Summary of the 2023 NRL / RLPA CBA Dispute

Season 2017

NRL and RLPA Agree to Collective Bargaining Agreement and Salary Cap for 2018-22

Season 2020 (COVID-19 Impacts)

NRL Suspends Season due to COVID-19 and Interstate Borders Close
NRL 2020 COVID-19 Recovery Plan - RLPA agrees to 80% pay deal
NRL 2020 COVID-19 Restructure - NRL Appoints Abdo CEO

Season 2021 (COVID-19 Impacts)

2021-22 RLPA Agrees to Reduce NRL Player Payments by 6%
2021 ARLC Constitution Changes
2021 NRL Medical Restructure

November 2021

Channel 9 FTA Broadcast 2023-27 Contract Extension

March 2022

NRL Announces NRLW 10 team expansion

May 2022

RLPA 2023 CBA Focus Areas

October 2022

RLPA Misses Mid Oct CBA Deadline for 2023 Season

November 2022

RLPA Walks Away from NRL CBA Meetings

December 2022

NRL 2023 Salary Cap Changes

January 2023

NRL 2023 Rule Amendments
RLPA Summaries CBA Claims
NRL NRLW Pregancy and Health Insurance Clarifications

February 2023

NRL Announces NRLW CBA In-Principal Agreement
NRL Announces 2022 Season Financial Results

March 2023

NRL Changes to Head Injury Protocols

May 2023

RLPA Presents CBA Settlement Proposal to NRL

June 2023

RLPA rejects NRL erosion of CBA Settlement

July 2023

RLPA Media Boycott over Stalled CBA Negotiations
RLPA escalate CBA dispute to ACTU
RLPA to cover NRL Logo in ongoing CBA dispute

August 2023

RLPA appeal to sponsors and fans for support in CBA dispute
NRL and RLPA reach CBA agreement