South Sydney Season 2019 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership   (RG)Intrust NSW Premiership         (U20)Jersey Flegg Cup              (U18)SG Ball Cup   (U16)Harold Matts Cup             W-NSW Premiership
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Ersk Abndd   Cronulla   Ersk W 20-12
                                                            Trial Parramatta Kirk L  0-16
                                                                                          Trial C Coast    Ersk L 12-24 C Coast    Ersk L 12-16
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    Ersk W 30-16 Balmain    Ersk W 24-8  
                              Trial Wntwrthvll Ring W 20-10       Parramatta Ring W 16-4  Rd01  Wests      Redf W 32-10 Wests      Redf W 36-16 
Trial Riverina   Alby W 52-10                                                             Rd02  Canterbury Belm L  4-30 Canterbury Belm W 26-18 
Trial Penrith    Redf L  8-28                                     Penrith    Redf L  4-32 Rd03  Penrith    Redf L 16-20 Penrith    Redf W 30-18 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill Mudg W 36-24 Trial St Geo-Ill Ersk L  6-56       St Geo-Ill Ersk L 16-36 Rd04  C Coast    Kanw L 14-24 C Coast    Kanw W 40-8  
                                                                                          Rd05  Parramatta Redf L 28-32 Parramatta Redf W 32-14 
Rd01  Syd Rstrs  SCG  W 26-16 Rd01  Norths     Redf W 18-14                               Rd06  Syd Rstrs  Ersk L 20-30 Syd Rstrs  Ersk W 26-6  
Rd02  St Geo-Ill Koga W 34-18 Rd02  St Geo-Ill Redf W 24-20 Rd01  St Geo-Ill Redf D 28-28 Rd07  Victoria   CsyF W 34-30 BYE                     Rd01  BYE
Rd03  Gold Coast StAu W 28-20 Rd03  Newtown    Redf W 28-26 Rd02  Norths     Redf D 30-30 Rd08  Newcastle  Redf W 34-16 Newcastle  Redf W 30-16 Rd02  Canterbury Redf W 18-4 
Rd04  Manly      Brok L 12-13 Rd04  Blacktown  Brok L 12-32 Rd03  Manly      Layb W 50-4  Rd09  Manly      Layb L 10-66 Manly      Layb L 24-28 Rd03  Cabramatta Masc L 12-16
Rd05  Warriors   SunS W 28-24 Rd05  Warriors   NHbr W 18-14 Rd04  Warriors   NHbr W 34-26                         MPSF  Manly      Brok W 40-18 
Rd06  Canterbury StAu W 14-6  Rd06  Canterbury Belm W 36-6  Rd05  Canterbury StAu W 22-6 
Rd07  Penrith    Penr W 22-18 Rd07  Penrith    Penr L 18-20 Rd06  Penrith    SMry L  0-42                         mPF   Canterbury Camp L 30-36 Rd04  Norths     Masc L  6-16
Rd08  Brisbane   StAu W 38-6  Rd08  Newtown    Hens L 24-26 Rd07  Norths     StAu W 26-12                                                       Rd05  Penrith-Br Masc W 42-4 
Rd09  Nth Qld    Lang W 32-16                               Rd08  Wests-Tig  Leic W 58-18                                                       Rd06  Wntwrthvll Ring W 16-14
Rd10  Canberra   Bruc W 16-12 Rd09  Mt Prtchrd Penr L 18-32                                                                                     Rd07  Cronulla   Ende L 20-40
Rd11  Wests-Tig  StAu         Rd10  Wests      Redf         

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Season 2019 News

NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal
Murray Signs for 2016-9
NRL 2018-22 Broadcast Agreement
Inglis 2018-20 Contract Extension
Reynolds 2018-21 Contract Extension
Cook 2018-19 Contract Extension
NRL Clubs 2018-21 Funding Agreement
Hiroti, Graham 2017-9 Contract Extensions
Turner 2018-9 Contract Extension
RLIF 2021 RLWC Qualifiication Process
Rabbitohs Submit Heffron Final Funding Application
Gagai Signs for 2018-21
Britt Signs for 2018-19
Johnston 2018-20 Contract Extension
Rodwell 2018-20 Contract Extension
Ta'avale 2018-19 Contract Extension
Hawkins 2018-19 Contract Extension
Josh Cook 2018-19 Contract Extension
NRL and RLPA Agree to Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2018-22
2018-22 NSW Government SFS and Stadium Australia Upgrade Program
Sam, Tom and George Burgess 2019 Contract Extensions
Walker 2019-20 Contract Extension
NRL Launches 2018-22 Strategic Plan
Doueihi 2019-21 Contract Extension
Allan Signs for 2019-21
Burns and Tracey 2019 Contract Extension
McIlwrick Signs for Rest of 2018 and 2019
Rabbitohs Tag South-East Junior OzTag Partnership
NSWRL and NSW-CRL to Re-Merge in 2021
Rabbitohs Pathways Return in 2019
Tatola, Nichols, Gagan 2019 Contract Extensions
Dillon and Bayley Sironen sign for 2019-20
Sam Burgess 2020-23 Contract Extension
Heffron Update - Construction to begin in 2019
Bennett Appointed 2020-21 Head Coach
Graham and Murray 2020-21 Contract Extension
Sutton 2019 Contract Extension
RLIF 2019 World 9s
Bennett joins in 2019 as Head Coach
Cook 2020-23 Contract Extension
Zoom 2019-20 Sterum Sponsorhip
Rabbitohs 2019 Coaching Support Staff Changes
Alcatel 2019-20 Away Jersey Sponsorship
Knight and Denniss sign for 2019-20
RLPA and NRL Announce Revised Player Agents Scheme
NRL 2019 Rule Adjustments - Shot Clock Reduced
Aqualand 2019-21 Home Jersey Sponsorship
2019 Lower Grade Squads Announced
Tom Burgess 2020-23 Contract Extension
2019 Gagai, Walker and Johnston All-Star Selections
WotIf 2019 Pathways Jersey Sponsorship
Burns 2020-21 Contract Extension
Amone signs for 2019-20
Suaalii and Ilias sign for 2019-20
Walker named Indigenous captain
Lowe signs for 2019
ARLC Introduces No-Fault Standown Policy
South Sydney Member Co. 13th Annual General Meeting
Stow appointed Rabbitohs Football Operations Manager
McIlwrick Released for Remainder of 2019
RLIF Independent Directors Board Restructure
Inglis Retires
NRL 2019 Finals Venue Changes - Return of Suburban Venues

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