South Sydney Season 2009 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership               (RG) VB NSW Cup           (U20)NYC Toyota Cup                  (U18)SG Ball             (U16)Harold Matts

                                                                                          Trial Wests      Ersk L 20-24       Wests/SWSA Hill        
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    TGMi               Balmain    TGMi        
RTR   Wests-Tig  Redf L 26-30                                                             Trial Norths     Ersk W 38-12       Norths     Ersk W 28-12 
Trial Penrith    Coff W 38-4        Berowra    TGMi W 34-4        Penrith    Wind W 36-4  Rd01  Norths     Ersk L 20-34       Norths     Ersk W 46-6  
                              Trial Cronulla   Ende L 16-18       Cronulla   Ende W 26-12 Rd02  Balmain    Leic L 16-30       Balmain    Leic L 14-22 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill StAu W 18-6  Trial Bankstown  Crst W 22-14       St Geo-Ill StAu L 26-36 Rd03  Wests      Lvrp W 24-12       Wests      Lvrp L 20-42 
                              Trial Wyong      Kanw W 26-20                               Rd04  Parramatta Ersk L  6-50       Parramatta Ersk D 18-18 
Rd01  Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 52-12       BYE                           Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 50-14 Rd05  Canterbury Crst L 18-34       Canterbury Crst L  8-38 
Rd02  Parramatta StAu L  8-14       Cronulla   Fors W 34-6        Parramatta StAu W 38-22 Rd06  Canberra   Ersk W 40-10       Canberra   Ersk D 16-16 
Rd03  Newcastle  Gosf W 22-12       Shellhrbur RCst W 34-20       Newcastle  Gosf L 24-26 Rd07  C Coast    Kanw L  6-34       C Coast    Kanw L 10-24 
Rd04  Warriors   MtSm W 22-16       Wests      NSO  L 22-36       Warriors   MtSm L 32-42 Rd08  Newcastle  Birm L  4-46       Newcastle  Birm L 10-34 
Rd05  Canterbury StAu L 12-14       Wntwrthvll NSO  L 18-24       Bulldogs   StAu L 18-54 Rd09  Melbourne  Ersk L 18-36       SW Syd Acd Ersk W 76-0  
Rd06  Manly      StAu L  8-24                                     Manly      StAu L 16-42                               Top16 Canterbury Camp L 16-36 
Rd07  Cronulla   StAu W 32-26       Windsor    Wind L 26-36       Cronulla   StAu W 32-14
Rd08  Gold Coast Robi L 14-22       Auckland   NSO  W 36-12       Gold Coast Robi W 50-6 
Rd09  BYE                           Shellhrbr  NSO  W 36-12       BYE
Rd10  Wests-Tig  SCG  W 23-22       C Coast    Kanw L 10-32       Wests-Tig  SCG  L 22-24
Rd11  Parramatta StAu D 16-16       Balm-Ryde  NSO  W 18-6        Parramatta StAu L 22-30
Rd12  Canberra   StAu L 18-34                                     Canberra   StAu D 32-32
Rd13  Nth Qld    Town L 12-46       Newtown    Hens W 46-6        Nth Qld    Town W 24-22
Rd14  Melbourne  Prth L 22-28       Cronulla   NSO  W 17-10       Melbourne  NSO  L 20-46
Rd15  BYE                           Bankstown  NSO  L  4-22       BYE
Rd16  Newcastle  NISC L 20-25       Wntwrthvll Ring W 40-18       Newcastle  NISC W 36-16
Rd17  Wests-Tig  StAu L 10-54       C Coast    NSO  L 32-42       Wests-Tig  StAu L 22-26
Rd18  Penrith    StAu W 36-12                                     Penrith    StAu W 40-18
Rd19  Brisbane   Lang W 44-12       Balm-Ryde  Leic L 18-31       Brisbane   Lang L 20-26
Rd20  Syd Rstrs  StAu W 40-20       Auckland   MSm2 W 28-8        Syd Rstrs  StAu W 48-10
Rd21  Bulldogs   StAu L 18-26       Newtown    NSO  W 32-18       Bulldogs   StAu W 42-10
Rd22  Manly      Brok W 36-22       BYE                           Manly      Brok W 28-26
Rd23  Gold Coast StAu L 14-22       Wests      Camp W 42-26       Gold Coast StAu W 48-10
Rd24  Penrith    Penr L 10-40                                     Penrith    Penr W 48-12
Rd25  St Geo-Ill StAu W 41-6        Bankstown  StAu L 34-38       St Geo-Ill StAu L 26-32
Rd26  Cronulla   Ende W 26-24       Windsor    NSO  W 44-24       Cronulla   Ende W 38-8 

                              QF    Cronulla   NSO  W 35-8  QF    Melbourne  Dock L 18-54
                              F     Balm-Ryde  Leic L 20-21

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Season 2009 News

Taylor Coaching Contract Extension 2008-10
Stadium Australia Rabbitohs Home for 10 Years 2008-2017
Sutton 2009-11 Contract Extension
Merritt 2009-11 Contract Extension
NAB 2008-10 Home Sponsorship
Talanoa 2009-10 Contract Extension
Capewell, Sandow 2009-10 Contract Extensions
Best Signs for 2009-10
McPherson, Ben Lowe 2009-10 Contract Extensions
Stuart 2009 Contract Extension
QRL New Junior Structure for 2009
Wesser Signs for 2009-10
Manly leave NSW Cup and join Qld Cup in 2009
Rabbitohs Announce 2009 Camp Rabbitohs Trial
De'Longhi and Virgin-Blue 2009 Sponsorship Extension
McQueen Signs for 2009
Perth Match Confirmed for 2009
Kane Cleal Returns for 2009-10 Seasons
Crossman Signs for 2009-10
Matt Mundine Signs for 2009-10
Shellharbour joins NSW Cup in 2009
Home And Away Jersey Designation Swapped for 2009
2009 Alternate Jersey Unveiled
Tallis Joins Coaching Staff for 2009-10
Wing 3rd Party Sponsor Concerns
Sandow an Emerging Maroon
2009 Junior Squads
NRL 2 Referees & Rule Changes
Rabbitohs Players Return to Redfern
Luke, Champion 2009-11 Contract Extensions
BunnyBet 2009 Sponsorship
Northern Territory join NSWRL Juniors
Stadium Australia New TV Screens
Sandow 2009-11 Contract Extension
South Sydney Member Co. 3rd Annual General Meeting
State of Play Movie - 2009 Sleeve Sponsor
NRL Club Championship Returns
ARL Considering return to Reserve Grade
Sutton, Best NSW SOO Induction Squad
Asotasi, Fa'alogo, Luke Kiwi ANZAC Test selections
Sutton, Stuart, Wing City Origin Selections
Crocker Signs for 2009-12
David Taylor Signs for 2010-12
Fa'alogo departs at end of 2009
Roberts NSW SOO U16 Selection
NRL warned against expansion to Adelaide, Perth or Central Coast
Crocker, Wing SOO I Selections
2009 South Sydney League Club Annual General Meeting
Stuart 2010-11 Contract Extension
Crocker, Wing SOO II Selections
Farrell NSW SOO U18 Selection
Crocker, Wing SOO III Selections
Trembath NSW Residents Selection
New Souths Book - They Wear the Red and Green
8 Juniors 2010-11 Contract Extensions
Wing departs at end of 2009
NSW NRL clubs QRL Dual Registrations to Cease
Perth Games Continue into 2010-11
Simpson 2010-11 Contract Extension
Asotasi 2012-13 Contract Extension
NYC Souths Juniors 2009-10 Sponsorship
Melbourne joins NSW Cup in 2010
Kiwi 4 Nations Selections
Geddes 2010 Contract Extension
Ross Signs for 2010
NSW Second-Tier Midweek Cup Proposed
V8 Supercars and De'Longhi 2010-11 Sponsorships
Rabbitohs to Post Profit in 2009
Webster, Vaivai NYC Team of the Year
Sutton Kangaroo 4 Nations Train On Squad Selection
Dally M - Headline Moment of the Year
Merritt PM XIII Selection
Taylor and Fa'alogo Contracts Terminated
2009 South Sydney Player Awards
Luke 4 Nations Selection
Souths Book - Through Thick & Thin, The South Sydney Rabbitohs & their Community
Souths Book - Johnny Larkin Diaries
Pettybourne 4 Nations Call Up
RLIF Eligibility Rules Tightened
South Sydney Member Co. 4th Annual General Meeting