mount with Junior Tatola confirming he has a fractured toe. This will impact his significantly as he looks to be out for the next 12 weeks. He are hoping for a speedy recovery. I can't beleive our luck with injuries this year, while you normally have 4-8 out, we are running the season with around 8 to 12 out every week.

Brock Gray rewarded

After a consitent few seasons Brock Gray, brother of Aaron has been rewarded with the captancy of the Reserve Grade outfit. With injury tolls rising, I would not be surprised to see him called upon as teh season progresses.

Manoa Thompson Bowl

It was great to see the great Manoa Thompson at the U21s clash with the Fiji Siltails. He has been honoured by having the match being played for the Manoa Thompson Bowl. The match was a another tough contest in the wet, with Carson Kaho scoring a spectular try.

Match Day Scheduling

Match Day scheduling continues to be a ongoing issue in the NRL and NSWRL. This weekend we play Melbourne while our lower grades play Newcastle. With Melbourne having a feeder arrangement with Norths and fielding a U21 team. You have to ask why arent we playing those teams in the lower grades? We effectively have four competitions running NRL-NSWRL, NRLW, NSWRL Juniors and Second Division(Ron Massey Cup). There is a long term plan to play only NRL and NRLW on match days, which means we are seeing Reserve Grade and U21s shunted off to other venues. Each season it gets worse as the 3 game experiance is a thing of the past, with traditional rugby league fans having to choose between attending NSWRL games and watch the NRL on TV or going to the NRL games. This gets worse if you are a regional supporter who can only afford to travel once in a weekend. What's wrong with two South Sydney v Melbourne games being played in Melbourne this weekend? The quicker we get to 18 NRL teams and 18 NRLW teams, with national Reserve Grade and natonal U21s the bettter.

News This Week

Furner Joins as Rabbitohs Defensive Assistant Coach

Round 8 Preview

Recent 2024 Form - South Sydney (16th)

Rd04  Canterbury StAu W 20-16
Rd05  Warriors   StAu L  4-34
Rd07  BYE

Recent 2024 Form - Melbourne (2nd)

Rd05  Brisbane   MRSt W 34-32
Rd06  Canterbury MRSt W 16-14
Rd07  Syd Rstrs  SFS2 W 18-12

Recent South Sydney v Melbourne Results

2021 Rd01  MRSt L 18-26 11,812 G.Atkins
2021 Rd09  StAu L  0-50  7,501 G.Atkins
2022 Rd02  MRSt L 14-15 13,269 G.Sutton
2022 Rd19  StAu W 24-12 11,217 T.Smith 
2023 Rd05  StAu L 10-18 11,239 T.Smith
2023 Rd10  LngS W 28-12 50,183 A.Gee

Selected Round 8 teams

Signing off for another week - the midweek Cyber View from the Hill