South Sydney Season 2016 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership   (RG)Intrust NSW Premiership           (U20)NYC Holden Cup                  (U18)SG Ball             (U16)Harold Matts
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Ersk W 16-12       Cronulla   Ersk L  8-24
9sRd1 Syd Rstrs  Eden W 14-13                                                             Trial C Coast    Ersk W 36-8        C Coast    Ersk W 40-4
9sRd2 Melbourne  Eden L 12-18                                                             Trial Balmain    Ersk W 20-16       Balmain    Ersk L 10-20
9sRd3 Parramatta Eden L 11-24       Newtown    Hens L  4-8        Syd Rstrs  Redf L  8-20
Trial St Geo-Ill StAu W 18-14                                     St Geo-Ill StAu L 28-34 Rd01  Syd Rstrs  Hens W 44-10       Syd Rstrs  Hens D 22-22
Trial Gold Coast Burl W 22-20       Canterbury Belm L 34-36       Hills Dist Redf W 18-14 Rd02  Norths     Redf W 28-12       Norths     Redf W 58-0                        
                                                                                          Rd03  Balmain    Redf W 24-8        Balmain    Redf L 10-26    
Rd01  Syd Rstrs  SFS  W 42-10       Newcastle  Kuri W 28-12       Syd Rstrs  SFS  L 20-40 Rd04  Manly      Brok D 26-26       Manly      Brok L  8-34 
Rd02  Newcastle  StAu W 48-6        Penrith    Penr L 10-42       Newcastle  StAu W 28-14 Rd05  Newcastle  Cess L 22-42       Newcastle  Cess L 14-20 
Rd03  St Geo-Ill SCG  L  6-8        Illawarra  Woll W 28-12       St Geo-Ill SCG  L 24-26 Rd06  St George  Koga W 28-4        St George  Koga L 20-22 
Rd04  Canterbury StAu L 12-42       Mt Prtchrd Bruc L 16-18       Canterbury StAu W 28-10 Rd07  West Coast Redf W 44-10       SW Syd Acd Redf W 72-0  
Rd05  Manly      Brok W 16-12       Newcastle  TGMi W 24-10       Manly      Brok W 32-24 Rd08  C Coast    Kanw W 80-0        C Coast    Kanw W 26-14 
Rd06  Syd Rstrs  StAu L 10-17       Warriors   NSO  L 12-30       Syd Rstrs  StAu L 16-36 Rd09  W Syd Acad Redf W 34-20       W Syd Acad Redf W 44-10 
Rd07  Nth Qld    Town L 18-44                                     Nth Qld    Town W 34-18 MPSF  Newcastle  SMry L 22-23 
Rd08  Brisbane   Lang L  8-30       Canterbury StAu W 17-16       Brisbane   Lang L  0-38 mSF   Parramatta Leic W 24-8  
Rd09  Wests-Tig  StAu L 22-30       Wests-Tig  MosV L 18-36       Wests-Tig  StAu L  0-46 mF    Illawarra  Camp L 28-30 
Rd10  Parramatta Parr W 22-20       Manly      NSO  W 23-22       Parramatta Parr L 22-28
Rd11  St Geo-Ill StAu W 34-24       Wntwrthvll NSO  W 42-16       St Geo-Ill StAu L 22-34
Rd12  BYE                           BYE                           BYE
Rd13  Gold Coast Prth L 28-29       Wyong      NSO  L  4-30       Gold Coast NSO  L 12-14
Rd14  Wests-Tig  StAu L 14-30       Mt Prtchrd NSO  W 26-16       Wests-Tig  StAu L 14-40
Rd15  Parramatta StAu L 12-30       Wests-Tig  NSO  L  6-14       Parramatta StAu L 16-22
Rd16  Penrith    Penr L 26-28       Warriors   MSm2 L 14-15       Penrith    Penr L  8-32
Rd17  Nth Qld    Crns L  0-20       BYE                           Nth Qld    Redf W 26-18
Rd18  BYE                           Penrith    NSO  L 22-34       BYE
Rd19  Brisbane   StAu L 10-30       Newtown    NSO  L 14-32       Brisbane   StAu L 20-52
Rd20  Manly      SFS  L 12-20       Manly      Brok W 32-18       Manly      SFS  W 44-40
Rd21  Canberra   StAu L  4-54       Wyong      Kanw W 34-10       Canberra   StAu L 10-48
Rd22  Melbourne  MRSt L 14-15       Wntwrthvll Ring L 20-28       Melbourne  SunS L 14-48
Rd23  Warriors   MtSm W 41-22       Illawarra  NSO  L  6-42       Warriors   MtSm W 30-20
Rd24  Cronulla   StAu W 12-6        Newtown    Hens L 12-16       Cronulla   StAu L 16-18
Rd25  Newcastle  Hunt W 34-12       Canterbury NSO  L  6-10       Newcastle  Hunt L 12-32
Rd26  Canterbury StAu W 28-10                                     Canterbury StAu L 20-44

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Season 2016 News

NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal
Oldfield Signs for 2016
Goodwin 2016-7 Contract Extension
Murray Signs for 2016-9
Grevsmuhl 2016-7 Contract Extension
Turner 2016-7 Contract Extension
ARLC Central Command Center for 2016 - The Bunker
Damien Cook Signs for 2016-17
Souths Juniors U18 and U16 Train-On Squads
Burgess Twins 2018 Contract Extensions
2016 Coaching Staff Changes
2016 Back In Training
RLIF Launches Strategic Plan
Sam Burgess Returns for 2016-8
NRL 2016 Salary Cap Adjustments
Auva'a 2016-8 Contract Extension
2016 Bears NSW Cup Train-On Squad
NRL 2018-22 Broadcast Agreement
NRL Updated Club Funding Agreement
NSW 2016 Pathway U20, U18 and U16 Squad Selections
NRL Lower Grade Blueprint for the Future
Inglis, Johnston, Grevsmuhl Indigenious All Star Selections
Sam and Tom Burgess World All Star Selections
Crichton 2017-18 Contract Extension
Hymel Hunt Signs for 2016
2016 Holden Cup U20s Train-On Squad
RLIF 2016 update to laws and regulations
Grevsmuhl Emerging Maroon SOO Squad Selection
Reynolds, Johnston Emerging Blues SOO Squad Selections
Inglis Indigenous All Star Captain
Richardson Returns a Football GM
Nielson Signs for 2016-17
Inglis Imortalised in Wax
Reynolds World All Star Call Up
Heffron Training Base Relocation Planned for 2018
CEO John Lee Departs
Shannon Donato Interim CEO
South Sydney Member Co. 10th Annual General Meeting
Olive Released for 2016
Greenburg Appointed NRL CEO
Blake Solly Appointed CEO
Burindi Rugby League awarded RLIF Observer Status
Stadium Australia Rectangular Refurbishment
Troy Thomson Departs
Inglis Australian Test selection
Brown and Aaron Gray City Origin selections
Talakai Junior Kiwi selections
Auva'a Samoa Test selections
Oldfield, Langi Tonga Test selections
Mociedreke, Cottrell, Dokonivalu Fiji Test selections
NRL MRC To Announce Charges within 24 hours
Greinke signs for 2016-7
Grevsmuhl Released 2016 Mid-Season
Reynolds NSW SOO I Selection
Inglis Queensland SOO I Selection
Walker 2017-18 Contract Extension
Carter 2017-18 Contract Extension
Reynolds NSW SOO II Selection
Inglis Queensland SOO II Selection
Guler, Murray, Koloamatangi NSW SOO U18 Selections
Joe Burgess signs for 2016
Reynolds NSW SOO III Selection
Inglis Queensland SOO III Selection
Auva'a Drugs Breach
Cottrell NSW SOO U20 Selections
Extra Time Returns for Finals
Carter Contract Terminated
Auva'a Contract Terminated
Graham and Hiroti Australian Schoolboys Selections
First Annual Platinium Members Event
Clark 2018 Contract Extension
Inglis PMXIII Captain
Captains Challenge Trialled
Walker wins RLPA Rookie of The Year
Inglis wins RLPA Representative of The Year
McInnes Released for 2017
Inglis Kangaroo 4 Nations Squad Selection
Mociedreke Fiji Squad Selection
Sam Burgess England Captain Selection
Tom and George Burgess England French Test Selections
2016 South Sydney Player Awards
Harry Wells Inducted into NSW Hall of Champions
South Sydney Member Co. 11th Annual General Meeting