South Sydney Rabbitohs Playing Venues and Training Facilities

Here is a history of South Sydney training locations and home grounds.

Season 2015

Arizona High Altitude Training

Season 2016

Stadium Australia Rectangular Refurbishment
Heffron Training Base Relocation Planned for 2018

Season 2017

Rabbitohs Submit Heffron Final Funding Application

Season 2018

2018 New Perth Stadium Opening - Double-Header
2018-22 NSW Government SFS and Stadium Australia Upgrade Program
Heffron Update - NSW Government commit $40 mil to minor works
NSW Government commits $8 mil to Heffron
NSW Government Revises Stadia Plans
Heffron Update - Construction to begin in 2019

Season 2020

Redfern Oval closed to public due to COVID-19
NSW Government Cancels ANZ Refurbishment
NSW Government Merges SCG Trust and Venues NSW
Rabbitohs return to ANZ Stadium from Round 13
Rabbitohs remain at ANZ Stadium for 2021 and 2022

Season 2021

Heffron Centre Plans Approved
Stadium Australia's New Southern Screen

Season 2023

Rabbitohs NRL Training relocates to Heffron Centre
Rabbitohs Centre of Excellence officially opened
Heffron Centre officially opened