South Sydney Past Results

ANZAC Day Matches

Founded 1916

Matches played on April 25, ANZAC Day since 1916.

Played 36 - Won 24 Drawn 0 Lost 12
Biggest Win  32-0   1949 Brok v Manly
Biggest Loss  0-62  1996 SFS  v Syd City
Crowd Record 44,122 2014 Lang v Brisbane
Results in Detail

1928 Brch v Balmain    W 22-10  7,000 W.Neill
1929 SSG  v Glebe      W 28-2  14,500 L.Deane
1931 Marr v Newtown    W 22-17  7,722 W.Neill
1932 Brch v Balmain    W 26-12  6,000 C.McGrath
1933 Marr v Newtown    W  9-7  10,000 W.Fry
1934 SSG  v Easts      W  3-0  10,778 L.Deane
1935 SSG  v University W 24-19  3,000 L.Baggott
1936 Earl v St George  W 11-7   6,000 P.Lee
1938 SCG  v Easts      W 21-14  9,463 T.McMahon Jnr
1939 SSG  v Wests      W  8-6   3,000 A.Davis
1940 Cumb v Wests      L 11-16  5,000 P.Lee
1949 Brok v Manly      W 32-0   5,000 J.O'Brein
1950 Redf v Norths     W 23-15  8,000 D.Lawler
1951 Brok v Manly      W 29-17  9,447 G.Bishop
1953 SCG  v St George  W 23-10 25,354 Au.Oxford
1956 Prat v Wests      W 14-1  12,411 C.Pearce
1957 Hens v Newtown    L  7-13  9,000 I.Williams
1959 Hens v Newtown    L  5-7   5,012 D.Lawler
1961 Redf v Wests      L  9-17  8,700 C.Pearce
1962 Redf v Balmain    W 23-16 12,137 C.Dimon
1963 Redf v Norths     L  9-11  8,362 K.Parkinson
1965 SSG  v Wests      W  8-4  12,463 A.Neville
1966 SCG  v Newtown    L 11-15 26,723 L.Bruyeres
1967 Redf v Newtown    L 15-17  9,843 L.Bruyeres
1968 Redf v Cronulla   W 15-9  10,651 B.Barry
1972 NSO  v Norths     W 19-14 12,897 K.Holeman
1973 SCG  v Easts      W 16-15 17,992 K.Page
1982 Redf v Wests      W 27-22 12,739 J.Gocher
1984 Leic v Balmain    L  2-16  8,362 C.Ward
1986 SCG  v Canterbury L  2-26 25,178 M.Stone
1988 Brok v Manly      W 28-14 20,532 B.Harrigan
1993 NSO  v Norths     W 20-18 11,454 E.Ward
1996 SFS  v Syd City   L  0-62 15,103 G.West
2008 Lang v Brisbane   L 18-32 34,112 J.Robinson
2010 Bruc v Canberra   W 26-24 13,145 S.Lyons/M.Cecchin
2014 Lang v Brisbane   W 28-26 44,122 G.Badger/G.Atkins

            P   W  D   L    F   A Biggest Win Crowd Record
Balmain     4   3  -   1   73  54 2005 30-6   2002 12,137
Brisbane    2   1  -   1   46  58 2014 28-26  2014 44,122
Canberra    1   1  -   -   26  24 2010 26-24  2010 13,145
Canterbury  1   -  -   1    2  26 never       1986 25,178
Cronulla    1   1  -   -   15   9 1968 15-9   1968 10,651
Glebe       1   1  -   -   28   2 1929 28-2   1929 14,500
Manly       3   3  -   -   89  31 1949 32-0   1988 20,532
Newtown     6   2  -   4   69  76 1931 22-17  1966 26,723
Norths      4   3  -   1   71  58 1950 23-15  1972 12,837
St George   2   2  -   -   34  17 1953 23-10  1953 25,354
Syd Rstrs   4   3  -   1   40  91 1938 21-14  1938 17,992
University  1   1  -   -   24  19 1935 24-19  1935  3,000
Wests       6   4  -   2   77  66 1956 14-1   1982 12,739

South Sydney Rabbitohs ANZAC Past Jerseys

In 2015, to celebrte 100 years of the Gallpoli landing, Souths wore their first ANZAC jersey. Here is a history the South Sydney ANZAC jersey

2015 - 100th ANZAC Anniversery Jersey

2017 - Camouflage ANZAC Jersey

2018 - Armed Forces Honour Roll ANZAC Jersey

2019 - Poppy ANZAC Jersey

2021 - 100th Anniversery RAAF Jersey

South Sydney Rabbitohs Servicemen - Roll of Honour

Over the years there have been a number of players who have peformed miltary service before or after playing for Souths. Here is a honour role of those players.

Abel, Johnny
Aitken, Keith
Allmond, Len     
Anderson, Eric            WWII POW in Crete
Anderson, Tommy           WWI  AIF Sargent (SERN 3676)
Anderson, Linden
Anderson, Peter Leslie    WWI
Anderson, Vic
Atkinson, Milton          WWII RAAF
Avery, Bill
Bailey, Stan 
Baker, Stan
Ball, Wilfred 
Banham, Bobby
Bartlett, Allan 
Beckett, John
Bell, William 
Bennett, Eric 
Bernhardt, Jack 
Blann, Fred 
Blinco, Jack               WWI AIF (SERN 7963)
Boardman, Claude 
Bonner, Charlie 
Booth, Bob                 WWI AIF (SERN 2498) 
Borger, Jim 
Bradley, Frank 
Bray, Eddie 
Brennen, F                 WWII 
Brooker, Walter 
Brown, Les
Burchmore, George
Burke, Ray 
Butler, Ted
Byrne, Hugh  
Byrne, Ray                  WWII 
Caffrey, Jack
Cahill, Joe
Cameron, Tom                WWII AIF
Campbell, Barry
Campbell, Les 
Carroll, Pat                WWI  AIF
Carter, Fred
Cavanough, Harry            WWI  AIF (SERN 5994) 
Clifford, Arthur
Clifford, Jack
Clifford, Jim
Cockrane, Jack              WWI  AIF (SERN 31808)
Coghlan, Bill
Colenso, Frank
Conlan, Errol
Conlon, Frank 
Conroy, Keith 
Cook, Bill
Corrick, Ralph                          
Costello, Tom            
Court, George 
Cowan, John        
Cowie, Les                  WWII AIF
Cox, Ernie 
Craigie, Eric 
Crawford, Ed 
Crawford, Ron 
Crowe, Terry                                        
Cummings, Allen 
Curran, Frank                                                
Curry, Frank                                                         
Dalton, Peter                                                     
Darmody, Bill                                                                               
Darmody, Fred               WWI 
Darmody, Frank              WWI AIF (Died in Action)
Darmody, Steve              WWI British Army (injured in action)                      
Day, Jim                                  
Deely, Jim                 WWII AIF
Dennehy, Jim  
Dennett, Bill           
Devery, Jack               WWII RAAF              
Devlin, Bruce                
Dickens, Alf                
Donoghue, Denis            WWII RAN (Navy boxing champion)
Donohoe, John       
Doran, Arthur   
Doyle, Dick 
Duggan, Frank   
Ellery, Dick    
Evans, Jim                         
Faint, Jack               
Fairall, P                 WWII AIT 
Fegan, Sid 
Ferguson, Jim 
Ferrow, Les  
Finch, Wally 
Finucane, Eddie 
Fitzpatrick, Bill 
Flood, Ray  
Flynn, Frank 
Fosse, Clem                                        
Frost, John                
Frost, Len  
Funnell, Fred              WWI AIF (SERN 6431)                                                                
Furlong, Sid               WWII AIF 
Fusedale, Reg              WWI AIF RDF
Fuz, Norm            
Gaffney, Laurie 
Gallagher, Alf 
Galvin, Merv     
Gell, Bill 
Gilbert, Les                                                                                     
Gilmore, John 
Glover, Steve 
Goddard, Arthur                                                                                                   
Goodwin, Bill             
Gould, Ray 
Grant, Allan                             
Griffiths, Ed                                 
Gorman, George            
Gray, Frank               
Griffin, Harry             
Griffin, Jack              
Grimston, Ralph                                                                                         
Hackett, Bill 
Haddon, George                                                           
Hailwood, Ted 
Hale, Jim                                                     
Hallett, Howard Jnr        WWII AIF Gunner
Halloway, Bob 
Hanrahan, Harleigh                             
Hanson, George             WWI AIF (Souths Administrator)
Hardiman, Jack   
Harkins, Bill  
Harold, Paul
Harris, A                  WWI (Died in Action)
Hartman, George            WWI AFC              
Hartman, Harry                                                                     
Haskins, Len               WWII RAN Served on HMAS Penguin
Haynes, Jack               WWII RAAF     
Heath, Les                                                                
Heaton, Albert               
Hemmings, Fred                       
Hickey, Dave               WWI AIF (SERN-7729)
Hickey, Don                WWII
Hilder, Bob                                                                                                    
Hilder, John                                                                                    
Hines, Ray         
Hinson, Eddie              WWII Army 
Hollander, H               WWI (Died in Action) 
Horan, Jim 
Horder, Harold             WWI Navy Reserves
Hourigan, Jim              WWII AIF                                                            
Hucker, Herb               WWII RAF
Hunt, Jim 
Hunt, Roy 
Hurst, John         
Hutchins, Bob 
Hutchinson, Jack           WWII Army (Served in Darwin)                                                
Ingram, Ray 
Inman, George                   
Jack, Neville                       
Jacobs, Joe 
Jarrett Cecil 
Johnson, Cecil 
Johnston, Alec       
Johnston, Alec Jnr         WWII Army (SERN NX191017)                                                                           
Johnston, Henry                   
Jones, Eric           
Jubb, John 
Kadwell, Jack                                                                                             
Kaine, Tommy                 
Kempshall, George     
Kennedy, Clem              WWII AIF (injured in action)
Kerr, Walter 
Keyes, Arthur 
Kilcran, Frank 
King, Cecil                WWII AIF 
King, Keith                                          
Kollias, John              Korean War (Died while on duty)
Landow, George                                              
Lane, Harry 
Lannan, Jack 
Larter, Fred               WWII (Died in Action)
Law, Tom 
Lawrence, Vince             
Leadbeatter, Syd                           
Lee, Albert 
Lennon, Hiram                       
Lennox, Jack               WWII (Died in Action)
Leo, Jack                  Post WWII & Korean War
Lewin, John  
Lewis, Eric                WWII                                                                  
Linney, Joe 
Lisle, Jimmy               National Service
Livingston, Leonard 
Lloyd, Wilfred                                                             
Lowe Reg 
Lyons, Norm 
Mackie, Bill                               
Magill, Eric 
Mahboub, Vince              WWII AIF                                         
Maher, Paddy                                               
Maidment, George            WWI AIF
Maloney, Bill  
Manning, Joe 
Mannix, Sid 
Marshall, Wal                                                                                                         
Massey, Arthur 
Mather, Arthur              WWII RAAF      
May, Billy 
McAlpine, Gerry 
McAndrew, Jack                                      
McAnulty, Bill 
McAnulty, Wally                  
McArthur, Bill 
McBeatty, Bill  
McCarthy, Herb                     
McCormack, Jack                                       
McDowell, Frank                               
McFarlane, Rod 
McGrath, Eddie                                                                           
McGregor, John                                                                                               
McHugh, Ted 
McLachlan, Tom 
McPherson, Arthur 
Mears, Wally                             
Melville, Jack              WWII AIF 
Meyer, Les 
Miles, Keith 
Miller, Bruce 
Monagle, George                 
Moore, Barry                               
Morris, George                                                               
Morris, Ralph 
Morrison, Jack                      
Mortimer, Bill 
Morton, Eddie                                                                                      
Morton, George              WWII
Moses, Cyril                                                      
Moynihan, Arthur 
Mullane, Bill 
Munn, Jack 
Murdoch, Don                             
Murphy, Brian                   
Murphy, Frank 
Murray, Jack                                                                  
Murray, Keith               WWII RAAF 
Murtagh, Kevin 
Nava, David                 WWII 
Newton, Les 
Noble, Cliff                                                         
Noonan, Alan 
O’Brien, Tom 
O’Connor, Jimmy             
O’Dowd, George 
O’Halloran, George 
O’Keefe, John 
Paranthoine, Reg 
Patterson, Jack 
Paul, Harry                  WWII AIF 
Payne, Johnny                                                                                            
Pearce, Eddie                WWI AIF 
Pearson, Bill 
Penfold, Percy 
Peoples, Jim         
Perry, Leo                   
Perry, M                     WWII (SS Junior Referee) 
Pile, Ron 
Pollard, Leo 
Pope, Bruce                                                                                
Porter, Basil 
Powell, Les                           
Pritchard, Alan 
Purcell, Bill                 WWII AIF  
Pyle, Cyril                                                             
Quinlivan, Allan              WWII AIF                                            
Rayner, Jack                  WWII AIF
Redding, Alan                                                             
Reilly, Vincent 
Reynolds, George              WWI Ghurakas
Rice, Norm 
Riddell, Bobby 
Riddell, Ernie ‘Bob’ 
Riddell, Sid 
Rix, Edward                    
Rix, Fred                     WWI AIF 
Robertson, Tommy                    
Root, Eddie                   WWI AIF (enlisted at 16)
Rosewell, Fred 
Ross, Dave                             
Roxburgh, Russell 
Russell, Bob 
Schafer, Allan                                                               
Schellack, Ernie 
Schmidt, Cecil                WWII                                   
Scully, Athol                                                               
Shaw, John 
Sheely, Lionel                WWI AIF (SERN 6584)
Sherwood, Bill                                                                                        
Simpson, George 
Sinclair, Jack 
Sing, Bill            
Singles, Ernie 
Skelsey, Les                  WWI AIF                                                                      
Smark, Pat 
Smith, Norman                 WWII
Stansell, Charlie 
Stapley, Norm                       
Stephen, Ken                                                                           
Stokes, Neville 
Stolzenhein, Claude            
Strutt, Eddie                                                                    
Stuntz, Johnno                WWI AIF (Died in Action)
Sweeney, Bill                                                             
Swinnerton, Ernie                        
Tait, Alec                                  
Taylor, Roy 
Thompson, Arch                WWI
Thomson, Harry R.             WWI AIF
Thorn, Alby                                                                         
Thorn, Jim                                                                
Timbs, Kevin                          
Toohey, Cornelius 
Tracey, Eddie                 WWII RAAF
Truman, Bill              
Tuite, Arthur                 WWI AIF (Died in Action)
Turner, Len 
Verrender, Ian                                                                                
Waite, Charlie                WWI AIF Light Horsemen (SERN 3138)             
Walker, Jack                             
Walsh, Frank 
Walsh, Garnet   
Watson, Bill 
Watson, Bob                                                                                               
Weaver, Les 
White, Fred 
Whitfield, John 
Whitmore, George 
Why, Albert                   WWI AIF Reserves (SERN 95338)
Wiggins, Bob                   
Wiggins, Keith 
Willcocks, Keith 
Wilcox, Jack      
Wilkins, Ken  
Williams, Harry          
Williamson, Joe                           
Wilson, Alan   
Wilson, Vic 
Wood, Tom                                                                        
Woods, Arthur 
Woods, Dave                                
Worrall, Fred 
Wylie, John 
Wylie, Sam 

Service Women

Barlow, Cayla           Navy
Longford, Mardi         ADF

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