South Sydney Season 2013 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership         (RG) VB NSW Cup     (U20)NYC Holden Cup                 (U18)SG Ball       (U16)Harold Matts

Trial PNG Residt Redf W 38-12 Wyong      Kanw W 32-16 Penrith    Ersk L  4-24 Rd01 Cronulla   Ende L 14-28 Cronulla   Ende W 20-16
Trial Newcastle  Coff L  8-16 Cronulla   Ersk D 16-16 Cronulla   Ersk W 16-4  Rd02 Norths     Ersk W 46-12 Norths     Ersk W 60-0 
Trial St Geo-Ill StAu W 28-10 Illawarra  TGMi L 10-12 St Geo-Ill StAu L 32-39 Rd03 C Coast    WyWy Pstpnd  C Coast    WyWy Pstpnd 
                                                                              Rd04 Syd Rstrs  Ersk W 30-14 Syd Rstrs  Ersk W 42-6 
Rd01  Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 28-10 Canterbury Belm W 38-16 Syd Rstrs  SFS  L 24-26 Rd05 Balmain    Redf W 46-12 Balmain    Redf W 50-0 
                                                                              Rd03 C Coast    WyWy W 34-16 C Coast    WyWy W 32-4 
Rd02  Cronulla   StAu W 14-12 Cronulla   Ende L  8-16 Cronulla   StAu W 32-18 Rd06 Canterbury Redf W 19-18 Canterbury Redf W 52-16
Rd03  Penrith    Penr W 44-32 Newtown    Hens W 24-12 Penrith    Penr L 14-32 Rd07 West Coast Prth W 40-14 SWSyd Acad Belm W 60-0 
Rd04  Canterbury StAu W 17-12 Illawarra  Woll W 42-12 Canterbury StAu L 32-36 Rd08 Penrith    Penr D 26-26 Penrith    Penr W 40-16
Rd05  Warriors   MtSm W 24-22 Auckland   MtSm W 22-10 Warriors   MtSm L 14-46 Rd09 Parramatta Cabr D 10-10 Parramatta Cabr W 36-10
Rd06  Melbourne  StAu L 10-17 Wyong      NSO  W 28-12 Melbourne  StAu L 22-28 MPSF St George  Redf L  6-42 Newcastle  Redf W 42-12
                              Mt Prtchrd Penr W 12-10                         SF   Balmian    Camp L 24-26
Rd07  Manly      Brok W 20-12 Wntwrthvll NSO  W 46-18 Manly      Brok W 16-12                         F    Penrith    SMry W 28-6 
Rd08  Brisbane   Lang W 26-12 Wests-Tig  NSO  L 12-16 Brisbane   Lang L 20-22                         GF   Parramatta SMry L 16-24
Rd09  Nth Qld    StAu W 28-10 Manly      NSO  W 54-6  Nth Qld    StAu D 20-20                       
Rd10  Wests-Tig  StAu W 54-10 BYE                     Wests-Tig  StAu W 26-24                       
Rd11  Cronulla   Ende L 12-14 Newtown    NSO  L 24-40 Cronulla   Ende W 34-10                       
Rd12  Newcastle  StAu W 25-18 Cronulla   StAu L 16-26 Newcastle  StAu L 22-30                       
Rd13  BYE                     Canterbury Ende W 42-20 BYE                       
Rd14  Gold Coast Crns W 30-24 Newcastle  NwSG L 10-20 Gold Coast Redf W 40-26                       
Rd15  Parramatta StAu W 30-10 Windsor    NSO    Pspnd Parramatta StAu L 12-18                       
Rd16  Canberra   StAu W 32-2  Illawarra  NSO    Pspnd Canberra   MPrt W 22-12                       
                              Windsor    Penr L 24-28                       
Rd17  Warriors   Prth W 30-13 Wyong      Kanw W 26-14 Warriors   Redf W 40-38                       
Rd18  BYE                     Illawarra  NSO  W 42-14 BYE                       
Rd19  St Geo-Ill StAu L 18-22 BYE                     St Geo-Ill StAu W 28-6                        
Rd20  Gold Coast Robi W 32-4  Wntwrthvll Ring W 64-24 Gold Coast Robi W 44-26                       
Rd21  Nth Qld    Town L 12-30 Mt Prtchrd NSO  W 30-26 Nth Qld    Town L 16-34 
Rd22  Melbourne  MRSt L  8-26 Newcastle  NSO  W 23-10 Melbourne  MRSt W 29-28 
Rd23  Manly      Gosf W 22-10 Windsor    Wind L 28-48 Manly      Gosf W 38-18 
Rd24  Canterbury StAu W 28-20 Wests-Tig  Camp W 32-16 Canterbury StAu L 26-48 
Rd25  Wests-Tig  SFS  W 32-18 Manly      Brok W 60-6  Wests-Tig  SFS  W 16-12 
Rd26  Syd Rstrs  StAu L 12-24 Auckland   NSO  W 48-6  Syd Rstrs  StAu L 20-28 
MPSF  Melbourne  StAu W 20-10 Newcastle  Leic W 32-28 Warriors   StAu L 18-20 
F     Manly      StAu L 20-30 Cronulla   Leic L  6-38

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Season 2013 News

Te'o signs for 2013-5
Everingham Contract Extension
Jeff Lima signs for 2013-4
Hunt Contract Extension
Burgess Twins Reunited
Reynolds Contract Extension
Sam Burgess Contract Extension
DeLonghi & Kenwood Extend Sponsorship
ARLC $1bil TV Rights Deal
Mitchell Buckett Signs for 2013-4
2013 U18 and U16 Summer Squads
Inglis Contract Extension
Alcatel Shorts Sponsorship Extension
Crocker Contract Extension
Rabbitohs Cairns Adventure
Bryson Goodwin signs for 2013
ARLC 5 year Strategic Plan
ARLC Confirm 2013 funding
Russell Crowe signals intention to sell
ARLC Bans Shoulder Charge
Capital Training Sponsorship
Telstra 5y NRL Premiership Sponsorship
2013 Emerging SOO Player Selections
2013 Rule Changes
2013 Bears Summer Squad
Champion returns for 2013-4
Inglis, Peats and Reynolds All Star Selections
NRL Integrity Unit Established
Curtis Johnston stood down
Rabbitohs Members State Their World Claim
Luke Burgess, McQueen, Turner Contract Extensions
2013 Season Launch
South Sydney Member Co. 7th Annual General Meeting
Colgate Partnership
Peats Contract Extension
SSLC into Administration Again
Sutton Contract Extension
Walker NSW U20 Origin Selection
Merritt, Reynolds, Peats City Origin Selections
Asotasi Captain and Lima Samoa Test Selections
Luke New Zealand ANZAC Test Selection
Inglis Australian ANZAC Test Selection
NRL Establishes New Business Units
2014-7 NRL Salary Cap Changes
Crown Resorts 3 year Home Sponsorship
Tyrrell, Goodwin Contract Extension
NRL Rule Change - 30 sec Scrum/Dropouts
NRL Introduces New Drug Testing Program
Inglis, Te'o, McQueen SOO I Selections
Dalai Lama a Rabbitoh
Inglis, Te'o, McQueen, Merritt SOO II Selections
George Burgess Stood Down for 2 weeks
Walker Contract Extension
Heffron Center of Excellence proposal
Crowe Committed Long Term
Inglis, Te'o, McQueen SOO III Selections
Peats Released
Burgess Twins Contract Extension
NRL Acquires Touch Football
Keary Contract Extension
King Retires
Rabbitohs Set Crowd Records
Crocker Retires
2013 NRL Player Awards
Grevsmuhl Signs for 2014-5
McInnes Contract Extension
Inglis & Sutton Joint Players of the Year
RLWC Selections
Lima Released
Souths Media Dominance
Inglis & Sam Burgess World XIII Honor
South Sydney Member Co. 8th Annual General Meeting