South Sydney Season 2015 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership                (RG) VB NSW Cup            (U20)NYC Holden Cup                  (U18)SG Ball             (U16)Harold Matts
                                                                                            Trial Cronulla   Ersk D 12-12       Cronulla   Ersk L 12-28
9sRd1 Penrith    Eden W 11-4                                                                Trial Balmain    Ersk W 10-6        Balmain    Ersk W 22-16
9sRd2 Nth Qld    Eden W 19-12
9sRd3 Melbourne  Eden W 24-4
9sQF  Newcastle  Eden W 30-6
9sSF  Parramatta Eden W 37-6
9sF   Cronulla   Eden W 18-14
Trial St Geo-Ill StAu D 12-12                                       St Geo-Ill StAu W 20-18 
Trial Nthn Pride Redf D 20-20        Newtown    Hens L 10-26                                Rd01  Illawarra  Woll L 24-29       Illawarra  Woll D 14-14
WCC   St Helens  Lngt W 39-0         Illawarra  TGMi L 12-34        St Geo-Ill Redf D 28-28 Rd02  Canberra   Seif L 18-26       Canberra   Seif W 32-8
                                                                                            Rd03  Penrith    Ersk D 18-18       Penrith    Ersk L 14-20
Rd01  Brisbane   Lang W 36-6         Wntwrthvll Ring W 30-16        Brisbane   Lang L 10-36 Rd04  BYE                           BYE
Rd02  Syd Rstrs  StAu W 34-26        Penrith    Bath L  6-38        Syd Rstrs  StAu W 24-22 Rd05  Canterbury Redf W 46-10       Canterbury Redf L 20-32
Rd03  Wests-Tig  StAu W 20-6         Illawarra  Woll L 12-50        Wests-Tig  StAu W 24-20 Rd06  Parramatta Redf W 40-20       Parramatta Redf L 10-26
Rd04  Parramatta Parr L 16-29        Warriors   MtSm L 16-18        Parramatta Parr L 26-28 Rd07  Syd Rstrs  Redf W 36-20       Syd Rstrs  Redf W 34-16
Rd05  Canterbury StAu W 18-17        Canterbury Belm L 22-30        Canterbury StAu L 18-20 Rd08  Wests      Camp W 30-20       Wests      Camp W 46-4
Rd06  Nth Qld    StAu L 12-30        Newtown    NSO  L 18-40        Nth Qld    StAu L 24-38 Rd09  Cronulla   Redf L  8-20       Cronulla   Redf W 20-10
Rd07  Cronulla   Ende L 10-18        Wyong      NSO  W 32-4         Cronulla   Ende L 22-26 mPSF  Newcastle  Cabr W 34-30 mPSF  Penrith    Cabr W 26-24
Rd08  Canberra   Crns L 22-30        Manly      NSO  L 22-38        Canberra   Ersk W 36-22 mSF   Balmain    Leic W 12-6  mSF   Balmain    Leic L 16-18
                                                                                            MF    Manly      Leic W 14-10
Rd09  St Geo-Ill StAu W 16-10        Newcastle  NwSG L 22-26        St Geo-Ill Redf W 26-24 GF    Cronulla   Leic L 16-24
Rd10  Melbourne  MRSt L 12-16        Penrith    NSO  W 26-18        Melbourne  Gosf L 26-38 
Rd11  Parramatta StAu W 14-12        BYE                            Parramatta StAu D 26-26 
Rd12  Gold Coast Robi W 22-16        Wests-Tig  Leic W 26-22        Gold Coast Robi W 30-26 
Rd13  Warriors   Prth W 36-4         Manly      Tamw L 10-30        Warriors   Redf L 24-34 
Rd14  Wests-Tig  StAu L  6-34        Mt Prtchrd Aubr D 26-26        Wests-Tig  StAu L 22-28 
Rd15  BYE                            BYE                            BYE 
Rd16  Manly      StAu W 20-8         Wests-Tig  NSO  W 26-8         Manly      StAu L 12-38 
Rd17  Penrith    Penr L  6-20        Mt Prtchrd NSO  D 34-34        Penrith    Penr L  8-22 
Rd18  BYE                            BYE                            BYE 
Rd19  St Geo-Ill SCG  W 24-8         Wntwrthvll NSO  L 20-27        St Geo-Ill SFS  L 18-26 
Rd20  Newcastle  StAu W 52-6         Illawarra  NSO  W 44-32        Newcastle  StAu L 22-24 
Rd21  Penrith    StAu W 20-16        Canterbury Leic W 36-16        Penrith    StAu L 10-34 
Rd22  Manly      Brok L  8-28        Warriors   NSO  W 32-22        Manly      Brok L 18-26 
Rd23  Nth Qld    Town W 31-18        Newcastle  NSO  W 52-20        Nth Qld    Town L 30-44 
Rd24  Canterbury StAu L 18-32        Wyong      Kanw L 16-18        Canterbury StAu L 24-26 
Rd25  Brisbane   SFS  L 12-47        Newtown    Hens L 22-30        Brisbane   SFS  W 26-24 
Rd26  Syd Rstrs  SFS  L  0-30        Canterbury Belm L  4-22        Syd Rstrs  SFS  D 22-22 
mPSF  Cronulla   SFS  L 12-28 

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Season 2015 News

Tim Grant Signs for 2015-18
Glen Stewart Signs for 2015-16
2015 NRL Salary Cap Changes
Consolidated Press buys 50% of Blackcourt
Crichton Signs for 2015-16
Fujitsu 4 year Sponsorship
Back In Training
Auva'a Suspended by NRL
2015 Bears NSW Cup Summer Squad
Arizona High Altitude Training
Cody Walker Stood Down
Emerging Blue and Maroon Selections
2015 NRL Squad Trailists
Inglis, Johnston, Turner, Walker All Star Selections
Inglis appointed Club Captain for 2015
CEO Richardson farewelled to NRL
New CEO John Lee arrives
Reynolds, Keary Contracts Extensions
Rabbitohs Launch 2015 NRL Season
Grevsmuhl All Star Call Up
Incident in Arizona
Record Memberships
The Rabbitohs Road to 21 Book
South Sydney Member Co. 9th Annual General Meeting
NRL Fines Souths $20,000
Nathan Brown Signs for 2015-16
Rabbitohs Flag flys over Government House
Spain Rugby League awarded RLIF Affiliate Member Status
Hostplus & Simple Energy Sponsorships
Tom Burgess and Tyrrell Contract Extensions
NRL Concussion Policy Strengthened
Lower Grade Coaching Restructure
Darren Nicholls Signs for 2015-16
Cody Walker Re-Instated
Inglis, Johnston ANZAC Test Kangaroo Selections
Luke ANZAC Test Kiwi Selection
Millard Pacific Test Fiji Selection
Clark, D.Walker, Keary City Origin Selection
Nicholls, Hyland NSW Residents Selection
Luke Released in 2016
Johnston, McInnes 2016-17 Contract Extensions
Campbell & Cook NSW U16 Selections
Inglis SOO I Selection
NRL Round 13 Contract Rule Altered to Nov 1 and 10 day Cooling off Period
Inglis SOO II Selection
Talakai, Hamlin, Murray, Neill NSW U18 Selections
Paul Carter Signs for 2015-16
Dylan Walker called in as NSW SOO II 18th man
Inglis SOO III Selection
Olive NSW U20 Selection
Auva'a Resumes Playing
Johnston called in as NSW SOO III 18th man
Murray Australian Schoolboy Selection
NRL 2016 Interchanges Reduced to 8
Aaron Gray 2016-17 Contract Extension
Lowe Retires
NRL Shoulder Charge Rule Adjusted
NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal
Stewart Released for 2016
Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray Hospitalised
Reynolds, McQueen, Johnston, Tyrrell PMXIII Selections
Tangiiti Cook Islands Selections
Luke NZ Tour of England Co-Captain Selection
Tom Burgess England Selection
2015 South Sydney Player Awards
Souths Book - A Year to Remember
Souths Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray Investigation Report
Dylan Walker Released for 2016
McQueen Released for 2016
Grant Released for 2016-18
South Sydney Member Co. 10th Annual General Meeting