South Sydney Season 2018 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership   (RG)Intrust NSW Premiership         (U20)Jersey Flegg Cup              (U18)SG Ball Cup   (U16)Harold Matts Cup
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Ersk L  0-24 Cronulla   Ersk L  8-20 
                              Trial Cabramatta Cabr W 36-4 
                                                                                          Trial C Coast    Ersk W 21-6  C Coast    Ersk W 15-12
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    Ersk W 40-16 Balmain    Ersk L 14-24 
                              Trial Wntwrthvll Ring D 12-12       Parramatta Ring L 12-22 Rd01  Canberra   Belc L 12-48 Canberra   Belc W 28-22 
Tour  Wigan      StAu W 18-8  Trial Newcastle  Redf W 32-16       Newcastle  Ersk L  8-16 Rd02  Illawarra  Redf L 16-26 Illawarra  Redf L 16-34 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill Mudg W 22-18 Trial St Geo-Ill RCst L  8-16       St Geo-Ill RCst W  6-4  Rd03  St George  Redf W 40-22 St George  Redf W 26-24 
                                                                                          Rd04  Parramatta Cabr L 12-24 Parramatta Cabr L  6-54 
Rd01  Warriors   PthS L 20-32       Warriors   MtSm L 22-30       Warriors   MtSm W 24-16 Rd05  Norths     Redf D 24-24 Norths     Redf W 32-26 
Rd02  Penrith    Penr L 14-18       Penrith    Penr L 20-30       Penrith    Penr L 18-28 Rd06  Syd Rstrs  Redf L 10-44 Syd Rstrs  Redf W 26-16 
Rd03  Manly      StAu W 34-6        St Geo-Ill RCst L  4-22       St Geo-Ill RCst L 18-44 Rd07  Canterbury Redf L 22-56 Canterbury Redf L 14-42
Rd04  Canterbury StAu W 20-16       BYE                           Penrith    Penr L 18-25 Rd08  C Coast    Kanw L 14-36 C Coast    Kanw L 10-24
Rd05  St Geo-Ill Koga L 12-16       Newcastle  NISC W 28-10       Newcastle  NISC L 14-36 Rd09  Balmain    Leic   Abndd Balmain    Leic L 12-54
Rd06  Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 26-14       Wests      NSO  W 25-24       Wests-Tig  NSO  W 28-6 
Rd07  Canberra   Gosf W 42-22       Mt Prtchrd Gosf L 18-22       Mt Prtchrd NSO  W 26-12
Rd08  Brisbane   StAu L 20-24       Newcastle  NSO  W 30-10       Newcastle  NSO  L 18-28
Rd09  Newcastle  NISC W 36-18       Newtown    Hens D 22-22       
Rd10  St Geo-Ill StAu W 24-10       Penrith    NSO  L 14-38       
Rd11  Nth Qld    Town W 20-19       Blacktown  NSO  L 24-42 Rd09  Manly      Leic L 24-30
Rd12  Warriors   MtSm W 30-10       Wntwrthvll Ring W 16-10 Rd10  Parramatta Ring L 14-46
Rd13  Cronulla   StAu W 22-14       St Geo-Ill NSO  L 10-28 Rd11  Manly      NSO  W 30-4 
Rd14  Gold Coast Robi W 18-16       Canterbury NSO  L 10-20 Rd12  Canterbury NSO    Pspnd
Rd15  Parramatta StAu               Wests      Camp         Rd13  Wests-Tig  Camp        

            W-NSW Premiership         (W-U18)Tasha Gale Cup
                              Trial Cronulla   Ersk D 24-24
                              Trial Syd RIA    Ersk L      

                              Rd01  Canberra   Belc W 46-10
                              Rd02  Illawarra  Redf L 20-50
                              Rd03  St George  Redf L 22-36
                              Rd04  BYE
                              Rd05  Parramatta Redf W 30-24
                              Rd06  Syd RIA    Redf W 22-12
Rd01  Newcastle  Redf W 54-4  Rd07  Canterbury Redf L 20-44
Rd02  Canterbury StAu W 46-8  Rd08  Newcastle  Kanw L 12-46
Rd03  Cronulla-C ShAc W 40-6  Rd09  Wests-Tig  Leic L  4-62
Rd04  Cabramatta Cabr W 24-18 mPSF  St George  Koga L  8-58
Rd05  Norths     Ersk W 32-4 
Rd06  Mt Prtchrd StAu W 26-8 
Rd07  BYE
Rd08  Penrith-Br StAu D 18-18
Rd09  Wntwrthvll Norf W 78-2 
Rd10  Newcastle  Kanw L  4-24
Rd11  BYE

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Season 2018 News

NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal
Murray Signs for 2016-9
Burgess Twins 2018 Contract Extensions
Sam Burgess Returns for 2016-8
NRL 2018-22 Broadcast Agreement
Crichton 2017-18 Contract Extension
Heffron Training Base Relocation Planned for 2018
Walker 2017-18 Contract Extension
Jennings, Burns, Fuiamono, Tracey Sign for 2017-8
Farah Signs for 2017-18
Inglis 2018-20 Contract Extension
Hymel Hunt 2017-18 Contract Extension
Reynolds 2018-21 Contract Extension
Cook 2018-19 Contract Extension
Taukamo, Tapai-Aveai, Doueihi Sign for 2017-19
Musgrove 2018-20 Contract Extension
NRL 2018 NYC Replaced by Two State Competitions
NRL Clubs 2018-21 Funding Agreement
Talakai, Hiroti, Graham 2017-9 Contract Extensions
Turner 2018-9 Contract Extension
RLIF 2018 Emerging Nations World Championship
RLIF 2021 RLWC Qualifiication Process
Rabbitohs Submit Heffron Final Funding Application
Gagai Signs for 2018-21
Britt, Arthars Sign for 2018-19
Johnston 2018-20 Contract Extension
NRL Suspends 9s Carnival and All Star Matches in 2018
2018 Wigan Trial announced
2018 New Perth Stadium Opening - Double-Header
NRL Introduces Football Operations Cap for 2018
Seibold Appointed 2018-19 Head Coach
Sutton 2018 Contract Extension
Gentle Appointed 2018-19 Assistant Coach
Johnstone 2018-20 Contract Extension
Rodwell 2018-20 Contract Extension
Ta'avale 2018-19 Contract Extension
Hawkins 2018-19 Contract Extension
2018-19 Rabbitohs-Bears Extend Partnership - Bears takeover U20s
2018 Coaching Support Staff Appointments
Nicholls Signs for 2018
Josh Cook 2018-19 Contract Extension
NSWRL Centre of Excellence construction begins
Kennar Signs for 2018-19
Souths Juniors 2018 U18 and U16 Train-On Squads
Gagan and Martin Sign for 2018
NRL and RLPA Agree to Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2018-22
Inglis joins 2018 NRL Competition Committee
2018-22 NSW Government SFS and Stadium Australia Upgrade Program
Heffron Update - NSW Government commit $40 mil to minor works
NRL Launchs Womens Premiership for 2018
NRL and RLPA Agree to End 10-day Cooling Off Peiod
Brittain and Tatola Sign for 2018
Leuleni Signs for 2018
NSW Government commits $8 mil to Heffron
Kelly new Player Wellbeing Manager
2018 Bears ISP and U20 Squads
2018 NSWRL Womens RL Expansion, new W-U16 Carnival
RLIF obtains GAISF Observer Status
NSWRL Re-Introduces U20 Jersey Flegg Cup in 2018
NRL Adjusts Stripping Rule for 2018
Walker 2019-20 Contract Extension
South Sydney Member Co. 12th Annual General Meeting
NRL Revises Hall of Fame
CEO Solly comments on Government Stadia Policy
NRL Launches 2018-22 Strategic Plan
NRL Launches Womens NRL and rejects Souths application
NSW Government Revises Stadia Plans
NRL Launches NRL Touch Football Premiership
Doueihi 2019-21 Contract Extension
Allan Signs for 2019-21
NRL Adjusts Dummy-Half Deliberate Passing into Tackler Ruling for 2018
Cook and Crichton NSW SOO I Selections
Inglis Queensland State of Origin Captain Selection
Gagai Queensland State of Origin Selection
O'Mealey, Simon, Studdon, Caldwell, Riley, Uliburutu NSW City - Womens Championship Selections
Grimes, Nean, Davis-Welsh, McGrady NSW Country - Womens Championship Selections
Burns and Tracey 2019 Contract Extension