South Sydney Season 2021 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership        (RG)NSW Canterbury Cup         (U21)Jersey Flegg Cup              (U19)SG Ball Cup   (U17)Harold Matts Cup             W-NSW Premiership
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Masc W 16-12 Cronulla   Masc L 12-16 
                                                                                          Trial C Coast    Ersk W 24-4  C Coast    Ersk L 16-24 
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    Masc L  4-44 Balmain    Masc L 18-24 
                                                                                          Rd01  Penrith    Penr W 32-20 Penrith    Penr L  4-28 
                                                                                          Rd02  Manly      Redf D 22-22 Manly      Redf L 12-30 Trial Mt Prtchrd Aubr L  0-16
Trial Group 20   Grif W 58-0                                      Syd Rstrs  Masc L  8-24 Rd03  St George  Masc W 38-6  St George  Masc L 12-34 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill Mudg     -   Trial St Geo-Ill Figt     -         Wests-Tig  Leic     -   Rd04  Newcastle  Redf     -   Newcastle  Redf     -   


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NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal
NRL 2018-22 Broadcast Agreement
Reynolds 2018-21 Contract Extension
NRL Clubs 2018-21 Funding Agreement
RLIF 2021 RLWC Qualifiication Process
Rabbitohs Submit Heffron Final Funding Application
Gagai Signs for 2018-21
NRL and RLPA Agree to Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2018-22
2018-22 NSW Government SFS and Stadium Australia Upgrade Program
NRL Launches 2018-22 Strategic Plan
Allan Signs for 2019-21
NSWRL and NSW-CRL to Re-Merge in 2021
Bennett Appointed 2020-21 Head Coach
Graham and Murray 2020-21 Contract Extension
Cook 2020-23 Contract Extension
Aqualand 2019-21 Home Jersey Sponsorship
Tom Burgess 2020-23 Contract Extension
Burns 2020-21 Contract Extension
Tatola and Lowe 2020-21 Contract Extensions
Su'A signs for 2019-21
Josh Cook 2020-21 Contract Extension
Nicholls 2020-21 Contract Extension
Widders Appointed Womens Head Coach for 2020-21
Dargan Signs for 2020-21
Gale 2020-22 Contract Extension
CJ Mundine Signs for 2020-21
Walker 2021-22 Contract Extension
Arrow Signs for 2021-24
GAISF extends International Rugby League observer status for 2 years
Knight 2021-23 Contract Extension
Sele called up into the 2020 squad
Murray 2022-25 Contract Extension
Paulo, Taaffe, Ilias and Mamouzelos Contract Extensions
Jed Cartwright Signs for 2021-23
Sele 2021-23 Contract Extension
Graham 2022-24 Contract Extension
Johnston 2021-22 Contract Extension
Rabbitohs 2021 Junior Reps Coaching Structure
Marsters 2021 Contract Extensions
NSWRL 2021 One State Strategic Plan - Junior Reps Age Changes

Oct 2020

Rabbitohs remain at ANZ Stadium for 2021 and 2022
QRL 2021 Pathway Changes - Junior Reps Age Changes
Host and Milne sign for 2021-23
2021 Rabbitohs Junior Squads

Nov 2020

Menulog Rabbitohs 2021-23 Upper Rear Shoulders Sponsor
Koloamatangi 2021-23 Contract Extension
IRL - Nigeria and Ghana Rugby League awarded Affiliate Membership

Dec 2020

Moga signs for 2021
2021 NRL Rule Changes - 2 point 40m+ fieldgoals

Jan 2021

Corey Allan released
Mansour signs for 2021-22
Steve Antionelli Appointed 2021 NSW Cup Coach
2021-22 RLPA Agrees to Reduce NRL Player Payments by 6%
IRL to Recognise 1600 Internationals
Marshall signs for 2021
2021 ARLC Constitution Changes

Feb 2021

Mitchell, Walker and Johnston Indigenous All-Star Selections
Marshall NZ Maori All-Star Selection
Donovan and Barker Women's Indigenous All-Star Selections
Tatola 2022-24 Contract Extension
Cameron & Morocco awarded IRL Affiliate Memberships
Phillipines awarded IRL Observer Membership
Charity Shield Confirmed for Mudgee in 2022-23
Mitchell 2022-23 Contract Extension

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